*This is an extract from our own site ...
re Jacob Prasch's earlier statements from  one of his own videos...

Why has he departed from this position with his defence of MIDRASH,
when Vicky Dillen ably verifies that at it has occultic links if not roots.
Midrash should not be used by Christians.

*We do not have here a current statement...
his position is now quite different from a few years ago on his videos


Yucov Prashk, a former Jew, now a born again Christian preacher
(not calling himself a messianic or completed jew) has said:

"If you knew what Judaism is really about you would be shocked. 
Most Jews would be shocked if they knew what

these people believe."

On Rabbi Sneerson's sect Prashk says:

"It is again Gnosticism. It is totally crazy!"

Prashk warns against those Christian groups who build bridges with the Jews, see the Jews as finding safety in the land of  Israel and refuse to give them the Gospel in case they offend. He declares with boldness and truth that the only safety for the Jew is the Lord Jesus Christ, and tells those who love the Lord and the Jews to keep away from groups who refuse to share  Christ and the Gospel with the Jews. Such groups do not love the Jewish people, they are condemning individuals to a Christless Eternity!