Whose “Global Kingdom” Come?
by Berit Kjos.

... Herescope ...
Extract from The Christian Conscience - October, 1996.

Missions outreaches, and individuals closely connected with them, have strange associations and new doctrines
for the coming millennium.

[Mike Bickle, Kansas City Fellowship pastor, quoting the supposed voice of God].
It’s time to get ready for celebration 2000. For centuries seers and sages have been transfixed on the year 2000.
More recently, trend watchers, planners and futurists have hooked their sights to this guiding star. AD 2000, the year itself
has been a powerful archetypal symbol for the “millennium”- the end of history and the beginning of a global civilization of peace and prosperity.
[Robert Muller, New Age UN leader and “father of global education”]

Two complementary movements within the church are preparing God’s people for deception at an unprecedented scale: today’s neglect of Biblical truth as an authoritative standard and the seductive call to global spirituality in a new millennium of peace and unity. Both are shaping a church that will welcome an all-inclusive global spirituality and a counterfeit world spiritual kingdom that promises security and oneness to all - except those who resist. First, today’s atmosphere of unquestioning tolerance has undermined the authority of Scriptures as a standard for testing personal beliefs as well as public teaching by Christian leaders. Afraid to be judged legalistic or exclusive, pastors and authors shun unpopular Biblical standards. Some have redefined sin, replacing traditional sins like homosexuality and adultery with a politically correct emphasis on intolerance, injustice and insufficient love for self. Fueled by popular books such as Girzone’s Jushua and Jushua’s Friends as well as new interpretations of Scriptures, this movement twists God’s Word to fit contemporary values. Using inclusive labels like spirituality rather than Christianity,it broadens the boundaries of God’s family far beyond the influence of the cross. Distracted from memorizing and meditating on God’s Word, people neither have nor use Scriptures as their standard for truth and reality. God’s warning in 2 Timothy 4:3-5 fits our times:

A strange paradox makes God’s people more vulnerable than ever to deception: more people own and read Bibles (and are held responsible for its teaching: Luke 12:48),yet today’s clamor for personal rather than Scriptural interpretations has dulled spiritual discernment and opened the door to all kinds of “deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.” (1 Timothy 4:1).

Second, the seductive call to global spirituality in a new millennium of peace and unity has found a ready audience in today’s Biblically illiterate culture. New groups and coalitions are sprouting across America, beckoning Christians to forget about end time warnings about a great apostasy - and prepare for a bright new future in a coming millennium of global bliss. If this was an obscure movement led by cultic, New Age teachers, it could be readily dismissed. But its organizers and promoters are respected Christian pastors and authors, men who command a following and whom few dare question.

This article will take a look at several examples of this movement to prepare to celebrate the year 2000, among them, The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, the Open Church Ministries, and the March for Jesus.

Christians and New Agers
Plan Joint Celebrations for AD 2000.

In his AD 2000 Bimillenial Research Report (March-April 1992), Jay Cary, a leader in the Christian world evangelization movement and Executive Director of the BimillEnnial Global Interaction Network (BEGIN) and Celebration 2000, announced the “Key People” involved in planning the millenial celebrations: himself, Paul Guest, and Robert Muller, chancellor of United Nations’ University of Peace in Costa Rica who attributes his global education philosophy to the occult teachings of spirit guide Djwhal Khul.

Why should this strange partnership alarm Christians everywhere?
Who else is involved?

An advertisement in ‘Christianity Today’ introduced Campus Crusade’s New Life 2000 conference and the Campus Crusade International Committee of Reference.
Inside a large circle, it listed the diverse committee members - respected leaders such as

Though relatively few Christians recognize his name, Jay Gary has become a forceful leader in today’s vast and vital effort to evangelize the world for Christ by year 2000.From 1978 to 1982, he “developed the Perspectives Study Program, a nationwide lay mission study effort, which now touches more than 5000 students a year.” From 1982 to 1986, he served as excecutive editor for World Christian magazine. Next, he worked as a research consultant to the Worldwide Student NetWork, Campus Crusade for Christ’s year 2000 program to reach college students around the world. He has coordinated the AD 2000 Global Service office in Colorado Springs (perhaps he still does), and he calls himself a “Congress Planner with the Lausanne movement.”

Jay Gary and his wife Olgy live in Colorado Springs. Together they authored "The Countdown Has Begun" - a book which documents his Biblical beliefs and working relationships with many respected Christian leaders and organizations involved with world evangelization. He seems to be a passionate and tireless soldier for Christ compelled by one essential God-given purpose: to bring the gospel to every corner of the world by AD 2000. His credentials as a sincere servant of God seem beyond reproach.

Why then would he join forces with Robert Muller, the former under-secretary of the United Nations, whose spiritual tutors include former Buddhist U.N. leader U Thant, former occult Masonic leader Foster Bailey, and Alice Bailey, his wife who channeled the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul?

The World Goodwill Newsletter published by Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Press, which was founded by Foster and Alice Bailey, offers a clue. It describes BEGIN, the global networking organization founded and directed by Jay Gary, and endorses the relationship between Gary and Muller.

The Bi-MillEnnial Global Interaction Network (BEGIN) is a group of concerned world citizens who circulate information and ideas on celebrating the year 2000 as a planetary jubilee with an agenda of hope. The question which BEGIN seeks to address is: “How can the thousands of bi-millennial celebrations of life and civilizations truly leave a legacy for the entire human family that will endure the test of time?”

In a letter to World Goodwill, BEGIN Executive Director Jay E. Gary writes:

Apparently Jay Gary does not seem to discern the danger inherent in an alliance and joint celebration with occult world leaders. Assuming that most of the subscribers to the World Goodwill Newsletter share Alice Baileys’ occult views and welcome Djwhal Khul’s demonic teachings and proddings toward a new world order, one wonders what Jay Gary hopes to gain for his “articles and papers” by asking, “please have them correspond with us.” On the first page of his Bimillennial Research Report (March-April 1992), Jay Gary gave an uncritical endorsement of Robert Muller, announced the coming “World Parliament of Religions,” and apparently approved the current transformation of public education into a process for conforming children around the world to fit globalists’ agendas:

United Nations Proclamation.
In his latest book, The Birth of a Global Civilization, former Assistant Secretary-General, Robert Muller, proposes the United Nations proclaim the year 2000 as an International Year of Thanksgiving, preceded by “unprecedented thinking, action, and determination to solve our remaining problems in order to enter the third millennium with a clean slate.” He calls upon the UN to establish a Preparatory Committee which would stimulate and coordinate celebration 2000 preparations among the professions, institutions, media, business, citizen organizations, religion and the arts.

World Parliament to look for 21st Century Agenda. ...
With the help of Dr. Gerald Barney, director of the Institute for the 21st Century, these conferences [held in preparation for the Chicago centenary of Parliament of World Religions] will address the role of spirituality in meeting challenges which confront the planet.

ABC’s for the 21st Century.
Sherry Schiller, head of Countdown 2001, an education consulting group, feels that most education commissions, reports, and goals which target 2000, have sought only to reform education, whereas the challenge approaching the 21st Century is to transform it.

Jay Gary’s Bimillennial Research Report closes with a booklist and order form. The recommended books include Muller’s" The Birth of a Global Civilization", Isaac Asimov’s "The March of the Millennia", and "Global Responsibility" by Hans Kung, the German theologian reponsible for drafting a global ethics statement at the recent Parliament of World Religions.

Apparently Jay Gary’s goals match those of Robert Muller. No doubt, his endorsement of Muller and his global philosophy has opened some high-level Christian doors to the New Age global agenda. World evangelization is not new phenomenon to Muller, who has been persuading world leaders for decades to follow his spiritual path. Accoarding to Lucis Press’ World Goodwill Newsletter....

In 1978 Robert Muller and Margaret Mead challenged the people of the world to prepare for the year 2000 by a

As former Presbyterian pastor Eugene Peterson affirmed in his strange article, “Spirit Quest,” a renewed yearning for spiritual experience marks this final decade of the 20th century. However, while many of the spiritual paths beckoning people today may sound Christian, they have little in common with genuine Christianity. Instead, they fall in line with innumerable New Age movements toward a global spirituality that will unite all religions - but shun Biblical monotheism.

When Robert Muller talks about a “Spiritual Renaissance,” he doesn’t mean a Christian revival. He is referring to a unified global religion that will join all people and nations under the benevolent reign of spiritually “wise” UN leaders. He envisions a world of spiritual beings evolving through reincarnation and fulfilling the law of karma - doctrines he learned from Buddhist monk U Thant, former head of the United Nations. Along with Al Gore and other leaders who call themselves Christians, he bases his view of the future on Teillard de Chardin’s teaching about man’s spiritual evolution toward an Omega point of perfect unity. Unlike Jay Gary, Muller has everything to gain and nothing to lose by his alliance with Christian evangelists. His occult beliefs can easily assimilate other gods and conform them to his occult worldview. Christianity cannot make similar compromises without rejecting the uniqueness of Christ, severing its relationship with God, and losing its true identity.

We had better heed God’s warning in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18: KJV...

The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.
Lausanne was launched by Billy Graham in 1974. At the first Lausanne Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland, Dr. Graham challenged the Church to complete the task of world evangelization by the end of the century. Lausanne II, held in Manila during ten days in July, 1989, reinforced this vital message to its more than 400 participants. Jay Gary has served the Lausanne Committee since the mid-eighties. His 1989 book, Countdown 2000 indicates that:

His wife Olgy designed the layout for the Lausanne Committee’s magazine called World Evangelization.

The Lausanne movement was to serve a vital function of awakening the Church to the urgency of ...(`Evangelism of the Lost'). We believed the intentions of Billy Graham and other faithful visionaries and organizers were to serve God and to share the gospel everywhere. Yet, some strange concepts and ideas have crept into “The New Lausanne.”
Ponder the following disturbing statements from Lausanne’s magazine, World Evangelization (September, 1993): ...

The Open Church of the Future.
The Open Church Ministries’ promotional audio cassette, Christianity In A New Key, An Introduction to the Future Church includes statements by well known Christian leaders such as pollster George Barna, author Gene Edwards, reconstructionists Jay Grimstad (Coalition On Revival) and Dennis Peacock, Fuller Professor C. Peter Wagner, Kansas City Fellowship “prophets” - Mike Bickle and author Rick Joyner, and Tom Houston, the professional director for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. Without identifying individual speakers, the tape begins with a string of related statements concerning the envisioned future church:

* God is now moving.
* He has been preparing over the last several decades a new kind of Church.
* In the next ten-fifteen years, there’s going to be some explosive growth.
...The whole country is rushing into the Kingdom of God.
* The whole infrastructure of church bodies has to be changed and prepared to accommodate great numbers of new converts. * We’ve spent the last two thousand years complicating Christianity....
* The Church has got to restructure itself seriously.
* We have not seen nor preached the Kingdom of God.
* We haven’t really seen the Church yet.
* We will see in the 21st century a recreation of a dynamic of the Church that we saw in the 1st century.
* It will be like a dam breaking.
* Gatherings of tens of thousands of believers in stadiums.
* The most glorious days the Church has ever known are still ahead of us.

The following statement sounds like the New Age hologram hypotheses:

* Every cell in our body carries two codes: the code of the cell and the code of the organizm - the whole.Theoretically,you can make a whole from one tiny part, because the code is there. I believe it’s true in God’s work. I believe every healthy Christian individual has both his personal code - or plan or calling - but he also instinctively knows he’s part of a larger thing, and the code of the whole is in him, so that if you only had one Christian and a Bible preaching, you would have a New Testament church as he was added to.
* Since mid 70s there has been an amazing awakening in pockets here and there and amoving together of converging lives, as you mentioned, and so there is a Gideons Army, a remnant waking up, that is going to, in 30 or 40 years from now, when these home school kids, when all of this big stuff, the big prayer movements, the prophetic movement, the political activist movement, the unity movement, the whole bit, when all of this congeals in the next 10-15 years, there’s going to be some explosive growth - not only in evangelism and personal holiness - but whole countries are going to change and just come rushing into the Kingdom of God.
* In the Church of the future, God will touch us and turn us into the lions we are supposed to be, and give us the freedom to serve Him in far wider realms the unexplored and forbidden lands of high spiritual adventure.
* ...there’s a need for change - and the megachurch announces the need for two kinds of change: One is a change in our thinking - our constructs of what Gold is trying to do and how we will go about doing it. And that leads to a change in morphosis or form.

Photo here of a lion and the fire on the altar - titled The Open Church. James H. Rutz - forewords by Ray Stedman and Jim Hayford. Explanation under this photo : The Open Church seeks to totally reinvent the church, gutting traditions.
Note that the Lion, representing Jesus, is worshipping the fire on the altar, the Holy Spirit. This unscriptural perversion of the doctrine of the Trinity is indicative of the proposed experiential worship model that de-emphasizes the teaching of the Word.

* I see this as an identity change issue. And people who are coming to our churches tend to see themselves as spectators...vs. being ministers themselves. And that will take an entirely new vantage point from which to see ourselves.
* We should discover that every locale on earth, and every culture, and every matrix, there should be an indigenous organic way that the church expresses itself. Closing statement by David Bradshaw or Jim Rutz:
* Do all the high goals in the future church sound unrealistic to you? Under the status quo they would be. But remember, we’re talking about a revamped worship service that could transform your people like a cold shower. You won’t have many spiritual blobs that show up once a week, then vanish. You’ll have people of action, concerned participants. Powerful loving disciples who are taking their places as leaders in the battle force under the Commander of the armies of heaven. Let’s stop playing church. The time has come to end our 1700 year experiment in spectator Christianity. Like a doting parent, God our Father is glad to take whatever He can get in the way of worship, but ... He would be a whole lot happier for once - just once in His life - seeing Christians were allowed to stand to his feet say, “I love you Lord, you mean everything to me.”

The Open Church Ministries is one of the many ministries located in Colorado Springs that are now teaching these new beliefs about the supposed necessity of radically transforming the Church for the 21st century. The book, "The Open Church", by James T. Rutz, further expounds on these new doctrinal understandings of the kingdom, the structure of the church, and an anticipated coming revival.

The Jesus March.
This is another fast-spreading catchy movement which started in England.
It’s leaders,

According to Tricia Tillen, who publishes a quarterly newsletter called Mainstream, the aim of the March for Jesus is to take the nations through spiritual warfare - not through evangelism. Graham Coates, one of the four founders,explains, Marching for Jesus is a prophetic act which demonstrates that the meek shall inherit the earth. Each footstep on the march is an action which claims the ground and says, “This is God’s world and we are claiming it for God.”...we do not inherit the world by buying it ... but by shifting the spiritual powers that have been allocated in the nations... The following statements from their 1992 book, March for Jesus, were quoted by Tricia Tillen in Mainstream, and offer some clues to the theological basis for their ministry: Commenting on the results, Tricia Tillen asks, As Paul Coates says, Ponder Tricia Tillen’s comments: Steps Taken By Other Ministries Toward the Envisioned Church of the 21st Century:

Tricia Tillen also presented the following information in "Mainstream":

This article was first distributed in late 1993 under the title 
“Waiting for a Global Kingdom Not the Coming King.”
It was unfortunately never published. Minor editing was done to update this article.
[Despatch has used it in a previous Despatch]


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