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Chapter 1-13... Table of Contents

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                        Setting out the grounds of authorship etc.

Part I The Great Salvation [1:1 - 2:18]
CHAPTER...1    1. The son better than the prophets
                         2. The Son better than the angels
                    Appendix ... "Myth of Adams Rib"

                   HIGHLIGHTS from various CHAPTERS
                   Appendix... IMPORTANT POINTS...

CHAPTER...2  [Parenthesis: hearers warned]
                          3. The earth to be put under the man Christ Jesus
                          4. Jesus, made for a little time lower than the angels,
                             dies for man that he may lift men above angels into
                              the family of God
                HIGHLIGHTS from various CHAPTERS
               Appendix ...ABUNDANT LIFE   


 Part II -  Parenthetic: The rest of God [3:1 - 4:16]

                   HIGHLIGHTS from various CHAPTERS
CHAPTER...3     1. Christ the Son better than Moses the Servant.
                             2. Exhortation: the generation that came out of Egypt did
                                  not enter the Canaan-rest because of unbelief.
                       APPENDIX:  Grace verses Law CHART
 CHAPTER...4    3. But there is a better rest for the believer, of which
                                  God's creation-rest is the type.
                             4. The believer rests in a perfect work of redemption,
                                   as god rested from a perfect work of creation.
                              5. The believer is kept in perfect rest by mercy and grace
                                    through the Son of God.


   Part III -  Our great High Priest [5:1 - 8:6]

                                Chapters 5-7 as a whole highlighted,
                    keeping these thoughts below in mind
for each chapter respectively.

     CHAPTER...5      1. The Office of High Priest
                               2. Christ a High Priest after the order of Melchisedec.
        [ Parenthetic: appeal and warning 5:11-612]
    CHAPTER...6      3. Our High Priest within the veil assures our coming there too.
    CHAPTER...7      4. The historic Melchisedec a type of Christ.
                              5. Melchisedec high priesthood greater than the Aaronic
                                     a. Because Aaron in Abraham paid Melchisedec tithes
                                     b. Because the Aaronic priesthood made nothing perfect
                                     c. Because the Aaronic priests died: Christ ever liveth.
                                                        ** SEE FURTHER POINTS (d & e) IN NOTES BELOW FOR CHAPTER 8

           Appendix ... "BERIT" O.T. Covenant
           Appendix ... Pre-existent CHRIST ...
                                        extract "Christian Theology" by E. H. Bancroft
           Appendix ... A Gnostic Gospel extract "Strange Fire'  T. & J. Van der Merve

            * NOTE: Chapters 8 & 9 have not been covered specifically this year as it was not
                     revelant to the emphasis we wanted for this particular study of Hebrews.

                                                              Our emphasis was our daily living in Christ.
[they have been referred to throughout this study as these sections impinged on the general study]

                                          THIS OUTLINE IS INCLUDED TO GIVE CONTEXT  FOR OUR GENERAL STUDY.

CHAPTER...  8          d. Because the Aaronic priests served the shadows of which Christ serves the realities
                                   e. Because Christ mediates a better Covenant


      Part IV The new Covenant better than the old  [8:7 - 10:39]

CHAPTER...  9      1. The ordinances and sanctuary of the old covenant were mere types
                                2. The sanctuary, and sacrifice of the new covenant are realities
                                3. The new covenant is also the last will and testament Christ, sealed by his blood.
                                4. The heavenly sanctuary purged with a better sacrifice (Lev. 16-33)
                                5. The one sacrifice of the new covenant is better than the many
sacrifices of the old.                                            
 CHAPTER...10    6. The believer worships in the holiest

                             [Parenthetic: The wavering warned:
                             the Jewish sacrifices had lost their
efficacy: it is Christ or judgment]


    Part V. The superiority of the faith way [11:1-40]

   CHAPTER...11        1. The sphere of faith
                                      2. Instances of faith:
                                                            THE MANY HEROES OF FAITH.
                                     ABEL, ENOCH, NOAH, ABRAHAM & SARA, ISAAC & JACOB,
                                     JOSEPH,  MOSES & HIS PARENTS, JOSHUA & ISRAEL, RAHAB,
                Appendix ... God's Love Testing of US

                             Part VI. The walk and worship of the believer-priest  [12:1 -13:25]
     CHAPTER...12     1. Jesus the example  [Parenthetic to 12:3-17]
                                    a. The Father's chastening
                                    b. Esau a warning to professors lest they miss the priesthood
                                        cf. Gen 25:31 note..Scofield

                                    2. The believer-priest does not come to Mount Sinai
                                    3. Warnings and instructions
   CHAPTER...13        4. Christian separation and worship
                                    5. The believer-priest's sacrifice
                                    6. The believer-priest's obedience
                                    Conclusion: the apostolic Benediction
                    Appendix ... "God's method of saving sinners" ...extract from D. Holden [Aletheia Publishing]


                    REFERENCES....    Recommended study material


QUESTIONS [All Chapters]


*Genesis 25:31 Note: The "birthright" had three elements:
(1) Until the establishment of the Aaronic priesthood the head of the family exercised priestly rights.
(2) The Abrahamic family held the Edenic promise of the Satan- Bruiser (Gen. 3. 15)- Abel, Seth, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Esau.
(3) Esau, as the firstborn, was in the direct line of the Abrahamic promise of the Earth-Blesser (Gen. 12. 3). For all that was revealed, in Esau might have been fulfilled those two great Messianic promises. This birthright Esau sold for a momentary fleshly gratification. Jacob's conception of the birthright at that time was, doubtless, carnal and inadequate, but his desire for it evidenced true faith… C. I. Scofield.

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