Endtime Ministries...Australian Bible College Course

The Calvary Bible Fellowship of N.Z.has given permission for an Australian Diploma Course
to be constructed along the needsof our Despatch subscribers.
Unit 8...
  by W.B. Howard...Editor of Despatch

                        Question One: Paul gives a wonderful explanation of the Gospel of the Cross of Calvary, in the beginning of the book of Romans. What is the Bible reference for this?

                        Question Two: The true Gospel has One Player in the Drama. Fill in the missing words, from your notes: "No other can take... ..., or even have a ... .... The Gospel... ..., no other."

                        Question Three: Why is the Gospel likened to the "horizon", Greek "horizo"?

                        Question Four: The Hebrew and Greek words for "salvation" imply wonderful concepts. Name these concepts.

                        Question Five: Give a brief outline of the Fake Spiritual Warfare strategies of C.Peter Wagner.

                        Question Six: Explain very briefly what true Biblical "spiritual warfare" is soundly based on.

                        Question Seven: Can Christians take evil "territorial spirits" down from their atmospheric places of power over cities and towns? The Ultimate Judgement of these beings goes along with the
                            Church going somewhere, and Christ's control of the atmosphere. Explain this.

                        Question Eight: "We war against Satan by knowing the Truth." This starts a paragraph in the notes of Section Two. Explain a few of these "truths".

                        Question Nine: The passage Ezekiel 3:18-21; 38:8: Who was it written by, to whom? What is it about, simply put? What is its aim? Is it in any way directed to Christian individual believers?

                        Question Ten: Explain why we can never be blotted out the Book of Eternal Life. Whose Life do believers share etc? Give a full answer in your own words. Is there any doubt in your own mind about the Eternal                                         Security of the Believer?

                        Question Eleven: Give Bible verses in regard to Salvation of: your BODY; your SOUL; your SPIRIT.

                        Question Twelve: Write a prayer of thanks to God for your own eternally secure, graciously and freely given Salvation - in Christ Jesus.

Question to close these studies:Have the eight units of the Diploma Course aided you in your Bible knowledge?
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