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Australian Bible College Course

The Calvary Bible Fellowship of N.Z. has given permission for an Australian DiplomaCourse
to be constructed along the needs of our Despatch subscribers.




Prophecy Studies  1.
                             Introduction to principles & Example

Prophecy Studies  2.
                             Saddam Hussein & Iraq
                                * Appendix [Endtime Reference on Persecution]
                                 [ applies to whole series, and used throughout]

Prophecy Studies  3.

The Second Coming of Christ
Questions you always wanted answered
*Appendix I
*Appendix II
Prophecy Studies  4.
Prophecy for Today
* Appendix
Prophecy Studies  5.
                               Prophecy for Today - Events preceeding the 2nd Coming of Christ
                               Appendix I .... Israel's Sacred Calendar
                               Appendix II ...Charts of Feasts [small scan only possible]
                               Appendix III ..."Goodwill Newsletter"[Lucis Trust]
Prophecy Studies  6
Prophecy Studies  7.
Prophecy Studies  8.
Prophecy Studies  9. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS



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