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Data on important issues.

The Alpha Course, which originated in Brompton UK, has spread around the world, involving hundreds of thousands of churchgoers. Alpha is ecumenical in nature, the majority of churches in Australia are becoming part of Alpha, which was started by a man called Nicky Gumble. A critique has already been written by myself on this devious, dangerous "evangelical" training system, since then further information has come to hand which makes Alpha appear even more sinister than I at first suspected! Could I then add to the first book the comments which follow?

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A document from the Institute for Authority Research [IAR] by Dean Gotcher was sent to our organisation, from Tulsa, USA. It contains data on the New Age New World Order techniques of Dialectic and Praxis, which are being used world-wide to bring about consensus for the purposes of UNITY in a ONE WORLD, ONE MIND. In our education establishments various shades of these techniques are seen in such learning systems as Outcome Based Education, [OBE}.

As I perused the material by Gotcher, the training and planning of the Alpha Course leaders came before my mind, the similarity to the Dialectic and Praxis techniques was startling! This has made me believe that the Alpha Course is a method of programming the Church people of Christendom, not so much a way of bringing in unbelievers to the churches. This could well be a huge softening up process, as the reader will see as I explain more fully. Alpha, I believe, is a behavioural modification program instigated by the facilitators of the NWO. Outlandish statement? Yes, indeed, we live in perilous times!

Could this unimaginable thing be happening? Hidden behind the Alpha Course training is a program designed to teach and process Christendom into the agenda of a One World, International One-Mind? Could the Alpha Course be a component of the larger plan of the New World Order, New Age? This writer believes this is the case, and the agenda here being presented, hidden behind Alphaÿs training, is SYNTHESIS i.e. ÿhelpingÿ others to be rational, to accept a compromising stand as an actual way of life, and to ÿhelpÿ Christians to be more adaptable for the next millennium with its rapidly changing world. The New Age International globalists want MEDIATION to occur on every level of society, world-wide. To ÿhelpÿ global-units [citizens] to be willing to seek common ground, so that the world can have global-group cohesion.


DIALECTIC = Using dialogue as a means to resolve conflicting positions.
PRAXIS = To practice the experience of speculation, conjecturing, theorising.

The New World Order wants the peoples of the globe to "dialogue", to agree, to merge their beliefs into One, Unity in Diversity. The concept of there being absolutes, as revealed by the Lord in the Biblical Scriptures, is a malediction to these internationalists. Therefore the aim has become for the Brave New World to bring about harmony and accord by breaking down the absolutes which they see as standing in the way of One Mind - to do this, they believe, will bring peace in the coming New Age Millennium. Dialectic and Praxis are psychological methods used to achieve this aim.

The environment of what Dean Gotcher calls "Diaprax" [a co-joining of the two words] is described on p. 25 of his book:

"1. The group environment must be 'open-ended', where established norms or preset standards are set aside by the person of group so all participating can more easily explore and discover new experiences together.
2. It must be 'non-directive,' where rules and preset standards are not presented by the leader or encouraged by the group that might stand in the way of the person or group exploring and discovering new experiences together.
3. It must be 'adverse to any closed philosophical viewpoints,' where rules and pre-set standards are not respected by all participating when they prevent the person or group environment exploring and discovering new experiences together.
4. The group environment must be social in nature.
5. It must use a social issue that the group has differing opinions or viewpoints about.
6. It must use a social issue that all participants can come to consensus, or group-feeling about regarding a possible solution."

The Alpha course is set up in exactly the way a Diaprax session is convened. At the Alpha training seminar I attended in Brisbane [described in depth in my book,"Alpha, Friend or Foe?"] the instructions were almost identical. In Alpha:

1. Non-believers are invited to an Alpha dinner by the church people. Christianity is virtually set aside for the night, no meaningful prayers, no hymns or songs which really spell-out Christianity. The unbelievers are given an "open-ended" opportunity to give their own views and beliefs, the churchgoers are introduced to a new experience of unfettered interaction with people [or a person] who are not believers or followers of Christ Jesus. This is done, Alpha claims to justify such strange tactics, so that the non-Christians can feel loved, appreciated and listened to. NO ONE is allowed to "confront" the unbelievers in any way.
2. Alpha is "non-directive" in that very, very little Biblical instruction is given in the dinners and the weekends-away meetings. The laying on of hands, experience with the "holy spirit", making friends and having fun are encouraged. But there is a "non-directive" system going on throughout the Alpha Course.
3.There are really no closed philosophical viewpoints allowed! Alpha is supposed to be Christian, but the mouths of the preachers of the Gospel, and the witnesses to the Gospel message are effectively gagged, in reality. The Bible is almost a closed book in Alpha. GOD's Word is gagged as well!
4. Alpha is a social group, it is not a meeting or a church service, it is a social gathering. It is not a Bible study or a prayer meeting, it is a social dinner.
5. It uses a social issue where there are differences of opinion. The non-Christians believe and "feel" differently to the churchgoers, yet they are all mixed.
6. Alpha leads shrewdly into a consensus, because the church people are "not allowed" to preach or teach effectively most of the time, and the unbelievers can hold forth with their "feelings" and "thoughts" almost unhindered. The unbeliever may well want to participate in the "holy spirit" experiences which cannot bring him/her to salvation, but may bring ALL into a shared experience in the "spiritÿ [a counterfeit of the Divine].

Dean Gotcher explains about procedural consensus in this fashion [we will compare the Alpha course afterwards]:
"What I call 'First Cause' [God, parents, established rules and standards, norms, sovereignty, etc], must temporarily be set aside if the process of diaprax is to successfully develop [abdication to the procedure]....process of diaprax facilitates the establishment of a 'non-hostile' or 'risk-free' environment. This gives each individual the feeling of security and acceptance needed so they might feel free enough to 'take the risk' of confessing their personal feelings toward their own beliefs and values within the group setting." [p.26].

In the training program for potential Alpha leaders, we were taught that a non-hostile or risk-free environment was essential for a Alpha dinner meeting or weekend. No "confrontation" of the unbelievers is allowed, they must have full freedom to express their own beliefs, feelings and values about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. The only trouble is that in Alpha the 'first cause' is then set aside, in this case GOD is the "first cause" and so too is the preaching of the Biblical Word! The whole church group thus abdicates to the procedure. Both the churched persons and the unbelievers are then in a procedure which can lead successfully to consensus. The preaching of the Word of God does not really exist in Alpha, and the mild teaching of the Word which is superimposed on the "spirit" and "experience" orientated meetings is hardly worth counting in the scheme of things.

"In other words, the fear of reprisal one might normally expect when expressing what one really thinks and how one really feels concerning the beliefs and values set by a higher authority must be alleviated. Therefore, any higher authority that has previously set standards that hinder participation in group-think must either be absent from the environment or have succumbed - abdicated - to the process and become willing to participate in it themselves, taking part in consensus building."

In Alpha group-think the "higher authority," or God and the Word of God, has succumbed to the process thus allowing the group-think to go ahead unhindered. Who is "participating in it themselves?" The CHURCH PEOPLE, who sit and listen intently to non-church people holding forth. This cannot help but to build consensus between the opposing groups! Remember as well that many Alpha groups are run by the lay church members, most of them are not competent in such things as doctrine, apologetics, and contending for the faith. Their hands also are tied in that they are "not allowed" by Alpha to contend or confront, or to preach or teach sound Scripture. Who is being processed in this? Both the unbelievers and the church folk. The deliberations of the unsaved can be very convincing and intelligent, many of the churched will be unable to stand firm under the pressure.

"For the diaprax process to become a part of the individual's and the group's life, it is equally important that the leader of the discussion facilitate instead of teach. The environment must be dialogue or dialectic in structure if everyone is to freely experience group life [communism] and group think [socialism]. Facilitating in a diaprax setting requires the questioning of preset standards established by a higher authority, preferably with that authority figure participating in the questioning process themselves." [p.26].

In the Alpha Course no actual teaching goes on, it is rather that the leaders give way to experiencing the group-think and group life. The unbelievers are free to question preset standards [the Bible and God's instructions and commands] and the "authority figure" or the CHRISTIAN CHURCH is participating in the questioning process themselves. There are no ABSOLUTES being soundly preached, no "thus saith the Lord" being presented with a sound "no dialogue" platform. The environment is didactic in nature in Alpha groups. No instructions or revelations which are set in concrete by a Divine Person, and are thus beyond human control, are tolerated in this New World of change agents for a One Mind.

Look at this following description of Diaprax [Gotcher's own term]:
"Diaprax survives today because of its ability to stay hidden behind the activities of the moment. The facilitator's ability to control group feelings gives him the ability to shape the definition each person in the group gives for his or her position. What is lost in the whole scheme of things is that someone is always influencing the definitions we give for our position and that apart from God and His Word, all positions are subject to change. There is only a [redefining] of positions, shaped by our desire to gain or retain relationship with others." [p.27].

Alpha insists that the world is changing, that we are all in the Age of Aquarius, and that this new era is the age of the "spirit." The Age of Pisces is over, says Alpha, and the cognitive age of reason has been overtaken by the age of the "spirit." No longer the WORD of GOD but the SPIRIT is paramount now [Alpha insists]. The Christian Church's definitions that make up their position have been altered! Diaprax lies hidden in the "activities of the moment" in Alpha, these activities are seemingly "evangelism", whilst the real reasons for the group is actually group-life, group-think, consensus and change. To successfully create a "relationship" with unbelievers Alpha compromises and dialogues!

Writes Gotcher:
"In dialogue all one can do is deviate from an original position. This is why Jesus did not dialogue with Satan when tempted by him in the wilderness. Instead He held to His position by quoting 'First Cause,' the scriptures [position sub-phrase], with 'It is written...' and did not respond with 'I think...' or 'I feel...' [definition sub-phrase], Matthew 4:1-11.

Therefore, if we believe that God's Word is true, all we can do is give His definition. We thereby give Him control over our life. If we deviate from it, we give the process of compromise [diaprax - Satan's scheme] control over us. I speak in regard to values, beliefs, and morals, which is what this process concerns itself with." [p.27].

In our training program for forming Alpha groups we were taught that there should be no prayers that were more than a mere sentence prayer, that the only songs should be simple ones that expressed that God was the Creator, not many Bible verses or explanations to be given - but there should be listening to the unbelievers! Lots of this! They should be allowed to express themselves on "what do you feel about God? What do you think about life? and so on." Why would Christians be expected to opt out in this way?  With-holding proper teaching and preaching, prayer and hymns from the unsaved in their midst? The reasons given by the advisers of the Alpha team [trained people who have been programmed from Brompton UK] were pathetically inept! They said this strange way of acting was to give the unsaved a listening ear for once, because they never had anyone to listen to them respectfully, out there in the world. But the real reason I would suggest is a hidden one, the reason is to teach Christians the "art" of dialogue, to teach them to respect other people's views, to make them shift their own positions, to lead them into "tolerance" with other's belief systems, to bring the churches into a less "absolute" way of presenting their "religious" beliefs.

On p.28 of Gotcher's book we read:
"It is evident that Christians with positions of influence in education, business, and politics are having a hard time deciding whose definitions to use. Diaprax is making it easier for them to use definitions most conducive to human relationship building and most likely, they believe, to help them gain or retain respect in the eyes of the community. They believe this will put them in a better position to influence laws in the future. If they have any doubts about where the Word of God stands on the issue, they should read Matthew 10:32-3. He does not approve of this type of reasoning." [p.28].

The reader might reason that surely the church folk who see Alpha as a pleasant tool to reach the unsaved in the community, surely they do not have any thoughts about "influencing laws in the future." No, these might not have such thoughts, but Alpha is not just a local endeavour of happy little people who want to run dinners for the unchurched community members. Alpha has heavy connections to the global Anglican Church, which is united very strongly with the political might of the United Nations; and Alpha is heavily involved with the Vatican's political might as well! Alpha has reinvented the Gospel outreach, and the reasons can easily be seen to be "respect in the eyes of the community" and "a better position to influence laws in the future." The Anglican and Roman Catholic hierarchy want to be "tolerant" and "understanding" of all religious views, and they want the churches to learn proper respect for other group-views.

Alpha encourages the use of questions asked of the unsaved, expecting from them their own answers. But, the unsaved cannot give reasonable answers at all, not one has any answers which we should be listening to. Here Gotcher shows the hidden agenda in this complex process of Diaprax:
"Whoever controls the agenda for deciding the questions that will be asked controls the answers as well. In short 'whoever controls the questions, controls the answers.' This is true whether one is participating in education, business, or government. Socrates was said to have shown a slave owner that his slave had the truth of Pethagorem's theorem already within him, and though a series of questions was able to convince the owner that he did. What Socrates was really doing was controlling the environment of thought, whereby the slave was able to be guided to the only logical conclusion to a presented question. He simply supplied the correct answers to the skilfully laid-out sequence of questions. The answers were in the questions, not in the slave. This questioning is not dealing with 'science according to facts,' but instead is 'science according to Socrates' [Phil Ring]. This is not 'hard' science but 'soft' science where 'hypothesis equals fact' [Tim Clem]. This is 'so called science' [Apostle Paul].

We cannot apply the same principle to answer the questions 'Who am I?' 'Why am I here?' 'Where did I come from?' or 'Where am I going?' without accepting either God's Word as the source for the questions to be asked - or human-reasoning. God, in His Word, only occasionally asks questions to be answered and often those questions provide their own answers. He instead gives us facts [answers] up front to be obeyed. When we come to God and His Word with questions to be answered, it is up to us to search scriptures, not to question them."

Alpha wants to lead the churches into listening to the answers that the unsaved have worked out for themselves, in regard to the very questions dealt with above - "Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What do I think and feel about there being a God or not?" This should never be done! For the Christian Church has been given the mandate to proclaim what GOD has given, FACTS, ANSWERS, TRUTH. Our message is not didactic in nature, it is solid as a rock and divine in power. God does not ask questions of humans which can only be answered by human-reasoning, God gives answers and facts "up front." Alpha wants as well for the unsaved to seek "feelings" and "experiences", not encounter the preaching of solid, unmovable facts and commandments from Almighty God!

The battle for men's souls goes on in our world, stronger than ever in this "New" world of "change" and "feelings" versus facts. Dialectic processes are sweeping the world with Lucifer's lies. It is a form of brainwashing, which is promoting an ideology of "let's all respect one another, and listen to one another, and come to peace together." We cannot follow the God of the Bible if we use methods which are designed to use the Scriptures to facilitate delving into the feelings of the unsaved. Alpha begins on the wrong premise immediately, because it gets the group discussion onto the track of "how do you feel about what the Bible says?" Instead, a Bible study group should be based not on feelings, but on the omnipotent Word of God.

Here are some examples of what this is about:

Reading John 3:16. "What is God telling us here about the Son of God?" "What does the verse state God did because He so loved the world?" "Who can have everlasting life, and not perish, according to John 3:16?"

"How do you feel about the Bible saying God loves us?" "What do you think about Jesus Christ being the Son of God?" "Do you feel that God would really send the rebellious to hell, so that they will perish?"

"Would you have been able to give your son to die for the world?"
"Wasn't that an act which showed unloving, even cruel behaviour on the part of God towards Jesus Christ?"  ÿCould such an act be just?ÿ

The NEW AGE declares in our day that FACT teaching, in any area, church or secular education, is a low level concept. Feeling and value level teaching are supposed to be much higher concepts. THIS IS NOT SO, however. GOD has declared FACTS which we must present to a dying world, if we deny this, we also deny the very Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

People in general tend toward subjective questions which lead to answers which satisfy his/her own feelings of guilt, selfishness, wonder or fear. God has pre-established answers which are designed to question US, so that we can find the salvation and righteousness which alone will give eternal light, satisfaction and Life. We Christians have an enormous job to do, we are to give those questions and answers to the world - with no dialogue or smart techniques of brainwashing compromising the Scriptural message! DIALECTIC and PRAXIS are political in outcome expectations, let us look at the synthesis of the New Age, as described by Dean Gotcher:

"Instead of accepting a black and white world, with its absolute right and wrong answers, they now pursue a grey world where change becomes absolute, truth becomes relative, and deviancy becomes the norm. According to the process, if mankind is to get along, then it will be necessary that everyone develop this same attitude or way of thinking....That is by higher-order thinking skills, experienced in diaprax, that the quest for world harmony and peace is realised. The higher-order thinker should then be able to acknowledge his purpose for being: that of saving man from his divisive, 'hateful,' preset, lower order way of thinking. He will know how to do this through the process of facilitation and diaprax, being able to lead others to their self-actualisation - their freedom. At this final phase the once obedient, facts-based, traditional-structured individual becomes a facilitator or change agent determined to 'help' others come to the realisation that 'the experience of life is compromise,' that only through cosmic unity can peace eventually be established." [p.31}.

Alpha succeeds as a tool because it is a dialectic tool! It works because the unbelievers feel in control, the church people feel in control, but they do not realise that the process is really in control. Alpha works BECAUSE there are no confrontations with sinners as such, because there are no unsettling Bible convictions involved with the presentation, because the sinners who go to Alpha are honoured and given self-esteem - plus a pretty good meal as well!  Alpha works like dialectic works because a unity is achieved without argument, because the Word of God is NOT preached as it should be. Alpha works on an emotional level, a feeling level and an experience level - we all have those, and we humans can relate to one another on that level, so Alpha is a good relationships process. It is a "feel good," self-esteem program. It makes everyone feel good, but if one thinks about it enough, you can see it gives you hardly anything else.

"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:

So shall MY WORD be that goeth forth out of my mouth; and it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."
[Isaiah 55:7-11].

All quotes are from "The Alpha Conference,  Speaker Notes".

Section from page 13-17,  titled "Leading Small Groups."
p.13. The speakers made it clear that the non-believers who attended were "guests" not "learners." The notes say, "with some groups you may never get beyond discussion to Bible Study. This applies especially to groups of non-churchgoers or non-Christians." Here we see a classic dialectic environment - i.e. social gathering, not a ordinary Christian meeting; discussion -orientated,  not Scripturally-orientated.

p.14. Alpha says that GROUPS are ruined by leadership doing the talking, "instead of giving people the freedom to speak and to say what is on THEIR minds." Non-directive, non-preaching group-mind.

p.14. "If you FEEL that the group is NOT READY for BIBLE STUDY but DISCUSSION is not flowing easily, possible QUESTIONS to start discussion can be found in Appendix 1. Two basic questions: What do you THINK? What do you FEEL?"
[emphasis added]. Here we see the subjective, humanistic questioning of the diaprax set-up.

p.14. Speakerÿs instruction was, "don't go to the Bible until everyone is 'ready.ÿ'" Since there are only fifteen sessions in Alpha courses, when can anyone decide when the unbelievers are 'ready?' GOD has given we Christians a mandate to preach the Gospel, not wait for some undefined signal that everyone is "ready." [II Timothy 4:2-4; Romans 10:13,14]. We were instructed to aim at the weakest person in the group, and to not proceed beyond their ability to assimilate. The notes say, "To learn to study the Bible together..." In other words, don't yet study the Bible, just "learn" to do it soon. "Hear God speak. Therefore, DON'T GIVE A TALK. Get OTHERS to do the MAJORITY of the talking." Here again the preaching of the Word of God is gagged, that would be "giving a talk" to the Alpha advisers! How God can "speak" if there is no preaching and Bible teaching is not defined, they possibly mean by the spurious movement of the "Holy Spirit" or through things brought out by the unbelievers "feelings" and "thinking."

p.14. "Even if a Bible study is planned [amazing possibility], give everyone an opportunity to ask questions arising out of the talk or other questions on their minds." Here the speaker, Australian national leader, Mona Carter, who is well-trained from many visits to the Brompton headquarters of Alpha, came out with amazing dialectic, "concepts level" questioning and programming. Is she aware of the hidden agenda? Who can tell? From my own notes on her lecture:
"SOMETIMES, she says, if all people in the group are Christians, they do the Bible studies in the BACK of the manual. 'There are no right answers' she says. 'Even if people speak up real heresy, 'try to encourage them, anyway' she says. 'Don't squash people.' Here is the dialectic pattern again, there are no absolutes presented. The absolute Word of God is confined, it succumbs in the midst of the diaprax session.

p.15. Notes give the "fact level" questions a firm by-pass! The "concepts level" and "values level" questions are used to get everyone to DISCUSS, not to LISTEN to what God has shown in His revelation to man! On p.15. Alpha even uses direct dialectic and praxis terms:
"Ask OPEN-ENDED question, e.g. 'What?', 'How?', 'Who?' and 'Why?' Not CLOSED QUESTIONS [yes/no answers]." Notice that this by-passes effectively ABSOLUTES of God's Word. The same page makes sure that all real prayer, by leaders or "guests" is cut out, this would give GOD, as First Cause, a top-billing, but in dialectic environments the "first cause" must have its authority broken, and be set aside. The speaker said here, "don't say grace before meals, it might embarrass people." She also taught, "No long prayers, they are a put-off. Just pray, Lord, thank you for the weather, or something simple like that. Just let people pray, don't you pray."

On asking questions at the group dinners. Note that the majority of the questions are NOT fact level questions, they are concepts/feeling level and values level questions. Compare back to the chart on these in this critique:

"1. Who is Jesus?
a.  What are people's FEELINGS about Jesus?
b. If you had a chance to meet Him, how would you FEEL?
c. Before you heard the talk [?] tonight, what was your CONCEPT of Jesus?

2. Why did Jesus die?
a. What is YOUR REACTION to the crucifixion?
b. Do you FEEL that sin is an outdated CONCEPT or is it something you THINK about?
c. How do you RESPOND to the word sin and the word forgiveness?

3. How can I be sure of MY faith?
a. What would you write on a form where it asked your religion?
b. Do YOU ASSOCIATE love or fear with God?
c. When it is said that Christ will make a change in YOUR character, how do YOU FEEL?

The suggested questions go on over a few pages, all are based on the concepts/feelings level, values level, NOT on the FACTS LEVEL of God's Absolutes as presented in the Word of God.

These sort of questions that Alpha leads people to ask are really only the old temptation of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, "hath God said?" The OUTCOME which is being programmed for both unbeliever and churchgoer is to substitute one's own feelings, values and reasoning for God's proclaimed and revealed Truth. For instance, instead of preaching or teaching the truth about God answering prayer, guiding His Blood-bought children, having a plan for individuals who respond to Him and accept Christ as Saviour, Alpha presents questions which make it seem all right for people to DOUBT and QUESTION GOD! Read these horror questions for yourself, think about the implications, and see beneath the surface the devious, clever mind of the Serpent. One can only imagine what answers the unsaved would give in an Alpha session to these questions! [p.48]:

"If you ever pray, do you think someone is listening?"
"How do you feel about being guided by God?"
"How do you respond to the idea of God having a plan for individual people?"

Now look at the questions on the same page about the supernatural world of the Evil One. GOD has shown us what the fallen world and the evil angels and Satan are really all about, He has shown us in the Scriptures, yet Alpha asks these questions, which are NOT fact level, of the unsaved person. Remember that Alpha asks 'open ended' questions, there are supposed to be no right or wrong answers::

"Do YOU BELIEVE  in the supernatural/ black magic/the occult?"
"Have YOU A CONCEPT of the devil?"
"Have you ever THOUGHT about the existence of a power of evil?"
"Do YOU SEE the mess in the world as a result of us, evil power...?

These questions are not the same as application questions, a Biblical application question leads on to the knowledge of what the Bible declares, they do not lead on to what humans think, feel, have concepts of, doubt about or disbelieve about.

The Christian Gospel is about the Bible questioning man about his sin, rebellion and rejection of the Saviour. Man is never called by God to question His precepts and Sovereign declarations. II Corinthians 10:3-5 puts it like this:

"For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: [for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;] casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ."

Dean Gotcher has these words to say, to alert and challenge the Christians in these awesomely deceptive days of brain-washing, New Age tactics:

"Higher-order thinking in morals is nothing more than man justifying sin.
When it comes to one's position on God's Word the Christian cannot go through the definition sub-phrase of diaprax using 'I think,' or 'I feel,' without weakening or destroying their faith. The use of 'It is written' during this sub-phrase may well cost the Christian the respect of those in the group, but it is the only way the Christian can stay loyal to his belief and his position in God and His Word.

To move into the realm of  'I think' or 'I feel' on matters of  'It is written' is folly. Many Christians have fallen prey. While numerous Scriptures come to mind, one in particular applies directly to diaprax - I Timothy 6:20-21. The Apostle Paul warned Timothy not to participate in 'opposition' [actual Greek word used is antithesis] 'of so called science whereby many have lost their faith' [so called science is Paul's reference to the dialectic process]. It doesn't get any clearer than that. One cannot participate in diaprax and keep their faith in God.

If you reject God as the 'First Cause' or the purpose for your life, you are doomed to the life of diaprax. You have based the cause for your existence upon your own wisdom and are bound to the cosmos and its impending judgement. You are worshipping the created rather than the Creator and are bound to Life-Long Learning without hope of coming to a true understanding of what life is really all about."

["The Dialectic and Praxis: by Dean Gotcher, p. 46].

Alpha is being used as a weapon against Christianity, yet the people of Christendom, at the end of this millennium, are overwhelmingly deceived by this cunning program! Where will you stand reader, with Godÿs Word and its fearless proclamation, or with those who walk in darkness? [I John 1: 5-7].

"For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water." [Jere. 2: 13].
Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch

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