by W. B. Howard...Editor of Despatch
* First release early 1990s...update will be attempted, when time permits.
A New Age Weapon against you!
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The Conflict Resolution Network of the New Age has made its presence known from Switzerland to Sydney, from Toowoomba to Timbuctoo! Most of the earth’s victims actually welcome Conflict Resolution, not realizing what the network really is! The world-wide impact of this international initiative is beyond comprehension, as it spreads from person to person, city to city, country to country.


What it is, who devised it, why is it in everything like salt and pepper? Is there a more sinister side to “C.R.” than the average trusting soul on the street imagines? In this day of international intrigue, national betrayal, power-plays and smart-aleck deceptions, it would be very wise of the reader to find out for themselves. This is the aim of this booklet, to enlighten you, an alert from Christians who serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and honour God’s Word, the Bible.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION - where is it found, what organizations are pushing it?

CONFLICT RESOLUTION - what is it all about?

CONFLICT RESOLUTION - who is behind it?

The Conflict Resolution network is a Peace Initiative of the United Nations, launched in 1986 for the International Year
of Peace. The United Nations Assoc. of Australia has commented...

The skills of Conflict Resolution include the famous “Win-Win” philosophy, both combatants in conflict getting what they need, both combatants WINNING!

People all have different “values”, according to C.R., these make conflict unavoidable.

In Australia the co- convenors of C.R, are Helena Cornelius and Dr. Keith Suter.
Stella Cornelius is the director of Peaceful Relations Strategies, Shoshana Faire is also a leading facilitator.

Sixty odd “MEDIATORS” have been trained in Queensland alone, to make up a task-force of those "skilled”
in the C.R. philosophies. These mediators are already being used to negotiate in small disputes, for example between neighbours or in family squabbles.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION NETWORK aims at using THE MEDIA, trained in C.R. programs, to be “mediators”
on a grand public scale.

JUSTICE Michael Kirby, speaking on an A.B.C. tape which teaches C.R., showed a spontaneous burst of disquiet
when he exclaimed, “that sounds like a BIG BROTHER MEDIA”, when Helena Cornelius talked of her dream for a MEDIATOR MEDIA here in Australia! Kirby could well be right. The New Agers in this country intend to use the N.W.O. controlled media to, not only show the problems in society, but to present the solutions, using Conflict Resolution techniques.

THE C.R. NETWORK is not a minor matter, it is a problem which should concern all those who value freedom,
are training in C.R., and are spreading this poisonous brew, in preference to preaching God’s truth. If you love the
Lord Jesus Christ, an evaluation must be made of the alien philosophy, C.R..


There are many worthwhile CONCLUSIONS reached in C.R, which are really only good common sense.
The different teachings which lead people out of conflict into determination to “do something” about their problems.

Such as...

Mapping out the needs of both sides of the dispute;

Focusing on the solution instead of playing power games;

Leading those in conflict to consider giving away some of their own demands for rights in order to
meet the needs of the other party;

Doing away with the idea that if someone else wins, then” I” must lose.

And a number of other concepts which are quite sensible.

Satan never presents his lies without some “good” to act as sugar to coat the pill.
Who would accept the lies, if all was “bad” without a seducing, subtle covering?

There is so much wrong that one could almost make a blanket statement about it like “EVERYTHING”,
because even the “good” areas lead into the “bad” eventually! What is wrong can only be summed up, but a list
could go like this...

1... C.R. has the hidden agenda of the New Age New World Order woven into every part of its fabric. All the “save the earth”, “One World One Mind” doctrines, “disarm”, “trust the United Nations”, “form a One World Government”, “the green-house effect”, “values clarification”, “the deep ecology beliefs” - the whole gamut of New Age indoctrination is presented in C.R. “skills”.

2... C.R. is based on the beliefs that MANKIND has the answers within, and GOD is not needed, nor is Christ Jesus
and His Salvation. The problems with human relations, on a inter- national or personal level, are seen as being UNRESOLVED CONFLICT, the ANSWER being for people TO RESOLVE these conflicts. PEACE will come,
if we can all resolve conflicts, insists C.R.

The above statement would only come true if people everywhere would turn from their sin, and come back to God, through the Lord Jesus Christ. THE NEW AGE NETWORK, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, would certainly acknowledge “a god” in a sense, but the “god” is NOT the God of the Bible, it is the New Age version of “god”,
the impersonal “force” or “energy”.

CHRIST JESUS is THE PRINCE of PEACE, there is no peace for those who reject Him as Saviour and Lord. “...
saying Peace, peace, when there is no peace.” (Jer.6:14) “The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgement
in their going; they have made them crooked paths; whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.” (Isa. 59:8).

3... Conflict Resolution is NOT just a secular psychological training program, it is NEW AGE RELIGIOUS TRAINING! Hindu philosophy, Martial Arts beliefs, Silva Mind Control techniques, Jungian psychology, Eastern Mysticism, Yoga breathing, meditation, centering, altered consciousness and even more are all taught by C.R.. ALL of these are NEW AGE religion!

4... C.R. teaches the terrifying ENERGY or FORCE beliefs of the N.W.O. Antichrist system! God warns of this Latter Day “god of forces” in the Book of Daniel (Dan. 11:38). ”THE SHADOW SIDE of us binds the energies,” teaches C.R., “we are only energy, that’s all we are.” No, reader, we are NOT made of an impersonal “force” or “energy”, we were created by the Lord God Almighty, we owe our existence to HIM.

5... C.R. teaches the “WIN-WIN” concept, that is the belief that conflict resolution should aim at having everybody’s needs met. What we really have here, when the concept develops past the everyday squabbles of individuals into the conflicts on an international scale, is DESTRUCTION OF GOD’S JUSTICE. Why is this so? Because JUSTICE, in dealing with disagreements, is replaced with NEEDS GRATIFICATION. The populace of the world is actually being trained in “skills” which will be used to cause them to accept the totalitarian, evil rule of an occult N.W.O., which hates
the laws of God. The law of... “Do as though wilt shall be the whole law”, espoused by the Satanists, is seen in the enlarged concept of, “Win-Win”. No longer “right and wrong” but how can we all be satisfied in this resolving of conflict.

6...C.R. is NOT just a training program for peace amongst family members, neighbours and local organizations. C.R. is a global-wide network, massive in its influence which has immense political crunch. New Age socialists, World Federalists, the Club of Rome, the Secret Brotherhood of the N.W.O., New Age communities and facilitators in power here in Australia and throughout the world, Luciferian networks - all are caught up with this evil C.R. network. And no wonder, because it originated at WINDSTAR, the New Age centre in the USA, directors JOHN DENVER and THOMAS CRUM, who are New Age international leaders.

7...Conflict Resolution has political “heavies” pulling the strings from behind the scenes. C.R. peddles the cart for organizations of New Age world-changers, groups who are ANTI-CHRISTIAN, and which worship Hindu gods,
adore the earth Goddess, Gaia, invoke the “masters” to bring about the Luciferian “Plan” on the earth, and who are subversively seeking to usher in THE AQUARIAN AGE.

Just a few of those who control and push the Conflict Resolution HORROR DECEPTION are..

ORGANIZATIONS which spawned C.R....


C.R. insists that all must appreciate that everyone has their own “values”, and these differences often cause conflict.
We must learn to “let people hold the beliefs and values we do not believe in” , say the C.R. Trainers. Now this is a really loaded statement, when one realizes that here is NOT just an instruction for Mums and Dads in a family situation. Remember that C.R. is impacting schools, colleges, the business world, governments, nations in international dispute and is immensely political. C.R. is teaching, from the grass-roots level upwards, the “skill” of MERGER, merging all religions into ONE, all belief systems into ONE. UNITY AND DIVERSITY. C.R. tells its victims that beliefs and “values” are subjective and relative, live and let live, there are NO ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, NO ABSOLUTES ABOUT RIGHT
OR WRONG. It is all what one CHOOSES to believe!

The Conflict Resolution has no real SIN or WRONG DOING. The occultist, follower of poltergeists, channeller,
Carl Jung, psycho - therapist, is much admired by C.R. trainers.

SIN is seen by Jung as... “THE SHADOW part of us which we deny”, “the unconscious dumping its stuff.”

The answer to SIN becomes acknowledging MY NEED. The answer for everybody else’s sin?
MEET THEIR NEEDS! Why would society deal out JUSTICE to poor suffering ones who are not SINNING, not DOING WRONG, but are only expressing THEIR NEEDS, which should be met!

The VICTIM then, must grant to those who are in CONFLICT with them their rights to their own beliefs,
own values, and the right to have their NEEDS met. Remember, C.R. is in jails!

This ideology about “values” which is exploding through society today, is turning people into SELF orientated, FEELING-BASED, New Age mind-set ONE WORLDERS. Instead of learning to base their lives on the wonderful
facts of God’s Word, the Bible, they base their lives on decisions made by FEELINGS. Not what does God say, but what do I feel.

Is your answer for this life and for all Eternity, The Lord Jesus Christ and God’s Word - or is it the New World Order’s perverted “Win-Win”? Do you follow the instructions in God’s Word which lead to peace and joy - or will you accept the NWO’s false “peace” plans?

Will you say “NO!” to all efforts to subversively cause destruction to JUSTICE and ABSOLUTE TRUTH - or will you passively join forces with those who would teach the whole world that there are no EVILS only NEEDS? Occultists who teach the Luciferic ideas that peace can come through right resolving of conflict, not through repentance, receiving Christ and yielding to the Almighty, Sovereign rule of God.





1... On a relationship, person-to- person level.

To begin, I would like to describe a scene in a school-room. The teacher is trained in C.R., her motives are praise-worthy. Don’t read my comment at first, evaluate the philosophy behind the application of C.R. for yourself initially, after biblical standards. (Our thanks to Kathleen Hayes, `Trumpet' , for the idea behind this outline.)

SCENE...A school - room.
Two primary school girls, Jane and Sue.
The Teacher... Miss Jones.


Miss Jones.... “Jane, did you complete your homework assignment?”
Jane ... ............“Yes, Miss Jones.”
Miss Jones... ..“Sue, have you completed yours?”
Sue.................. “Yes, Miss Jones.”
Jane..................[with hand up]
.........................“Please Miss, Sue didn’t do her homework, she took my book before school and copied mine.”
Miss Jones..... “Sue, is this true?”
Sue... ...............“Yes Miss Jones. But I wanted to watch a T.V. show last night and I couldn’t get my homework done.
..........................I needed Jane’s homework."
.........................“She stole my work, she is a thief.”
Miss Jones... ..“Just a minute, Jane, we should meet to resolve this. Both be in my office after classes this afternoon.”

Miss Jones........ “We need to resolve this conflict... I hope you girls will co-operate."
.............................[The girls are instructed to sit facing each other, knees touching.]
Miss Jones......... “Jane, can you see where Sue is coming from?”
Jane... ................“Yes, she is a cheat and a thief.”
Miss Jones.........“What have you to say to that, Sue?”
Sue.................... “I needed that homework, I hadn’t done mine.”
Miss Jones........ “Jane, can you see Sue’s need?”
Jane................... “No. She is a thief.”
Miss Jones.........“Jane can you see you are injuring Sue here, spoiling her self-image?
............................Will you co-operate by making Sue a winner in this conflict?”
Jane................... “No. She was wrong, my mother says we shouldn’t cheat.”
Miss Jones........ “Can you see that Sue had a need and her self image is more important than what your mother thinks?
............................What do you say now?”
Jane................... “Sue is a cheat.”
Miss Jones.........“Sue are you ready to end the conflict?”
Sue..................... “Yes, Miss Jones.”
Miss Jones.........“Are you Jane?”
Jane................... “But she is a thief!”
Miss Jones.........“Jane, you must come to my office every night this week until you learn to co-operate.
............................You have a great deal to learn about resolving conflict.”

2... On a Church/Religion level.

The New Age NWO wants to merge all religions into One, Unity and Diversity, Syncretism. This means that the expression of the Christian towards any pagan, occult, cultish, Satanic or anti-biblical organization or religion which is “judgemental” in the eyes of the New Age is considered detrimental to world peace! In the “Win-Win” concept, the Christian Church will be expected to allow ANY religion to have their “own values and own beliefs”, and to actively help them in any “conflict” of doctrine et al, to WIN!

God, however, plainly declares...

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me....thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them...” (Exodus 20:3-5).

The evils of the religions of the world are revealed in Romans chapter one (read the whole chapter)...

“Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain
in their imagination, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (Rom.1: 21-22).

The Christian Church is called of God to expose the works of darkness, not to help them WIN. “Win-Win” can never work on a religious level because there IS evil, there IS error, there IS counterfeit religion and there IS Satanic delusion which must be fought, not accepted and encouraged.

“If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house,
neither bid him God speed. For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” (11 John 10-11).

3...The international level of nations and the UN.

On the international level, the United Nations is the main weapon of war being waged against a sleepy, apathetic, trusting world populace. The would-be world rulers, the Secret Brotherhood of the New World Order, the World Federalists, the powerful, fantastically wealthy elite, wants to make their soon-coming take-over smooth and peaceful. To do so, it is imperative that the populace be trained, like animals, in the correct attitude to that take-over. Conflict Resolution is one of the major “skills” which are being used to prime the masses into non-violent compliance with the NWO Plan. That is why it is being taught to millions across the planet, the numbers are growing like a plague!

Imagine this scenario. A national government wishes to reject the UNITED NATIONS’ regime, and the Global Village concept. They are instructed to implement the “skills” of C.R.. They must let the “Win-Win” principle reign supreme,
there is no rights or wrongs, only needs. The world “needs” the take-over, in order to save the planet. There is no
“wrong” philosophies, aggressive resistance is denounced as peace-destroying. The VICTIMS of the conquest by the
UN dictators become, by this process, the evil protagonists who refuse the “Win-Win” peace action.


4...On a legal level, for all the global society.

In the NEW WORLD, the society will make its own “LAW”... after its own “values”.

One simply cannot “win”, in reality, if law and order are to be maintained. A criminal is WRONG, not NEEDY!
He/she may quite well BE needy, but that is not the conflict with society and God, the conflict is DOING WRONG.
Of course the murderer cannot “win” if justice prevails, he/she must be punished for their wrong against society,
the Lord God Almighty has commanded that it be so.

Society cannot allow the criminal to escape punishment, and “win”, society
must bring justice, “ a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” (Verse 4).
Even if a criminal repents before God, and receives Jesus Christ as their Saviour, they must take the just punishment
of society’s law in this world. Only thus can law and order be kept.

Can you really imagine the concepts of “allowing everyone their own values and beliefs” to apply to a sexual pervert,
who becomes a child-abuser and killer? How could such a person be allowed to “win”, or to have his “needs” met
(unless there was repentance and a turning to God, who could meet the spiritual needs, of course).


HELENA CORNELIUS and STELLA CORNELIUS constantly travel to countries across the planet, they liaise with
UN officials, New World Order global workers and Australian activists who are working for New Age “change”.
These leaders, working with Club of Rome member, Dr. Keith Suter, Wesley Mission, Uniting Church, are not the lily-white innocents that they are painted to be! The Pegasus Network, computer network of the New Agers, mentions their names quite often, also the C.R. organization appears constantly on EarthNet conferences.


The C.R. network makes good use of simple, down-to-earth examples to get across their message. Stories are used to teach their “skills” which lull the duped into feeling safe, non-threatened, and in familiar territory. The examples in C.R. are about daughters who want to borrow Mum’s blouse, or two children wanting the last orange, or back-chat over the evening meal with Dad. This style of communication is a well-used one in the New Age New World Order indoctrination process. These agents view us as “the masses” the “peasants”, and treat us to the style of communication which suits us best, which will lead us into ONE MIND pleasantly and easily.




`Despatch' ...Extracts

"Do you want a better way... to resolve conflict?"



The Conflict Resolution Network is a Peace Program of the United Nations Association (Australia). It is a national campaign to develop, reach, and implement conflict resolution skills for personal and professional effectiveness. Simple Guide to Resolving Conflict...

“DO YOU WANT A BETTER WAY TO RESOLVE CONFLICT?”: The title “conflict resolution” has become a common designation these days for the process of problem solving. Many groups and individuals have adopted the basic principles of “conflict resolution” in its various forms also. The ideology behind this C.R. seems noble enough at first glance - confrontation should cease, solutions can be found and the combatants should all be winners! Seems terrific, and the majority would agree that this is what the world needs now, I suggest we look very carefully at “conflict resolution” .

To begin, I would like to describe a scene in a school-room. The teacher is trained in C.R., her motives are praise - worthy. Don’t read my comment at first, evaluate the philosophy behind the application of C.R. for yourself initially,
after biblical standards... ...Article already included earlier..

a programme from U.N.A.A. is a PEACE PROGRAMME of the United Nations.

It is supposed to provide a

The C.R.N. courses and training programmes are extremely well organized.
The skills are set out under twelve headings:

In New York recently, Helena and Stella Cornelius taught a seminar in Conflict Resolution skills to middle level professionals at the U.N. During this time, a Candaian Conflict Resolution colleague, Ernest Tannis from Ontatrio, Canada, flew in to meet them to hold discussions on possiblities of a UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION - "UNICRY"

BY ‘THE RELAXATION CENTRE’ BRISBANE, 1990. Sunday 8th April, 1990, 9.00 am- 5.00 pm.

"Conflict Resolution FOLLOW-UP DAY Christine Macdonald, Barbara Winter and Philip Ashford. For those
who have COMPLETED the full Conflict Resolution Course, this is a one-day follow-up session. We will discuss additional techniques and explore in more detail previously covered material. Tuesday 17th April, 1990, 7.15 pm - 10.00 pm. Conflict Resolution. Christine Macdonald, Barbara Winter and Philip Ashford. Conflict is a natural part of life.
It’s how we handle it that makes the difference. This seven-week course will show you how to gain more effective ways
to manage conflict. It will provide you with techniques for better communication, greater self-confidence for dealing with conflict situations and practical problem-solving skills for personal effectiveness. This course is about participation and offers a living and practical approach for better, more rewarding relationships, both at home and at work. Fee: $50 including material. Booking essential. N.B. - we already have advanced courses!"...(end of Advert.)

The HUMANISTIC ideals are obvious of course in all this C.R. initiative, but the dangers are enormous as we contemplate the whole programme before God. As humanists and Christians, Marxists and occultists combine to find out how everyone can win, righteousness and evil, justice and injustice, repentance and rebellion merge into a grey mist of confusion. Here we have again the Hindu idea that good and evil are meaningless terms, all is One and equally of value. The New Age connections are shown blatantly on the literature available on C.R. Such N.A.M. heavies as John Denver, the Assistant Secretary-General of the U.N., Dr. James Jonah, DK Prakismani of Global Co-operation for a Better World etc. are all quoted in the literature. How about this quote from the information that John Denver supports C.R.:

“Windstar" (Denver Foundation in Colorado) will create a series of inspirational events. These include the MAGIC OF CONFLICT and HIGHER GROUND. THE MAGIC OF CONFLICT, with Tom Crum, supports people and organisations in seeing conflict as a magical opportunity to grow and to strengthen their lives and relationships. HIGHER GROUND educates people about some of the specifics relating to population, hunger, the ARMS RACE, the environment, society and human issues.” JOHN DENVER SUPPORTS C.R. Tom Crum and Tyler Norris, Windstar Director, will be here in Australia in April 1989 to run workshops.

C.R. is an associate course with PEACE STUDIES. Peace Studies are virtually an initiative to produce passivity, non resistance, a “lie down and give up” mentality. In the Conflict Resolution material, letters to the editor, put out in 1989, a Professor Benjamin Ferenoz has an interesting letter extolling the virtues of C.R. Important work for world peace ...
"You have succeeded in infiltrating the arena where Conflict Resolution techniques are most sorely needed...We are all passengers on a small planet..." writes Prof. Ferenoz. He comments in the letter on the delight of seeing the editor
(Liz Ferguson, NEW AGER) and Helena Cornelius, NEW AGER (a director) at the United Nations.

One of the conveners of this programme in Australia is DR. KEITH SUTER, who pops up everywhere...
Lectures at Theosophy meetings, a New World Order man, U.N. Official, high in social service work in the Uniting Church here in Australia and writes for New Age magazines in this country etc.

Conflict Resolution, a new area of study for universities, is now available at Macquarie University for the first time this
year and is being taught within the School of History, Philosophy and Politics by Dr. Greg Tillen.
“More than thirty students have enrolled”. Dr. Tillen commented. “Conflict Resolution is interdisciplinary, drawing material from a range of areas, including psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics, law, management philosophy, history and social work.” ....the United Nation’s Association of Australia has long sought recognition at tertiary levels of conflict resolution as an interdisciplinary subject, highly relevant to many professions.
....the Conflict Resolution Foundation at Macquarie University, among the objects of the Foundation are:

Conflict Resolution is the creation of THE INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION NETWORK of the U.N. aiming at making a society non-resisting, willing to want peace at any price - and to evolve sitting ducks!

Our society is permeated now with this humanistic, world-war three weapon. Everyone is getting in the act, from Women’s Mental Health groups to Universities and churches. The ATTORNEY GENERAL, Dean Wells, is very
much involved. BUT, the biggest blow to freedom yet infiltrated into this country so far by C.R. are the “MEDIATORS”.

The State Government is appointing 60 “MEDIATORS” in Queensland who will be stationed in various areas all over
this State to `help’ those in conflict to resolve. T.A.F.E. will be used to train Mediators for the purpose of inflicting C.R. on our population.

Can you picture the day when your non-Christian neighbour and yourself have a disagreement, and the neighbour calls
for the Mediators to resolve the conflict? Do you imagine that justice, as you know it, will prevail?

How about school, work-place, social, family and even church conflicts? How are you going to like mediators being
called in to resolve the problems? Can you imagine righteousness, or prayer, or even fairness coming to the fore?

As men contemplate the horror of what the increased knowledge of mankind can create, the ever increasing moral decadence which mankind indulges in (and the resultant plagues brought upon this planet), the obvious havoc brought about by the very nature of man shown blood-red in the violence of this globe in rebellion - then the citizens of planet earth want PEACE. Peace between neighbours, peace in families, and peace between countries. They have all had enough! BUT, no peace is possible without PEACE WITH GOD through our Lord Jesus Christ! And rejection of the Saviour continues.

The Lord God is saying:

THE WHOLE WORLD is beginning to cry, peace and safety!
Unheard of changes are happening world-wide. The Communist bloc is seething with enormous upheavals which will not be recognisable to any of us. Gorbachev, rising into power heralded by the world as the man of the century - a man of peace, is gaining dictatorship potential which equals the messiah! Make no mistake, Conflict Resolution has everything to do with this world peace.

What this world really needs is...

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man, Christ Jesus." (1 Timothy 2:5).


C.R. skills are gradually moving into the schools. Here are details of contact with a few schools we know about, but there are probably quite a few more that we might hear about for the next newsletter...

Jan Burnley of the International School at North Ryde, Sydney organised a conference on Conflict Resolution, Keynote Speaker was Professor Dalson from Victoria.

Angela Rossmanith also of the International School, is introducing C.R. skills to 50 students there. They are training to pilot a peer-modification scheme which has been adapted to suit Australian schools from a U.S. model. She is also training teachers who will be involved in putting the scheme into practice in the first weeks of Term Four. She is very pleased with the support the scheme is receiving and has promised to report in its success in the next newsletter, which would be invaluable.

She is already receiving reports that some students labelled as troublemakers by some teachers have been noticed by those same teachers to have improved their general attitude enormously. It confirms our theory that troublesome kids are often kids with a very high standard of fairness. They see what is unfair but before conflict resolution skills, didn’t know how to fix it appropriately.

At Gosford High School, an Approved Studies Course in “Communications” is being planned for Year 11 next year,
one of its four major components being a section on Conflict Resolution.

In State schools, a big step forward is the Department’s recognition of C.R. workshops as an acceptable way to spend
a Staff-Development Day.

Pupil welfare, staff welfare and a “new look” at the vexed topic of discipline, are all areas where a C.R. day would be invaluable. If you are reading this and would like to organise such a day for your school your regional Staff Development consultant would be able to tell you how to go about it. Infants learn to use C.R. Skills. Lyn Marks, Counsellor at the Emanuel School at Randwick, is excited at the progress being made to introduce C.R. skills to both staff and pupils.
She organised an in-service program for the staff and with their input has designed a program feasible for the school. Emphasis at the moment is in the Infants School in the Social Studies curriculum. It will also be included in the peer support program in High School. This means that Year 9 will have Conflict Resolution at the end of 1987 in their 3 day peer support training. Then in 1988 they will be ready to implement Conflict Resolution in their work with Year 7.
She is also planning to use C.R. in their Personal Development programme for year 9.

Across the road, at Randwick High School, Jenny Moalin is also in action with a Conflict Resolution program for teachers. She will be introducing Conlict Resolution into Personal Development in 1988.

Susan Russell and Ros Strong ran a workshop for teachers at Belmore North Primary School.

Let’s not forget to mention the Curriculum Development materials being produced by Frank Hutchinson and crew in the Department of Education. Once published these will make a very significant contribution to peace education using a cross curricula approach.

Anne Spruce who recently attended the Teachers’ workshop in early October has reported immediate success in introducing C.R. skills into their Personal Development classes with several low year 9 groups. She is using the Starter Class Exercises - you can purchase these from the C.R. Head Office for $3 - and finding how well the classes respond to making their own discoveries about resolving conflict situations. “The kids have welcomed this new approach”, Anne says, “because they themselves recognise how much conflict they have in their lives - conflicts with their friends, their peers, their teachers, their parents and the community”. Anne is also finding that other members of her staff are wanting to find out about Conflict Resolution in the classroom. The list goes on and on. What a joy to have so much to report that we can’t report it all.

PHOTOGRAPHS OF TRAINERS IN C.R.N. [not included here] & Respective Comments...


HELENA CORNELIUS - PROGRAM DIRECTOR. Many years of experience as a prominent company director, counsellor, teaching psychologist and mediator. Her visionary perspective is the core of the rapid growth of The Network.

STELLA CORNELIUS - A.O., O.B.E., Convenor, has had a lifetime’s experience in management, marketing and community service. Stella spearheads the media and international aspect of the work. Her genius lies in applying the C.R. approach to the world’s political and community problems.

SHOSHANA FAIRE - Associate-Director, teaches C.R. in Australia and the U.S. She combines her enthusiasm with her ability to empower individuals and organisations. Shoshana also teaches the skills of negotiation, presentation, meetings, facilitation and team building.

LIZ. FERGUSON - A high school teacher and mother of three, runs weekend workshops in C.F. on the Central Coast and Newcastle. She sees this work as part of her contribution to a world that wants and values the enthusiastic response she gets to C.R. skills.

CHRISTINE JAMES - years in both show business and commercial business give her a creative and dynamic style. She leads seminars for business groups and community organisations and practices privately as a hypno-therapist and conflict counsellor.

CHRISTINA McMAHON - has 14 years’ experience in education as teacher, Department Head and Curriculum Co-ordinator. Her personal search for growth and development assists her to offer dynamic, powerful and insightful courses, especially for students, parents and educators. ZORICA RAPAICH - a trainer with the Health Department. Her expertise lies in Conflict Resolution Skills for the Work-place where policy change is being planned and implemented. Her social interest are in women’s issues and relevant C.R. application.

ANGELA ROSSMANITH - teaches the skills of C.R. to teens, parents and teachers. He special interests are people and human potential. She enjoys interviewing people in depth for media profiles and regularly expands on the skills of C.R. in her column ‘People and Relationships in Nature & Health’.


Conflicts resolved on Housing Estates...

Stephanie Pillora, social worker in an community - based organisation, the Peninsular Estates Network, funded by the Department of Housing is putting C.R. skills to use in five housing estates in the southern Randwick area of Sydney.

She described the problems faced in these estates: "Neighbourhood disputes are common, particularly conflict between the older and younger members of the estates. Police are often called in with complaints of noise, loud music, harassment, fast cars and motor-bikes etc."

Realising that no positive work in the community would be achieved until conflicts were resolved, Stephanie initiated in one of the estates series of interviews that culminated in a meeting between older and younger members. In Stephanie's words... "It was my first attempt at negotiation-and it worked!" Each side stated it grievances and then each made a commitment to start working together. Now the older people are supporters of a move by the younger group to get a youth centre established and they are also involved in running youth activities in the holidays. The police are also impressed with the changes. They are used to throwing up their hands in despair at the vandalism costing the Department of Housing thousands of dollars each week. Now they are finding that in the estates where young people are trying to organise themselves vandalism has been reduced. Older residents, too, are find that instead of punitive action and calling in the police, talking with the young people always produces results.

Stephanie is also incorporating C.R. skills in a training course she is at present drawing up for resident committees on the estates...This is linked Conflict Resolution in action !

C.R. & Bikies...
In the dispute involving the bikies both police and Council were having difficulties making a significant impact on the situation. John McCarthy was invited in to mediate between the residents and the bikies. The task is not an easy one. Dislike by the residents towards the bikies is inordinately high and so far has made open communication impossible. John would love to hear any suggestions you've got.

Taxation...The Australian taxation office is bruhing up its image. Conflict Resolution techniques are rapidly changing the way staff relate to each other and to the public.. 

hA publication of the Peace Studies Curriculum Group has devoted their March issue to Conflict Resoulution. The emphasis is on Conflict Resolution in schools and icludes Conflict Resolution through crosswords using a word/graph grid and an interesting simulation exercise for senior, secondary and TAFE students.

Orgainsations invited to participate...C.R.

MEDIATORS... re info anti-biblical conflict resolution `Despatch'...March,1991...p.23

How does Mediation Work?

1. Contact the Community Dispute Resolution Service by telephone and discuss the case with the Co-ordinator.
2. The Service will then contact the other party by letter, followed up by a phone call. If both parties agree to mediation, the mediation session will be scheduled within 10 days at a time convenient to both parties. Sessions can be scheduled for daytime, evening or weekend.
3. At the mediation session each party will have the opportunity to tell their side without interruption. Our trained mediators will help the parties discuss their differences and will work with them to explore all the options for a possible solution.
4. When the parties reach a settlement, the mediators will write out an agreement. The Agreement is signed by both parties and is considered a contract that both parties decide to honour.

Lismore Neighbourhood Centre

We Offer..... a process for settling disputes that helps you negotiate an agreement both sides can accept. With mediation, there need be no winner or loser. Everyone comes out ahead. We also provide: Learning course for professional organisations, community groups and youth organisations in -

... Remember above is only an example ....
Courses even run in Macquarie University and a Melbourne Bible College! -
~ see below ~



"GRAVE NEW WORLD" ... by Kathleen R. Hayes and S. Smith.

"....The second way to prepare students for one-worldism is by training them in CONFLICT RESOLUTION. It has gained wide acceptance in school districts across America. What many people are unaware of is that it generally begins with the practice of centering - sometimes a deceptive synonym for meditation. It is accepted that once an individual is in a meditative trance or an altered state of consciousness, he is more susceptible to suggestion and to compromise. The other feature of Conflict Resolution is to break ego barriers. Ego is seen as a block to sharing. So, first the disputants are centred, meaning they are relaxed and calmed down or very open to suggestion. Next, they learn that any effort to hold out or resist is a sign of an out-of-proportion ego that must be trimmed down.

In the book "Creative Conflict", Author, Christopher Hills has written... “If we began using Creative Conflict (conflict resolution) in schools, businesses, families, small groups, eventually it would filter into our society and into our government. How much more fulfilled we could be if that could happen NOW! But how impossible when resistance among strong, entrenched egos abound."

A sense of self preservation is a built-in device which enables us to be spontaneous, alert and operating with a greater presence of mind. But New Agers do not want that. They want an open mind, receptive, anxious to avoid confrontation, totally trusting and certainly not logical." ... extract only !

Extract...`Despatch'...June,1991...p.41... from article re.

Children at Extreme Risk. by Dennis Postle CONFLICT RESOLUTION...with the compromises entailed in order to bring about a “Win Win” resolution lead into the denial of Godly absolutes and justice. Here again self-esteem on both sides is seen as the greatest need and benefit for all - and of course, peace at any price. Emotional competence is needed, we read, to create a new form of compromise called “synergy”. This technique is elaborated upon with maps and charts and action plans. All quite confusing; very hard for an average person to evaluate (impossible for a non-Christian without the Word of God as a light), it appears good sense and professional..."

Letter from Queensland Catholic Education Commission.

1st Floor, Catholic Centre, 143 Edward Street, Brisbane. 20 November, 1991.
Dear ------,
Thank you for your enquiry.
Some information which may help.

1...The Commission is not directly involved in peace studies per se. I am a member of the Australian Peace Education and Research Association (A.P.E.R.A.) and help to promote peace initiatives where possible. An application slip is enclosed.

2...The Brisbane Catholic Education Office has a full time consultant in the area of Peace and Justice - .... The address is Brisbane Catholic Education Centre. Brisbane.

3... The address for the CONFLICT RESOLUTION NETWORK is Louise Hunter, CRN, ----Brisbane

4...The PEGASUS Computer Network is a brilliant source for the widest possible array of networks and information. The address is Pegasus Networks----Brisbane

5... The A.C.E.C has a curriculum project “EDUCATING GLOBALLY” which encompasses all of the areas you have mentioned. We are at the syllabus development stage but have yet to gain approval from the Board of Senior Secondary School Studies. This course is for Years 11 and 12.

6...The Campaign against the Arms Trade Newsletter The Office of Senator Jo Vallentine, The Greens (W.A.).



The Conflict Resolution Network of the New Age is almost unimaginably huge, internationally and in Australia.
As a part of this Network “The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies” [C.P.A.C.S.]
University of Sydney, was formed. CPACS is currently at work on two projects: [President, Dr. Keith Suter]


What is the “New Right” .... a good question to ponder?

Should you wonder whether “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” mentioned is the NEW AGE “NEW WORLD ORDER”
[it is, by the way], a few interesting details may enlighten you further. Shoshana Faire & The Conflict Resolution Network. In 1988 “The New Age News” Vol. 2 No. 7 reported the visit of Shoshana Faire [New Age Director of Sydney C.R.N.] to the massive New Age Centre “Windstar”, Colorado, co-founders John Denver and Thomas Crum. There she met with speakers such as BARBARA MARX HUBBARD [Global Citizenship], former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. New Age `guru’ of occultish frame of mind [whose astonishingly violent intentions are spelt out in the next article...not included in this booklet] Hubbard is an international New Age teacher.

Said Shoshana Faire...

Shoshana is pictured with New Ager Dennis Weaver in the article. This is only the very tip of the ice-berg or as Jean Houston [Global Education, Human Potential Movement] would say, “it is just the snow on the tip of the ice-berg”.

Conflict Resolution Network is a New Age destruction device - used to smash the absolute morals, laws and justice of the Sovereign God, and replace them with the “Win-Win” ethics of humanistic global society. It is an adhesive network used to bond individuals and countries to the New World System.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, “WINDSTAR”, 1988, on `Global Citizenship’...



Topic...46...Conflict Resolution...Trainers for Russia.

Support......[conference] oz. announce... 11.37 am Apr.14,1992.
From......... C.R.N.. Aust... Thu Apr.23 15:39
E.S.T . ......1992. Subject...

oz.announce: Conflict Resolution Trainers for Russia. Status... RO Press release.

On May 18, 1992 Helena Cornelius, Director of Training at the Conflict Resolution Network in Australia and Pyotr Patrushev, senior consultant with the Network, will commence their two-week tour of Russia to promote the work of the emerging local Conflict Resolution Network in Russia and the CIS.

Their trip coincides with the publication of the Russian translation of the Australian best-seller EVERYONE CAN WIN, written by Helena Cornelius and Shoshana Faire. The 100,000 copies of the book will be printed through the joint efforts of the Russian Peace Defense Committee and the publishing venture “Komby-7”. The book includes an introduction by leading Russian eye surgeon and businessman, Svyatoslav Fyodorov, and popular writer of children’s books Yuri Yakovlev. The Conflict Resolution Network was set up in Australia some 5 years ago as an information sharing system of people and organizations who want to develop, implement, teach and learn Conflict Resolution Skills. Many thousands of people throughout Australia and around the world regularly tap into this Network through its mailing lists, training programs and self-help literature and courses. Hundreds of trainers have been prepared by the Network to work more effectively in their own organizations, schools and communities. A university course and a research centre has been set up at Macquarie University in Sydney to provide for academic training of future specialists in Conflict Resolution.

For the last two years, following reports in the Russian press, the Network received around 2 thousand letters from all regions of the former USSR. All were answered, and both English and Russian language materials were sent to support the emerging efforts to start a Conflict

Resolution Network in the CIS.

The political and economic turmoil of the past 12 months and the not always successful attempts to resolve them though negotiation rather than confrontation has shown the great need for Conflict Resolution skills in the former USSR. These skills are valuable in times of rapid change and collapse of many old structures. The emerging legal framework alone cannot be expected to cope with the many disputes and disagreements which arise during such times.

The publication of the Russian versions of EVERYONE CAN WIN and the meetings with relevant individuals and organizations by the two Australian experts are times to support this emerging recognition by the business community, the politicians, the teaching professionals and the public.

Helena and Pyotr will visit Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novgorod during this trip. In the CIS, all inquiries regarding their visit should be addressed to Mr. Boris Kondrashov, Palekhskaya Street, dom.21, kv. 137, PS I will be unable to use E-mail till my return on June 4, 1992.

`Despatch'...June, 1992...p.62

The Meeting Place, Nambour's Neighbourhood Centre, now has a community magazine for the entire Sunshine Coast.
A government funded New Age centre, it has a Women’s Health Worker, a Child Abuse Prevention Worker.

What about your own neighbourhood centre?
They are all over Australia, peddling the New World Order wares to the unwary.
The Meeting Place advertises (as a community service) “The Penis Book”, owner’s manual - enough said!

1997....State Schools across Queensland now have "Peer Mediation"]




Extract... from above article...
Item 5 - Conflict Resolution - page 52.

“Win-Win - no loser”. Must be willing to compromise one’s values based on the situation, e.g.
“Get off your viewing point to a point of view,” advises Thomas Crum’s " THE MAGIC OF CONFLICT curriculum". In other words, compromise your values [viewing point] to reaching a consensus or solution [point of view]. Page 62 mandates the DOE to write guidelines for teaching in all schools.

What should you do?

Avoid co-operation with Conflict Resolution and its "skills" . It is a Network of the New Age New World Order~
this is a plague~ Do not allow yourselves or your families to be contaminated. Christians do not need the Godless
New Age to instruct them, as though God's instruction was lacking in some way...

The Church gave away the `honour and need of counselling' from God's World by handing itself over to Psychology
& Psychiatry... now it is giving away its `mandate' to lead people to Christ, and to help them find His glorious answers
in their `daily walk', by embracing Conflict Resolution...for what did Christ Jesus die?

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." (II Cor.11:14)

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (II Tim.3:16)



The entire content of C.R. indoctrination is GODLESSNESS! It is based on the beliefs that mankind is SELF-SUFFICIENT, that mankind is GOOD. In C.R. the only "god" which is supposed to be is in All, Nature is supposed to be God!, This is PANTHEISM - PAGANISM.



2....FALLEN MAN is in conflict and lacks peace because he is SEPARATED FROM GOD (spiritual problems).

3....FALLEN MAN is in conflict with other human beings because they are sinners, and so is he. He is SEPARATED FROM PEOPLE because of sin and self (relationship problems).

4....FALLEN MAN is in a fallen world, NATURE IS FALLEN. (environmental and physical problems)


and who are SAVED.


When we do not base our salvation and life-plan on God and His viewpoint, we encounter meaninglessness and spiritual death, we die as persons. C.R. leads to these horrible conclusions, this is why we must expose and renounce it!

As Lawrence J. Crabb Jr. has written...

The use of CREATIVE VISUALIZATION and MEDITATION in C.R. marks it as a form of shamanism or witchcraft. These techniques are forbidden by the Word of God. Meditation always leads to the acceptance of a "wise person" or a "master of the skill" or a false "jesus", or some such entity. THIS IS DEMON POSSESSION. (Deut. 28:10-14). We Christians must lead others to Christ and His salvation, not to demonic C.R. practices. We must grow in Christ ourselves, and not fall into cunningly devised Satanic programmes, such as C.R.

Go to God and ask Him to give you an intense love for souls. (I John 5:14-15; Phil. 4:19). The Holy Spirit will supply this love for souls, who are going to a lost eternity. If you really do not care, and desire only to resolve conflict, then your spiritual state is at a very low ebb! CRY TO GOD, resist the devil, who seeks to make you ineffective in the spiritual battle. the Lord Jesus Christ has an intense love for souls who are lost, live closely to Him. If you live intimately, constantly in His glorious companionship, He will impart a great longing to win people for Him. (Matt. 23:37; Luke 19:10)


By God's grace and strength, you can establish the goal which is the only on which leads to life and peace. What should that every-day goal be? Conformity to God's will, as revealed in the Bible. The KING JAMES BIBLE is the preserved, pure Word of God, in it are the only treasures of truth. All else, which is in CONFLICT WITH THE REVEALED WORD is fearful error.



(Psalm 119:9-10, 89, 105, 113-120; II Timothy 3:13-17.)

Only the BIBLE tells humanity how to resolve the greatest conflict of the ages. That conflict is between a Holy God,
and a fallen world of lost sinners. Do you know that YOU are in conflict with God because you are a sinner, part of
a spiritually dead, rebellious race? “For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23).
“There is NONE righteous, no not one.” (Romans 3:10).


There is only one way to resolve the conflict of sin against God. REPENT of that sin, TRUST IN CHRIST JESUS as your SAVIOUR, RECEIVE HIM into your life.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16).
“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.”
(Romans 3:23).
“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
(Romans 5 : 8).
“For whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13).

I know that I am a sinner, I come to You now, to turn from my sinful ways. I believe that Jesus Christ died for the sin of the whole world, mine included. I believe that He took the punishment that should have been mine. I accept that sacrifice on the Cross as full payment for my wrong doing. Come into my life Lord Jesus, and give to me your free gift of Eternal Life. I bow to You as Lord and Saviour, and will seek to serve You forever. AMEN”

  Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch


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