"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:"
(Revelation 17:4-6).
The three day conference which I attended in Melbourne, as a delegate, this July, 28-30, was an experience of a life-time for me! The sheer shock of that gathering is with me day and night - it will take time to come back to "normal". In our own country, political and religious leaders from across the globe, and Australia, gathered to confer on the global intentions of the New Age -

the dignitaries in Australia this July were truly remarkable.

MAURICE STRONG, New Age leader who headed the NWO Earth Summit, was in Australia;
the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey was in Melbourne to open the Multicultural Conference;
Cardinal Francis Arinze, tipped by many to be the next Pope of the Catholic Church, was at the Religious Conference in Melbourne.
The Governor General of Australia, Sir William Deane, was in attendance at The Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference in Melbourne.

Many political big names gathered there also.

A profusion of religious leaders came together,

Anglican and Catholic Archbishops in purple and scarlet,
Buddhists in saffron robes,
Islamic leaders,
Greek Orthodox priests,
Jewish Rabbis,
Quaker leaders,
World Vision representatives,
Salvation Army officers,
Uniting Church ministers,
the Church of Christ was represented -
many others. (A list can be sent of presenters and delegates for those interested...will be Online soon)

The Australian Multicultural Foundation, executive director, Mr Hass Dellal, the President/Moderator of the World Council on Religion and Peace, took a lead role in the three day and two night conference. We were given a glamorous cocktail reception at Parliament House on the Monday night!

The actual program planning committee comprised:

The Hon.Sir James Gobbo AC, the Governor of Victoria
(Then Chairman of the Australian Multicultural Foundation 1988 - April 1997);
Mr B.(Hass) Dellal OAM, Australian Multicultural Foundation;
Dr. John Bodycomb OAM, World Conference on Religion and Peace Australia;
Professor Desmond Cahill, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology;
Dr Fiona Hill, World Conference on Religion and Peace Australia;
Rev. John Baldock (1996), World Conference on Religion and Peace.

Supporting sponsors were:

Victorian Multicultural Commission,
the National Australian Bank,
The University of Melbourne and
the State Government of Victoria.

Members and Signatories of the Australian Multicultural Foundation include:

The Hon.Mr John Howard MP (Prime Minister of Australia) and
the Hon. Mr Kim Beazley MP (leader of the Opposition).


The New Age international organizations "Conflict Resolution Network" and "Unity and Diversity Council" took centre stage during proceedings. The conference finished on the recommendation that we should all listen to one another, those in other religions, and we should all listen to the NEW AGE! Perhaps the strange spiritual darkness of that conference can be grasped in the "Prayer of Togetherness" at the Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference Dinner. The lights were dimmed, there was only the illumination of one candle at each table, approximately 250 dignitaries and delegates bowed together, to the words of this "prayer":

As the above prayer shows, the conference speakers were in total agreement that no religion knows God, that God is unknowable! These religious "holy men" agreed that God was the "unknown" and "unknowable", and these were presented as the Godly leaders of the new global spirituality which will unite the planet in the next Millennium. How remarkable this is! Yet a simple believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, regenerated, washed in the Blood of the Lamb, sitting in their midst, can cry from a heart filled with gratitude - I KNOW GOD, through my relationship with the Precious Saviour Jesus Christ, God's Son.

The prayer above shows how far away Australia is, in the 1990s, to the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Only Son of God, who came to die for the sin of the world on Calvary's Cross. God is now no longer even knowable, He is just the impersonal energy of the earth, Lord of the Cosmos, Cosmic "Christ", the Rainbow Serpent of the aboriginal Dreamtime.


The conference's saw the one cardinal sin of any religion as being ABSOLUTISM. There was general consensus that all religions tended to believe that they held absolute Truth, and that all others were relative to them. This was decried as pride, refusal to embrace others, separatism which tended towards war-like aggression, bigotry and spiritual blindness. The religious leaders of Islam, Baha'i, the Quakers, Catholic and Anglican priests, Buddhists and all the rest of the eclectic crew sat passively, showing veneer accord at any rate. The atmosphere was "loving", "harmonious", people mixed together with overt graciousness and intention to sink their differences. Sadly, the New Age globalists have sinister plans for them all, just over the horizon.

The predominate recommendation was that Interfaith training and dialogue ( or indoctrination?) must be embraced by all religions. No exemptions. This is mandatory, political, religious syncretism as international law!
A bishop from Perth enlarged upon this indoctrination to me personally, as we chatted over mouth-watering savouries at Parliament House. He was thrilled with the concept of a "well" of spirituality in all religions, which, if one delved deep enough, would show that we all have basically the same faith and the same God. The conference declared a "spark of God" in every man, a "well of faith" in all faiths. The bishop then went on to affirm his belief in the apostate teachings of the New Age teacher, Matthew Fox, and Jungian psychology. How wonderful it was for me to know that the True "well" is the One who declares Himself to be the Fountain of Life, the Living Water, and who told the woman at the well that she would thirst no more if she drank from Himself, Jesus Christ, the Water of Life. Here is the One True and Unique "Well".


At Parliament House in Melbourne, I spoke with two high level priests of the Anglican church, Archbishop Peter Hollingworth, who is a committee member of the New World Order's Commission for the Future, and the Assist.Bishop of Perth, David Murray - both are avid followers of the New Age ex-Dominican Matthew Fox. Fox who teaches that there was no Fall, no Redemption, and celebrates earth worship, adores "Mother Nature", embraces occultism, and believes in the democidal agenda of ecological "sustainable development". Fox who is a friend of the Luciferian David Spangler who advocates that all people on earth should undergo the "Luciferian initiation"!


The input of the academics and politicians at the World Conference on Religion and Peace in Melbourne was chillingly authoritarian. The clamour for "peace" world-wide has caused them to the take the bait of the New World Order, but peace is far from the minds of these internationalists, in reality. Nevertheless the foolish, ungodly "wise" persons at the WCRP deemed it imperative that all religions be stopped from causing war, massacre and disunity on the planet. Yes, religions were blamed for most of the earth's ills. I attended a workshop titled "Religious Fundamentalisms and Social Cohesion", address by John Bodycomb. Dr John Bodycomb OAM is an ordained "Christian" minister. "He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the promotion of religious freedom and fostering ecumenism." He was, until recently, the full-time Chaplain with the University of Melbourne.

Bodycomb's address was before approximately 20 illustrious religious and governmental leaders, which included the Governor of Victoria, Sir James Gobbo, Chairman of the Council of Multicultural Affairs; the Hon.Dame Roma Mitchell, former Governor of South Australia, and former judge of the Supreme Court of S.A.; Reverend Peter Hollingworth, Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane; His Eminence Cardinal Francis Arinze, born in Nigeria, The President of Secretariat for non-Christians and President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian unity, he has worked with UNESCO; and Dr. Adamou Ndam Mjoya, President/Moderator of the World Council on Religion and Peace/International, involved with the United Nations, UNESCO, and the World Centre of Research and Action for the New Ethics, he has held senior positions in the Government of Cameroon and is presently Minister Plenipotentiary.

John Bodycomb centred his address on a quite vicious attack, it appeared to me, on Christian Fundamentalist, because he stated that he was after all a Christian himself, and understood this form of religious fundmentalism better than others. Some of the remarks were "acted" out in a most offence manner, to myself as a Bible-based, Christ-honouring Christian. Why was I there, you might ask? How did I come to be in this amazing conference? It was by invitation only, only 350 people in Australia were invited. I was invited! Possibly because we, as an investigative organisation, had written for material to WCRP a number of times, they obviously thought we were of the inner-circle, on their team.

The following quotes come from the address by John Bodycomb, a number of other offensive remarks were made, but they are not on the notes, they were ad lib:

Dr Bodycomb went on to list his observations on Christian fundamentalism. He called those who believe the fundamentals of the Bible, and embrace creationism, "mean-spirited", " [those who ignore] parts of scripture which are not easily reconcilable with their doctrinal position", "authoritarian, dictatorial and sometimes quite terrifyingly powerful", "discourages independent thinking", "brandishing their floppy bibles like weapons", "careful study, especially of scripture can lead people away from fundamentalist positions." Off the cuff, Bodycomb called Bible-based Christians, "violent", "aggressive", "pathological", "dangerous", similar to those who have caused the religious wars in Ireland and Bosnia. A threat to world peace, fundamentalist, creationist, these "separationist" were denounced in every way possible! Remember, this was before the illustrious political and religious leaders of the globe and Australia who were present.
(Yes, Pauline Hanson was given many mentions during the conference as well).

The attack from Bodycomb finished with these words of derision:

Also present at Bodycomb's work group was a previous presenter, Professor Des Cahill, Professor of Intercultural Studies, RMIT, who had addressed us on Education for Understanding in his own work group. A Catholic (there was a large Catholic delegation) Cahill had also blasted "fundamental" Bible-based Christians, and Christian, Bible-based schooling. He had previously called such church and school leaders "anti-semitic", "anti-catholic" and "child-abusers". Present at most addresses were Jewish Rabbis, including Senior Rabbi John Levi AM, Temple Beth Israel, Victoria.

When John Bodycomb ended his tirade, comments from the small gathering were called for. As a delegate, I rose and spoke these words (as close as I can recall):

Archbishop Hollingworth replied at length, declaring that the Bible did not teach Creationism as Creation Science, a Bible-based group in Australia, teaches. This was denied by myself, and it was pointed out that the Bible does teach that God created the heavens and the earth, and nowhere did it teach evolution, which all present seemed to have accepted as "scientific".

Cardinal Francis Arinze came to the microphone and supported the rights of all religions to believe and teach their own creation stories, and to stand by the fundamentals of their own Sacred Books - including Bible-based Christians! He declared that the word "fundamental" was meaningless and less than useful. It was decided
( Imagesly by Arinze) that the word should not be used to vilify others. This was declared in the Conference Summary before the whole gathering.

Archbishop Hollingworth apologised for the offence he had given to others in regard to his creationist beliefs; and John Bodycomb also apologised for his words which were seen as militant, aggressive and intolerant by myself.

There was much talk at the conference about regarding the "sacred books" of religions as precious resources and "beautiful words." The myths of the aboriginal Dreamtime, as a creation story, was regarded as spiritually alive, wise beyond science etc. Publications on the book tables spoke of the Dreamtime myths as being analogous to Genesis chapter one. The fact is, if these Interfaith 'scholars' attack one creation "story" they attack the others! Strange outcome this. And if other religions are declared to have "freedom", then these people cannot show their own inconsistency by vilifying ANY religion. (In public at any rate).


There were many attacks on "fundamentalists" at the conference. The Governor General of Australia even came into battle against these "separationists". Cardinal Arinze, who has links with the Moslems, Jordan, the World Moslem League and Turkey, also had severe criticism of those who demand that their religion is "superior" to others, and want their countries to have "one religion". We live in a "global village" Arinze insisted, we should have "Unity and Diversity".


The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, addressed the entire assembly, he said:


A quote here from Cornelia R.Ferreira will enlighten the reader:


The event held in Melbourne this July, 1997, under the umbrella of WCRP and the Multicultural Foundation, is not an isolated religious happening, which only wants "peace" "harmony" and "tolerance". It is an internationally planned event, under the headship of the New World Order for the forming of a One-World Church. Behind the scenes lurks Henry Kissinger, the Bilderbergers, The Committee of Three Hundred, the Rockefeller brothers - and let us not forget Maurice Strong, who just "happened" to be in Sydney at the same time as the conference! Did the Archbishop of Canterbury meet with Strong when he just "happened" to be in Sydney when he left Melbourne?
I should think it impossible to believe otherwise!
Who is Strong?
He is the New Age international leader who has an 10,000 acres Interfaith/political centre in Baca Grande, USA, where all the religions meet with the New World Order elitists. Henry Kissenger, the Rockefellers, Madeleine Allbright, Bill Clinton, Al Gore - and all the others meet there.


According to UR literature, the United Religions Organisation (UR) had the launching of its written charter this June, 1997. The institution should be fully in place by June 2000, and globally operational by June, 2005. The headquarters will be at the Presidio, the former military base in San Francisco, USA. Ferreira informs us that the UR is patterned after the UN, it has a General Assembly, a Security Council and a Secretary-General, "the UR is meant to be for religions what the UN is for nations". THE GLOBAL ETHIC. The intent to get into Australian society the GLOBAL ETHIC was evident at the Melbourne WCRP gathering. All the way along, through the conference, the naive delegates were confronted with the responsibility of making judgements, contributing ideas and spiritual inspiration for an Australian Ethic. However, it was clear to this observer that HANS KUNG'S and LEONARD SWINDLER'S GLOBAL ETHIC would be trotted out eventually. I was not disappointed. Towards the end of the proceedings, the Global Ethic was cited as a wonderful example of a unified ethical tenet which could be followed in Australia. When I challenged about the lack of even the mention of God in the Global Ethic, it was gratifying to find that others there were grateful to have this pointed out to them. However, what "god" would this represent anyway, if a "god" was added to an Australian Ethic? There were a least a dozen "deities" representated at WCRP. There was much talk of a "global theology" being compiled, said as though it was a spontaneous thought that had arisen during discussions. Not so - the New World Order has already decided what that "global theology" will be - worship of Gaia Mother Earth included!

In October 1996, the second State of the World Forum, at which the UR was presented to the globe, the Global Ethic was basically decided upon. Hans Kung, a Catholic theologian, is the chief compiler of that Ethic. He said to the UN in 1991: "religions with world outlooks that are not religious but that propose views on the deep meaning of life and ethics for living." The global ethic "must center on both man and universe so that HUMANISTIC and religious precepts are included."


The meeting this July in Melbourne appeared to be loving, tolerant, beautiful and religious. What we saw there was Satan appearing as an angel of light! To me, as a student of Biblical prophecy, it was as though I was looking into the very face of the Antichrist, as he spread his awesome deceptions amongst the spiritually dead! Pray for our country - religious persecution cannot be far away now! We ALL must undergo Interfaith dialogue and "education", we ALL must accept other religions as having the truth, and accept that Christ Jesus is just another version of the unknowable God. No born-again person could ever agree to such dishonour to the Lord, or accept such blasphemy - yet this will soon be our laws under the United Nations.

His Eminence Cardinal Francis Arinze said in his opening address:

He was speaking of the imperative of accepting all religions as truth, all gods as the same god. What will they do indeed, for there is but One who died on the Cross for the sin of the world; One alone who is the Son of God; One alone who is uniquely the Way, the Truth and the Life. GOD has said, SINISTER FORCES AT WORK!

Let us finish on a sober note, from the investigative writing of Cornelia Ferreira:

Who was this "Cardinal Arinze" who "graced" our shores in Australia this July, 1997? He is a World Adviser to the United Nations', New World Order's syncretic WORLD THANKSGIVING SQUARE in Dallas, Texas. He also is considered by many, many people to be the front-runner in the race to succeed Pope John Paul 11.

FROM THE MELBOURNE AGE, Tuesday 29th July:


The April 1996 issue of "Fellowship in Prayer", had Thomas Keating's (OCSO) article "Guidelines for Interreligious Understanding". A Roman Catholic Priest, Keating's article contains revealing data on the united "spirituality" of a variety of world's religions - Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, Native American, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, and Roman Catholic.

This data was gathered after several united religious meetings over a number of years. The religious leaders were in agreement on eight points, under the heading of ULTIMATE REALITY. I have listed seven, as given in "Foundation", May/June,1996:

In following reports from Despatch magazine, the list above will be dealt with in depth.


The time when Jesus Christ calls His Bride home cannot be far away. If the Lord tarries, we can expect in Australia the unleashing of international persecution against all those who refuse to bow the knee to the combined religions of the Antichrist. Where will you stand, beloved of God?


Here are the simple steps to Life in Christ Jesus:
1. Admit you are a sinner, and repent before a Holy God. (Romans 3:23).
2. Accept the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross as your only hope of salvation (Romans 5:8; 6:23).
3. Take Eternal Life in Christ as a free gift from God, not by your own works (Ephesians 2:8-9).
4. By God's enabling, seek to live for God forever, trusting in His grace and mercy alone (Ephesians 2:10).

When complete a video will also be available.

These will deal with the conference's official papers and recommendations on:

Finding Sacred Ground: Spiritual Solutions to Aboriginal Disadvantage;
Global Challenges and Local Responsibilities;
Multiculturalism and Vilification Laws;
Human Rights, living in a Pluralistic World.

Send for further reports under Report Two, and Report Three. Donation towards costs only charge.
.... or access them online or by email.
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Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch


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