The World Conference on Religion and Peace, held in Melbourne under the name Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference, operated throughout under the direction of the United Nations and UNESCO. The UN's "Human Rights" declarations were on tables at the conference, also information on the Australian legal system. This quote from a book which was acquired from the WCRP Melbourne conference will give the reader some idea of the religious agenda of the UN re. religion in Australia. "Free to believe?" Human Rights Commissioner.

DISCUSSION PAPER No.1 p.p.11-12:

The inference above is that the Australian Constitution is a white, Christian, European invention, suitable for England, with a white, European "Almighty God', which excludes racially all other gods. "Human rights" for religions would give other gods a proper place. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) was adopted by the United Nations General assembly in 1966, Australia ratified the ICCPR on 13 August 1980. Article 18:1 of the ICCPR states:

"everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion..."
Article 18:2 prohibits coercion which would impair one's freedom to have or adopt a religion or belief of his or her choice. Paragraph 3 provides that freedom to manifest one's religion and belief may be subjected only to such limitations as are PRESCRIBED BY LAW AND ARE NECESSARY TO PROTECT PUBLIC SAFETY, ORDER, HEALTH OR MORALS OR THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF OTHERS. Paragraph 4 provides for the freedom to impart religion and belief to one's children.


"Intolerance" is now politically incorrect! It is "religious discrimination", it is "exclusion", it is "an affront to human dignity", a "violation of fundamental rights and freedoms." We Christians must realise that the International community views this country as having an "indigenous" religion, which is the true religion of this ancient land, with the "guardians" of the sacred soil being Rainbow Serpent worshippers. All other religions, which come into this country through immigration, are expected to recognise the superiority of the "indigenous" religion, and establish dialogue - to listen and learn! Christianity is seen by the International UN as an "immigrant" religion only. Keep in mind, Australia has ratified the ICCPR already.


The Right Reverend David Silk, Bishop of Ballarat, gave an address at the Melbourne WCRP called, "Religious Diversity and Building Effective Community Relations." An Anglican priest, Silk drew extensively from the 'experience' gained from Leicester, UK, the Council of Faiths. The City of Leicester is the home of the Islamic Foundation, a Library and Conference Centre. This is the centre of Islamic Mission and Education for Western Europe. What else is the Leicester Council of Faiths about?

Leicester is Jain Samaj Europe, the actual centre of Jainism for the whole European continent. It has one of only two Jain temples outside India. The Anglican version of this "Council of Faiths" includes Bahais, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Jains, Muslims and Sikhs. Many of the National leaders of those faiths live in Leicester. 25% of the inhabitants of the City of Leicester have roots in India.

Let me quote from this Interfaith Anglican priest, David Silk:


The description from Silk above gives a general view of what "Interfaith" is all about in this New World. Add to this a "Global Ethic" with a "global theology" all its own, and there you are - the Antichrist religion, One World Church. Let us remind ourselves what the Almighty God has to say about this, before we go on:

False religions have NO LIGHT;

The One TRUE LIGHT is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God; SPIRITUAL DARKNESS leads to SPIRITUAL DEATH FOREVER;



David Silk, Anglican Bishop of Ballarat gave "three words to the churches" which we will examine.

THE FIRST "WORD" was "Dialogue".
Now if you think that "dialogue" just means conversation, discussion, tete-a-tete, you are sadly mistaken in what WCRP means by this term. Said Silk: "Dialogue is the place where relations between faith traditions begin. Dialogue begins when people, not ideologies meet each other...Above all, dialogue must include sharing in the worship and prayer of the other. In all faiths dogma and worship are closely bound together, and woven into disciplines which form a religion, a pattern and rule of living. A sign of this is the respect accorded to sacred books in the worship of many faiths. ...In worship we may sense a profound convergence, a common experience of God and humanity. In worship we may draw, by different yet adjacent wells, from a single water table of spirituality. In worship we may tap into the spiritual resources of the indigenous peoples and thus be the 'soul' of Australia." (End of Silk quote).


The Bible forbids any such "dialogue"! There is but one God, and the pagan religions are NOT in any way drawing from the Water of Life which is Christ Jesus our Lord! He said,

The pagan religions are destitute of the Holy Spirit:


A short encounter with the beliefs of some of these religions will make it plain, to the true believer in Christ Jesus, that God will not allow worship and dialogue with them.

JAINS - believe in salvation through non-violence. They reject salvation in the shed Blood of Christ Jesus. They do not even believe in a Creator, they believe that the universe is God and is eternal. The Jains' great teacher, Mahavira, went around nude and plucked out his hair, before starving himself to death at the age of 72.

BAHA'IS - have interfaith teaching about all religions having the One God. Baha'is celebrate every year on 23rd of May the Anniversary of the Declaration of the Bab, a sort of fore-runner of the coming "Messiah" who will bring a One World with a One World citizenship. (Christians know who that will be. Revelation 13)

BUDDHISM - this is the religion without any God at all! There is no heaven, no hope, no God, no sin, nothing but endless "Nirvana" or a formless and uncreated nothingness as the goal of human existence. They utterly reject not only the Saviour, Jesus Christ, but their Creator as well.

ISLAM - the Muslims accept a Creator, but deny the Saviour, and follow a false god called "Allah." They are committed to this devilish deception. They have a form of salvation by works. In the Qur'an, the Islamic sacred book, Jesus Christ was born of Mary, but did not die, someone else died in His place, and God then raised Jesus to Himself! This means that there was NO SAVIOUR who died for the sin of the world, in their perverted version.


Of course not! Neither can we accept the Rainbow Serpent of the "indigenous peoples" of Australia, and be the "soul" of this country - what ever that means.

Now this is forked-tongue rhetoric if ever there ever was! Jesus Christ is only unique in the same way any other human is unique? "Particular" actually means unique or exclusive, anyway. Particularity "affirms what I believe and does not make a judgement on the beliefs of others"? Now that is hardly how Jesus Christ described His own particularity: The above rhetoric on "unique" should warn us that if any discussion is entered into with such people as Silk, we must carefully define what terms mean! You could ask David Silk "do you believe Jesus Christ is unique?" And he could answer without a lie, "yes I do." But his concept of unique is not what you may mean by that word!

Do religions "address different questions" making "meaningful comparison not possible"? Hardly. Religions all deal with who made man and the universe or what is the cause of life, are we or are we not sinful, is there life after death, how do we live good lives et al. We can compare the world's religions and their beliefs with Christianity - and if we do we find that there is NO comparison with Judeo-Christian Scriptures, they are bringing in every instance different messages than the Bible. Now if Christianity is the Truth, and the Bible is the inspired Word of God, then the other religions are not the Truth, they are erroneous.

Here we see the Interfaith indoctrination, "judgemental" would include any mention of personal sin, "hard-sell" could mean any sincere urging of another to accept God's forgiveness in Christ Jesus, "evangelism" has become a "sinister" thing. Silk says, "'Witness' is much to be preferred to 'evangelism', which in fact does not appear in Christian scriptures." The word "evangelism" may not appear, but "evangelist" is certainly there, and the word is Biblical, meaning to spread the good news of Christ's death on the Cross - not just "offering" some "vision"!
(See Acts 21:8; II Tim. 4:5). David Silk spoke of the It is easy to see where all this Interfaith manipulation is heading. No evangelism for Christians, a mingled message of a neo-pagan multi-god community, calling spiritual blackness light - and letting the unsaved go to hell without being allowed (officially) to even make an effort to warn or enlighten them. This was graphically played out for myself at the Melbourne conference this July. I sat with two women at an evening coffee break. One was Catholic and the other was a non-religious psychiatrist. I asked the psychiatrist what religion she was, she said, "I have no religion, but I am spiritual, I meditate day and night, and often read "A Course of Miracles".

She was quite young, and seemed sincere, so I could do no other than say, "that is all New Age, Jesus Christ is the One you want, He will forgive your sin, and give you Eternal Life as a free gift etc." The Catholic lady drew back in her chair, as though repelled. The psychiatrist made the politically correct reply which will be the killer to all evangelism in the future (BUT, we must never forget the Blessed Holy Spirit's conviction). She said: "I respect the fact that you see that as the truth for yourself, I affirm that. I however have discovered the truth for me, another understanding of the same God, and it satisfies me. We have a deep understanding together. I know you affirm my grasp of my truth."


The fact is that a religious ethic which will embrace, but overide entirely, all religious dogmas and doctrines is now in place globally. It is only a short step to forced compliance with this Global Ethic - no matter what the rhetoric bandied around is. ALL denial or critique of this agreed Ethic will soon be considered "vilification". It is not so much the criticism of other religions which is the threat, it is criticism of the Global Ethic which will bring persecution and even death in the future. It would seem crucial that we grasp an understanding of this "Ethic", and prepare ourselves for the certainty that Christ-honouring Christians cannot accept, syncretise with or even silently ignore the Global Ethic of this New Age world of One Mind.

To become one global unit, the religions must become One Mind, not just be in agreement with what doctrines and ethics they have in common. There would still be left elements in which they are not in common - which could cause wars. So, the NWO despot "geniuses" have devised the One World Religion. Here is what Cardinal Francis Arinze, President, Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Vatican City, presenter at the WCRP Melbourne, had to say:


This is the cry that the New World is echoing across the globe in the 1990s. Richard Scheinin, religion reporter for the San Jose Mercury News (2-3-96) wrote that Bishop Swing of the United Religions would visit Mother Teresa in Calcutta, the Dalai Lama in India, King Hussein in Jordan, "high-level Muslim leaders in Cairo, and rabbis in Jerusalem." He would also visit Istanbul, Rome, and Canterbury to invite representatives from the world's "great spiritual traditions" to the 1997 U.R. meeting in San Francisco. At the Presido, former U.S. army base, this year, June 1997, the U.R. charter for the world was signed - in the same place the U.N. charter was founded.

Hans Kung, the Images author of the Global Ethic of the UN, wrote in 1991 in his book, "Global Responsibility: In Search of a New World Ethic":


dated August 28-September 5, 1993, Parliament of World's Religions. Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. This was the ethic cited at the Melbourne Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference, July 1997. Remember that religious and political leaders were at that conference, including the Governor General Sir William Dean AC KBE, signatories on the program were the Prime Minister the Hon.John Howard MP, and the Hon. Kim Beazley MP. On the listed board of directors of the Multicultural Foundation is Sir Llewellyn Edwards AC, Queensland's well-known entity.

No new global order without a new global ethic! ...
*As religious and spiritual persons we base our lives on an Ultimate Reality, and draw spiritual power and hope therefrom, in trust, in prayer or meditation, in word in silence. We have a special responsibility for the welfare of all humanity and care for the planet Earth. We do not consider ourselves better than other women and men, but we trust that the ancient wisdom of our religions can point the way for the future....

(COMMENT: note here the impersonal "Ultimate Reality", "meditation", "ancient wisdom" of the pagan New Age - this is NOT Christianity, Biblical Truth or the Judeo-Christian God).

A fundamental demand: Every human being must be treated humanely. ...
*We know that religions cannot solve the environmental, economic, political, and social problems of Earth. However they can provide what obviously cannot be attained by economic plans, political programs, or legal regulations alone: A change in the inner orientation, the whole mentality, the 'hearts' of people, and a conversion from a false path to a new orientation for life. Humankind urgently needs social and ecological reforms, but it needs spiritual renewal just as urgently. As religious or spiritual persons we commit ourselves to this task....

Of course religions are credible only when they eliminate those conflicts which spring from the religions themselves, dismantling mutual arrogance, mistrust, prejudice, and even hostile images, and thus demonstrate respect for the traditions, holy places, feasts, and rituals of people who believe differently...."

(COMMENT: note here the "change in the inner orientation", the "conversion from a false path". The global ethic is about the combined neo-pagan religions and the tribal religions bringing a "conversion", "spiritual renewal" with a Antichrist, religious spirituality! Note that religions are only "credible" by eliminating "conflict". No one will be able to say Christ Jesus is the ONLY Way to God, this is "arrogance" causing conflict. Can the reader picture "demonstrating respect" for the temples of the Hindus with the evil Kahli the Destroyer, or the thousands of Hindu gods, all demonic; the mediums and channellers of the New Age; the goddess worshippers with their sickening, female sexuality worship; the Buddhist with the ashes of Lamas in casks on high places, and the huge idols of the Buddha; or the Mass of the Catholics when the bread and wine are supposed to turn into the Body and the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the idol images of "Mary"?)

Irrevocable directives.
*1. Commitment to a Culture of Non-violence and Respect for Life.... (e)
To be authentically human in the spirit of our great religious and ethical traditions mean that in public as well as in private we must be concerned for others and ready to help. We must never be ruthless and brutal. Every people, every race, every religion must show tolerance and respect - indeed high appreciation - for every other. Minorities need protection and support, whether they be racial, ethnic, or religious.

(COMMENT: the New World Order has decided what is "authentically human" and what is not. It is an international Ethic, decided upon, in international law, that we must "show tolerance and respect" even "high appreciation" for other religions. Can one imagine what writing that it is wrong to believe in reincarnation, drum up spirits, worship the serpent god would be construed as by WCRP? No longer would one be "authentically human", one is now a "violent and vilifying" enemy of peace!)

*2. Commitment to a Culture of Solidarity and a Just economic Order....
To be authentically human in the spirit of our great religious and ethic traditions...

*3 Commitment to a Culture of Tolerance and a Life of Truthfulness....
all over the world we find endless lies and deceit, swindling and hypocrisy, ideology and demagoguery (firebrand behaviour):
#Politicians and business people who use lies as a means to success...
#Representatives of religions who dismiss other religions as of little value and who preach fanaticism and intolerance instead of respect and understanding....
No woman or man, no institution, no state or church or religious community has the right to speak lies to other humans....

(COMMENT: There is a longer list of "swindling", "lies", "demagoguery" in the Global Ethic. Note carefully that the one I have cited on religion would embrace every Christian or Christian organisation which preaches the Bible doctrines. The Bible is filled with statements from the Lord about other religions, idol worshippers, false gods, only One God and One Saviour, the sinfulness of the human race, the Fall, coming apocalypse, hell and damnation et al. ALL is considered "lies" by the New World Order. "Fanaticism" and "intolerance" are any of the Biblical doctrines which the New Age considers racist, sexist, not pantheistic, not evolutionary, not earth-centred or exclusive).
#finally, for representatives of religion.
When they stir up prejudice, hatred, and enmity towards those of different belief, or even incite or legitimate religious wars, they deserve the condemnation of humankind and the loss of their adherents.

Let no one be deceived: there is no global justice without truthfulness and humaneness! c)Young people must learn at home and in school to think, speak, and act truthfully. They have a right to information and education to be able to make decisions that will form their lives. Without ethical formation they will hardly be able to distinguish the important from the unimportant...

(COMMENT: no doctrines and teaching which oppose the NWO's ethical norm will be allowed - "condemnation" will follow, with obvious penalties, and forced "loss of their adherents" - scattering of the members, or worse. All children to be taught the "ethics" of the global State).

*4 Commitment to a Culture of Equal Rights and Partnership Between Men and Women.
#...We need mutual respect, partnership, and understanding, instead of patriarchal domination and degradation, which are expressions of violence and engender counter-violence.

(COMMENT: the "Mother God" and feminist movement theology will find full acceptance by the NWO, the exclusive Father God and exclusive male leadership of Christian groups is not acceptable. This will open the way for an explosion of the New Age Goddess beliefs).

A Transformation of Consciousness! ...3.
Above all, we urge the various communities of faith to formulate their very specific ethics: What does each faith tradition have to say, for example, about meaning of life and death, the enduring of suffering and the forgiveness of guilt, about selfless sacrifice and the necessity of renunciation, about compassion and joy. These will deepen, and make more specific, the already discernible global ethic....

In conclusion, we appeal to all the inhabitants of this planet. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of the individuals is changed. We pledge to work for such transformation in the individual and collective consciousness, for the awakening of our spiritual powers though(sic) reflection, meditation, prayer, or positive thinking, for a conversion of the heart. Together we can move mountains!...we commit ourselves to a common global ethic...

(COMMENT: here we see that all faiths have equal worth, all concepts about the meaning of life and death, and suffering are as meaningful as any other. Christ Jesus and His Sacrifice for mankind is only as important as worshipping sacred cows in India is! The doctrine of the obvious, that man is sinful, is happily done away with in the statement "forgiveness of guilt", not "sin"! The "transformation" of "consciousness" is major New Age doctrine, the New Paradigm. Note that there is NO GOD anywhere in the Global ethic, and note that the humanistic "positive thinking", "we can move mountains", shows that MAN not God is the hope for the planet.

Instead of responsibility to God there is responsibility to the global community. Instead of the commandments of God's Word, there are planetary ethics, created by the global community. Instead of all ethics and morals beginning with loving and worshipping the One True God, there is a commitment to "loving", toleration for demonic practices, and neo-pagan atrocious traditions and beliefs. Instead of God's commandments to not tolerate sin and false-hood, there has arisen a no tolerance for anyone who will not conform to the global State! And keep in mind that the global New Age State is an Earth-worshipping, Gaia Mother Goddess worshipping, religious world-view. Not just an atheistic, humanistic state, such as Communism was in other days. Communism has turned into New Age socialism, in this One World One Mind.)


Here is what God has to say about these religions. Withering scorn is poured out from God Almighty upon the blindness and grotesque foolishness of these religious worshippers. Yet the heart of God yearns for them, and we Christians are HIS witnesses until the end:


From the New Age "Global Ethic" Web Site,
G-ETHIC@VM.TEMPLE.EDU. 27th Aug.1997.

This debate went on: FROM PAULA.

He answers a quote from the Global Ethic Web site, this quote follows: RICK: ANSWER FROM LEONARD SWIDLER,
co-author of the Global Ethic, Global Dialogue Institute,
Religion Department, Temple University, Philadelphia. USA:

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