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What is the hidden
New World Order agenda behind WCRP?
What is the "indigenous peoples" treachery?
The Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference dealt with in my first report was much more than a mere Multicultural Foundation "peace" and "harmony" assembly. Although there was a gentle, caring ambience at the three day meeting which might deceive the ingenuous, the goals and agenda of the New World Order of the New Age were in overwhelming evidence to the discerning. The beautiful face of evil can be presented very attractively. Christians, who are true believers, need to grasp the significance of what happened at the World Conference on Religion and Peace held in Melbourne. Reading from the official program we find these words: WHAT IS THIS ORGANISATION, WCRP, AND WHAT IS ITS AGENDA?

We will start our investigation of WCRP with quotes from William Norman Grigg and Cornelia R.Ferreira:


At the Melbourne conference, unified prayer rooms were made available for delegates from the Baha'i, Quakers, Church of Christ, Moslems, Buddists, Salvation Army, Catholic churches and centres, Anglican, many more, where prayers, chants and incantations were offered to a dozen "deities". What, you may well query, were political and academic leaders doing at such a religious gathering? People like The Hon Philip Ruddock MP; Dr. Juliet Sheen an independent human rights consultant, who works with the United Nations; Alan Matheson AM, the International Officer of the Australian Council of Trade Unions; Professor Alan Gilbert Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne; Noor Dean a solicitor, a former member of the deposed Fijian Government; Professor Desmond Cahill, professor of Intercultural Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - and Ron Burke General Manager Corporate Relations for the National Australia Bank Group, and others. Interfaith religiosity has become the epoxy which will unite the neo-pagan world under the NWO, it is the Body of the formless One World political power. Interfaith religiosity gives credibility, humanity, warmth to a cold-hearted killer regime, and masks its intentions. It is now politically correct in this one-world community to embrace interfaith religion. It is an absolute must for important political and social events, not only here but globally.


Since the URO and WCRP and RCDC are all "the same horse different riders" we need to go to the source - URO. Formation of the URO was back in 1995, as Ferreira writes: "Plans for the formation of the UR were first revealed by Bishop Swing at the syncretic service held to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter. Attending the service in San Francisco's Grace Episcopal Cathedral on June 25, 1995, were representatives of all religions as well as political and spiritual luminaries like Princess Margaret of Great Britain, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, then-President Lech Walesa of Poland and (then) UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali." (p.1. ibid).


The sum-up of the address by Hon Philip Ruddock, MP, Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, entitled "Public Policy and Religious Diversity - A Government View", gave a good insight into future government policy on religion here. We have regarded Australia as a predominantly Christian country in the past (foolishly), not so in this New Age world. "Tolerance" is a word with a nasty barb in its tail! This is Ruddock's conclusion to his speech:

The above sounds reasonable to the casual reader. We all want people to be free and secure. But this agenda of the NWO is being implemented global-wide, in every Western nation eventually. Immigration becomes multicultural concerns; multicultural concerns become interfaith; interfaith means the break-down of Christian-dominated cultures; Christian-dominated cultures must give way as being merely "Anglo Saxon ways"; the end result is achieved - a stew-pot of religious One-Mind, with Christianity being de-powered.


The Multicultural event in Australia this July, 1997, was controlled, instigated and indoctrinated by the Temple of Understanding, the Vatican, the Parliament of World's Religions, UNESCO and the UN. How do we know this? Could there be some mistake, if not, could these organisations be benevolent, Christ-honouring, authentic peace-bringers? There is no mistake, Cardinal Francis Arinze from the Vatican had star-billing in Melbourne! The leaflets and handbooks at the conference gave credit to WCRP at all times. The culmination of the event was the engineered determination to establish an "ethic" for Australia, modelled after the Global Ethic, which it was declared was fashioned at the Parliament of World's Religions. Cardinal Arinze is a World Adviser to the syncretic World Thanksgiving Square of the UN, in Dallas Texas. But, says a "tolerant" voice, could these be good organisations, maybe they do want "peace" "harmony" and "religious freedom". Not so, tolerant voice! At the Carlton Crest hotel, where the conference was held, it was surprising to find a whole suite of "United Nations" rooms! What are these people executing here in Australia?


The Temple of Understanding was funded by such NWO leaders as John D. Rockefeller IV (CFR), socialist leader Norman Thomas, and Robert McNamara (CFR), as shown by Edith Kermit Roosevelt "Temple of Understanding" The Freedom Press, Nov.5, 1962. This quote from Grigg gives the picture: 'The design of the Temple building is suggestive of the worldview which inspired its construction. A pamphlet published by the Temple's corporation prior to the building's completion explains its architectural symbolism : radiating from [the] central hall will extend six wings, each to represent one of the six religions of the world which are international in scope. Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam.' The central hall is capped by a glass dome shaped like a cut diamond; this dome reImagess constantly illuminated at night 'in order to indicate, symbolically, that even while the world sleeps, the light of understanding continues to shine.' The priesthood which helped to create and operate the Temple of Understanding is the United Lodge of Theosophists of New York, through the tax exempt Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Publishing Company)." (Insert mine). (p.159 ibid).


In 1893 the Parliament marked the start of the "interfaith" movement. In his opening address, Dr. John Henry Barrows, who was the chairman of the Parliament, quoted from the devilish Theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky, and enthused on her desire to bring all religions into "one harmonious whole" and to make these "merge back into their original element". The Theosophical Society was there at the 1893 event, represented by the darling of the New Agers, Annie Besant, who was a worshipper of Lucifer (Satan). Today the Luciferian disciples predominate in the Parliament of World's Religions' hierarchy.



A few quotes will show that we have in Australia the One World Church, United Religion Organisation, World Conference on Religion and Peace - and the whole neo-pagan syncretism has reached the top levels of our political system! We face LAWS created by these Luciferian Theosophists. Surely the Lord Jesus Christ will soon come to take His true Church home.

Chris Sidoti, Human Rights Commissioner, spoke at the Melbourne Conference, July 1997:

(From the speech. "Free to Believe?: the right to freedom of religion and belief in Australia.")

Can the reader see that there will be NO FREEDOM of religion under these NWO despots?
We MUST dialogue or we will be called war-mongering, peace-haters. We will be called those who spoil national and international peace and harmony. To not "recognise" that all religions have "fundamental essential truths" which they "share in common" is an unacceptable evil in the New World. In Australia the time has arrived when the freedom to say NO to dialogue, interfaith "training" and unity of worship will be withdrawn. Is this freedom? I think not. It is repression of freedom, the beginning of a black age of tyranny and inquisition under the global masters. Satanic, every one of them. Will that mean we Christians will die for our faith, if not Raptured before hand?


The hidden agenda of the UN and UNESCO, as organs of the NWO, has never been more clever and seditious than through the "indigenous peoples of the globe" propaganda. At the WCRP conference in Melbourne the politically correct hype of the NWO was presented ad nauseum. To understand the religious bombast about the aboriginals is extremely important to Biblical Christians, as we encounter the rhetorical weaponry of this New Age - levelled against us.

1. All white people at WCRP were referred to as "immigrants". When I was personally called this, I declared my "indigenous", inborn citizenship, as a white Australian with ancestors who go back a number of generations. Since I have never even left these shores in my whole lifetime, never even set foot in Europe, I was not about to be called an "immigrant". These objections fell on deaf ears however. If one is a white Australian, one is an immigrant, according to WCRP and the Multicultural Foundation.

2. The expected "dialogue" between aborigines and white Australians are more dictatorial, unchallengable demands than discussion. Note this quote from a book purchased at the WCRP: "Rainbow Spirit Theology provides a source of genuine dialogue between Aboriginal and immigrant Christians who enjoy a rich life on what was once Aboriginal land." ("Rainbow Spirit Theology" by Rainbow Spirit Elders. Harper Collins Religious Pub.)

3. The intention is to merge the Rainbow Serpent pagan beliefs with Christianity, in order to bring in a political control over Australia. This is exactly the stratagem in operation in the USA, with the American Indians as the missiles of war.

4. A groundswell of racial anger has been deliberately enlarged upon in Australia, which will act as a rationale for UN mediation in, and ultimate control over, our national affairs. WCRP in Melbourne was used as a religious platform for the UN's "indigenous peoples'" brainwashing.


Maurice Strong, Canadian oil tycoon, New Age leader who was in Australia at the same time as WCRP, July 1997, wrote in the foreword of the Gaia Atlas of First Peoples: A Future for the Indigenous World:

Writes Grigg: "Published in 1990 - the year when the entire international Marxist/Socialist network (NWO) suddenly 'discovered' environmentalism - the Gaia Atlas contains a world roster of 73 'Indigenous Organizations' (including AIM, American Indian Movement), most of which are affiliated with the World Indigenous Peoples Council (WIPC), a UN-aligned network....

Through its link to the WIPC, AIM and ITC (Indian Treaty Council) have obtained remarkable influence. Several AIM-aligned activists were sent to Chialas, Mexico in early 1994 to work a 'observers' or 'mediators' between Marxist Zapatista rebels and the government. Andrea Carmen, ITC's executive director, has lent similar 'service' during visits to Echudor, Nicaragua, and Panama, and ITC activist Tony Ibarra was sent to Rwanda as a UN observer. The ITC board also includes the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu, a Guatemalan Marxist whose autobiography, I, Rigoberta Menchu, is prominent in the multicultural canon." (p.p.150-151 ibid).


In 1996, July 8-12, at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, the International Peace Research Association (IPRA), with APERA, held a conference, one of the listed keynote speakers was Rigoberta Menchu Tum. I attended that conference. APERA, Australian Peace and Education Research Association, also part of the network of the New World Order, issued a newletter this July 1997, in it the same Interfaith and Indigenous Peoples propaganda is featured, identical to the WCRP conference. Menchu's revolutionary activities are designed to bring the world's indigenous tribal peoples into a state of war against the ruling nationalists. Menchu is a lesbian and a murderous New Age activist! These quotes should alert Australians to the seriousness of the aboriginal rights and "spirituality" issue in this country:


Brother Graeme Mundine F.M.S., an Aboriginal Marist Brother working in Canberra with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council, elected chairman in 1991, was a presenter at the WCRP conference. He said:

The above is true enough, the religion of the Rainbow Serpent, Dreamtime "theology", is being used to claim rights over Australia, because of the "sacred" religious "rights" of the "indigenous" to our country! Christianity is being branded as an imported religion, instead of being the Gospel for the whole world, given by Almighty God, the Creator. From p.46 of "Rainbow Spirit Theology": THE SNAKE THEOLOGY.

We Christians are supposed to merge Christianity into the Rainbow Serpent pagan beliefs. This quote from the book above will show the reader the folly of this:

The "early" Christian missionaries are not the only ones who regard the snake as evil, so do born-again believers today - white or black! Yet, we are about to be manipulated by the WCRP, and other New Age networks, into accepting this snake deity as the same as the Creator in the Bible. The following paraphrase of John's Gospel chapter one, from page 88 of the above book, will show the horror of this muddled theology, the Rainbow Serpent is imaged as the Lord Jesus Christ: GRAEME MUNDINE QUOTES THE POPE.

In his speech Mundine called the Earth "our Mother" - the New Age concept of the Living Goddess Gaia, who is called Mother Earth by them. Somehow the role of Bible-believers as being the cause of the "rape" of the Mother Earth is accepted by Mundine, despite his claim to be a Christian:


Graham Mundine has shown how the Ley-lines of the pagan world are to be re-activated from sacred sites to sacred sites, as the Rainbow Theology book discloses. These are called Ley-lines in Europe, Dragon-paths in China, and Rainbow Serpent paths in Australia, or song-lines. These mystical, occult lines join together the sacred sites, thus making a grid which is a Force or Source field - ancient magic of the cabbalists and shamans. Note the New Age buzz words in the Pope's quote, "harmonious universe", "cosmos endowed with its own integrity" (who ever heard of a universe which is a Live Entity with 'integrity'), this 'cosmos' has 'its own internal, dynamic balance' (in other words it needs no Transcendent God to order it, it is Deity and Imagestains its own 'balance').


On page 37 of the book "Rainbow Spirit Theology", purchased from a bookstall at WCRP, we see these words:

On page 39: On page 33, note the pantheistic theology: THE PROBLEMS EXIST!

No one would deny that aboriginals need dignity and recognition, but this WCRP conference was not really about that. It was about political control structures imposed by the New Age New World Order. It was about bringing together the unruly religions under the One World Church, whose charter was signed this June, 1997. WCRP reflects the global goals of URO (United Religions Organisation). WCRP is planning an International Center for Religion and Conflict Resolution, (C.R. is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation). URO has visions of specially trained retired politicians, spiritual leaders in teams, and conflict resolution specialists for global trouble areas. WCRP promotes global citizenship, and seeks to break down nationhood, it promotes world federation. It is a "primary endorser" of the occult New Age organisation Planetary Citizens. WCRP has its headquarters in the United Nation's Plaza in New York. WCRP promoted its agenda at the UN's conferences in Cairo, Copenhagen. Beiijing, and held an interfaith service at Copenhagen.


Meanwhile, back home to Brisbane after the Melbourne WCRP conference. Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, John Bathersby, who attended the WCRP conference, launched a massive show for "reconciliation" between Catholic "Christians" and the Aboriginal indigenous peoples on August 20, 1997. Held in Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium, it brought school children by bus from 159 primary and secondary schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese, which stretches as far as Childers, Maryborough and Murgon. 28,000 children and 1000 teachers and parents came in 266 buses and 16 trains.

The program called "Reconciliation Through Education" had a ceremony where Catholic students formed "two rivers." One for the past pain, and the other for renewed hope for the future. A great Rainbow Serpent of aboriginal people, beneath a serpent rather like the Chinese Dragon, wound its way around the stadium, while painted aboriginals performed their Dreamtime religious dances. The cry has gone out - Christians and the Dreamtime of Australian indigenous tribal peoples must merge together! Amazing coincidence, this "reconciliation" drama coincided with the launch of a school education kit on Aboriginal and Immigrant issues. Stranger still, both the Anglican and Catholic Archbishops of Brisbane were at the Multicultural Foundation WCRP indoctrination session in Melbourne, and no doubt Maurice Strong and The Archbishop of Canterbury had a finger in the pie as well.

"The Australian", August 21, 1997: "COURT OPENS DOOR TO DREAMTIME.
The West Australian supreme Court has upheld the rights of parents to refuse a post-mortem examination on their child because of their cultural and spiritual beliefs in the case of a baby who died apparently of sudden infant death syndrome....The boy's father...told the court...that he belonged to the Kwini tribe and post-mortem would cause irreparable damage to tribal cultures, customs, traditions and beliefs.


a New Age New World Order network: The July 1997 issue of the newsletter contains: The Ten Point Plan of the Federal Government's Response to the WIK Decision; Healing of the Peoples, on reconciliation with the indigenous peoples; Statement on Behalf of the national Indigenous Working Group on Native Title; Peace in the World's Religions, a written greeting from Dr Gary Herbertson of the Interfaith Council for the UN (this has quotes from every religion, and pretends that all religions are basically the same); "Peace" formal recognition in a syllabus, Queensland School Curriculum Council.


In December 1994, the United Nations proclaimed the start of the "International Decade of Indigenous Peoples", this is supposed to be a dedication to winning full recognition of the honour, rights and cultures of the globe's so-called "first peoples" the "guardians" of the lands. The 1994 proclamation began the UN's official, bureaucratic interference into the "multiculturalism" commotion. What this amounts to is:

1. Doctrines of "collective guilt" and "collective virtue" (Grigg), which makes the "victim" peoples, in the Images "indigenous peoples", the ones who must be given amplified status in history and religious position.

2. A neo-pagan worldview of the New World Order, being undergirded with the ancient pagan beliefs of the tribal aboriginals of the globe. Christian belief is suppressed, a universal "Homogenous State" is created - a neo-pagan One World Religion.

3. True Christianity is branded as being violent, intolerant, fanatical, and a religion which has outlived its usefulness. Yet, the opposers of Bible-based Christianity show hatred and fanaticism which is all too apparent.


To not feel compassion for the unbeliever at this stage in global history is impossible! They reject the Only One who can give peace, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, yet they fear war. This is no minor terror, as films like "On the Beach" showed so piercingly in the 1950s. The unbeliever fears conflict between religions, and naturally will oppose any religion which declares "there is no other way to God" but by the Lord Jesus Christ. The unbeliever views this world as the only one which is real, they fear to lose this beautiful place, and any religion which declares that we cannot create a paradise again, that judgement is coming, that the world is ruined because of sin is a threat to the global unity, is a doom merchant, who must be silenced.

The propaganda is that religions, primarily Christianity, have caused the wars and separation on the planet. Syncretism would end all that, we are told. This quote from Ferreira hits the nail on the head:


The above are the stated goals of the URO and WCRP. The Biblical Christians know the answers to what peace, justice, integrity and ethical responsibility are based on - and they alone. Peace comes from trust in the Prince of Peace, the Saviour, who gives peace for the individual with God. Peace for the world will come only when Christ Jesus comes to take the government upon His shoulders. Justice, Integrity and Ethical Responsibility start and end with a relationship with the Creator, this is why the first commandment is to honour and worship GOD, to refuse false gods, to bow before the Creator God Almighty - there is but ONE GOD, revealed in His Word the Bible. (Exodus 20:2-3; Matt.22:35-40). "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment."


Wars happened on earth not because of religions, but because of SIN. There is strife because of evil leaders, greedy fallen people, ungodly practices, pagan bloody cruelty, super-rich despots who want to rule the world - and refusal to come to Jesus Christ to be saved. Bible prophecy tells us that the One-World religion will bring the most murderous, occult blood-bath that has ever been seen on this fallen planet. No, syncretism will not bring peace, it will bring a planetary holocaust.


The conference made a clear statement this July - God is unknown and unknowable. This means, by their own admission, that they are GODLESS! Yes, they might say that they believe that there is a ineffable other, a numinous, a force, an energy, a pantheistic presence in nature - but the devils also believe and tremble! "...the devils also believe, and tremble " (James 2:19).

When a person comes to the Lord in repentance and receives Christ Jesus As Saviour, God the Heavenly Father, "manifests" or reveals Himself, the Son of God "manifests" Himself. Without this re-birth, people can never know God, and are Godless, just as the demons and devils are. Jesus Christ said

GRAPHICS EXTRACT FROM... DespatchImages magazine....Vol. 9:3 Sept.


Sir William Dean GG.


Archbishop P. Hollingworth


......Hass Dellal...


The Honourable 
Philip Ruddock MP


Sir James Gobbo. AC 


Professor Trang Thomas

Some of the presenters attending a conference
in CHINA, here visiting a Mosque in Junming,Moslem Quarter. L-R.
*Mr. Hass Dellal, *Sir James Gobbo AC,
Mr. Ivan Kolarik, Ms Carmel Guerra & *Professor Trang Thomas
* Those in Melbourne WCRP on lists


Do you know the peace with God that comes with having sin forgiven and washed away; a guilty conscience put to rest in Jesus Christ; separation from the heavenly Father being ended, forever? You can know God and His peace that passes all understanding, not "peace" as the world gives, but as God alone can give. The answer is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


The time when Jesus Christ calls His Bride home cannot be far away. If the Lord tarries, we can expect in Australia the unleashing of international persecution against all those who refuse to bow the knee to the combined religions of the Antichrist. Where will you stand, beloved of God?


Here are the simple steps to Life in Christ Jesus:
1. Admit you are a sinner, and repent before a Holy God. (Romans 3:23).
2. Accept the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross as your only hope of salvation (Romans 5:8; 6:23).
3. Take Eternal Life in Christ as a free gift from God, not by your own works (Ephesians 2:8-9).
4. By God's enabling, seek to live for God forever, trusting in His grace and mercy alone (Ephesians 2:10).


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