Dr. Cathy Burns

Jay Gary, who refers to himself as "The Millennium Doctor," (1) is the one person who is quite influential in the Christian world and yet many Christians have never heard of him. Among those Christians who have heard of him are many who really don't know much about him or what he promotes. With this in mind, it is important to take a look at this man. Gary, whose name is actually Judson Gary, has been actively working in evangelical circles for many years. From 1978 to 1982, he developed the Perspectives Study Program, a nationwide lay mission study for worldwide evanglization which now reaches more than 5,000 students a year. (2)He has also written a number of other curricula for missions training.(3) He served with the U.S. Center for World Missions and was executive editor of the World Christian Magazine.(4) From 1986 to 1989 Gary was the communications consultant for Campus Crusade's Newlife 2000 program and the Worldwide Student Network, a program designed to reach college students.(5) He was also a chaplain (in Philadelphia) for Campus Crusade.(6) From 1982 to 1986 he was with Youth with a Mission.(7)

Of course, his activities go much further. He was a consultation director and was instrumental in bringing to pass the Global Consultation on World Evangelization by AD 2000 and Beyond, held in Singapore in January, 1989. (8) He was the director of Leadership '88, the Lausanne movement's national conference for young leaders as well as the assistant to Lausanne's International Director, Thomas Wang.(9) Gary is the founder and coordinator for AD 2000 Global Service Office.(10) The name under which the Global Service Office carries on its business is Celebration 2000, Inc. This organization, of which Gary is the Executive Director, is developing methods to celebrate the year 2000, supposedly in honor of Jesus.(11) Additionally, the Global Service Office is really the parent organization of Bimillennial Press and BimillEnnial Global Interaction Network (BEGIN), which was launched in 1991.(12) We will shortly take a closer look at this particular organization.

Gary has also had a hand in authoring or contributing to several books. He and his wife, Olgy, wrote The Countdown Has Begun and he wrote The Star of 2000. He was on the production team for Target Earth, which was published by Youth With A Mission (YWAM).(13) He was also one of the editors for Countdown to AD 2000.(14) Additionally, Gary was the coordinator for the March for Jesus for Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico in 1994.(15) A videotape entitled The Power of A.D. 2000, distributed by Adopt-A-People in Colorado Springs, Colorado, features Jay Gary. On this video, which was a presentation to a live audience of Christian leaders, Gary recommends some astonishing books. One of the books recommended was The Reimagination of the World written by David Spangler and William Irwin Thompson.(16)

He declared:


If this book is "one of the best," it would be a good idea to check it out. So, how does Spangler view Christ? He writes:

Later in this book, the authors state: Was the mention of the "Luciferic initiation" just a joke? Hardly! in Reflection on the Christ, we find the following statement:

1. "Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness, and as we move into a new age, with (sic...? word missing) is the age of man's wholeness, each of us in some way is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic initiation, the particular doorway through which the individual must pass if he is to come fully into the presence of his light and his wholeness."(19)

2. "Lucifer came to give us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it then he is free and we are free. That is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age."(20)

3. "Lucifer prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood and the Christ prepares man for the experience of God...But the light that reveals to us the presence of the Christ, the light that reveals to us the path to the Christ comes from Lucifer. He is the light giver. He is aptly named the Morning Star because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness. He is present when that dawn is realized. He stands no longer as the tester or the tempter but as the great initiator, the one who hands the soul over to the Christ and from the Christ on into ever greater realms." (21)

4. "The being that helps man to reach this point is Lucifer. That is his role. He is the angel of man's evolution. He is the angel of man's inner light. Lucifer is the spirit of light in the microcosmic world." (22)

5. "When this great project of evolution began, man went forth as consciousness to learn his divinity and Lucifer went with him. Lucifer was just what his name implies - the bringer of light. His task was to give man those energies which would so strengthen his inner being that the light of the microcosmic world would be kindled and would burn ever more brightly." (23)

6. "It is important to see that Lucifer, as I am using this term, describes an angel, a being, a great and mighty planetary consciousness."(24).

7. "Christ is the same force as Lucifer but moving in seemingly the opposite direction." (25)

Let's examine Spangler further.


In 'Emergence: The Rebirth of the Sacred' Spangler reveals that he had "a background of psychic and mystical experiences during childhood."(26) He goes on to divulge that Wayne Guthrie and Bella Karish, both psychics, were his mentors. It was while he was in Bella's home that he made his first contact with a spirit being through meditation. He writes: "When I entered this state at that time, not only did I become immediatelty aware of this other individual in the room but I felt my inner being and his uniting in a very deep way that I had not experienced before. It was like two old friends greeting and embracing each other in love. I then realized that through the connection we had formed, we could communicate through a blending of thoughts, feelings, and images..

Spangler's contact with the spirit world has resulted in a number of books such as 'Conversations with John' and 'Cooperation with Spirit'that contained channeled material from conversations with John (29) He also wrote 'Channeling in the New Age' and 'The New Age.' (30)

Spangler openly promotes psychic phenomena. He states:

Is is any wonder that the back cover of Spangler's book remarks that he "has been called the shaman of the New Age movement"?(32) He was also a former student of Alice B. Bailey, an occultist. (33)
We've already seen how Spangler views Christ, Lucifer, channeling, and other psychic phenomena. Now let's see how he feels about God's Word. Now that we know a little more about David Spangler, aren't you wondering why Jay Gary would want to recommend Spangler's book as "one of the best"?! Could Gary be promoting the New Age agenda to the church or did he just make a "little" mistake by endorsing this particular book? As we learn more about Jay Gary, these questions should be answered.


The same video in which Gary recommended Spangler's book, he also mentions that "we should pay attention to" `The Universe Story' written by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry.(35) He states: "These authors propose a new story of our beginnings and our endings - a new story that will provide harmony between the human family and the whole earth. Their story is epic, sweeping; it's a story - a parable. And it goes from the primer of the flaring forth of the universe eons ago, to the creation of galaxies, and supernovas, and galaxies (sic) to the earth, to the emergence of human life, to the development of classic civilizations, and looks into the future...

Since Gary thinks we should pay attention to this book, let's see what Berry and Swimme say. Here's their story of the origin of the universe: "Fifteen billion years ago, in a great flash, the universe flared forth into being. In each drop of existence a primordial energy blazed with an intensity never to be equaled again. Thick with its power, the universe billowed out in every direction so that the elementary particles could stabilize, enabling the first atomic beings of hydrogen and helium to emerge. After a million turbulent years, the frenzied particles calmed themselves enough for the primeval fireball to dissolve into a great scattering, with all the atoms soaring away from each other into the dark cosmic skies opening up in the beginning of time. This book continues to describe the 'evolutionary' theory like this: "Six hundred million years ago, multicellular organisms arose with a variety of qualitatively distinct body plans; they included the corals, worms, insects, clams, starfish, sponges, spiders, vertebrates, leeches, and other forms that went extinct.... Worms learned to wiggle in pursuit of soft prey, then sprouted fleshy wings to guide them through the oceans, and invented the tooth when another creature invented the shell. Ocean waves left sea plants stranded on the hot rocks; unable to crawl home they instead invented the wood cell and learned to stand up straight as lycopod trees that lived along the shores of oceans and rivers and that in turn transformed themselves into gymnosperm trees capable of covering entire continents with life. The animals followed the plants onto land, and soon the continents that had been floating lifelessly on Earth's mantle for two billion years heaved with amphibians and reptiles and insects and the great dinosaurs with gleaming eyes reaching up to the sunlit leaves of the forest canopy." (38)
Swimme and Berry then write: Berry declared: Carefully look at the previous quotes and remember that Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, and David Spangler are people that Jay Gary has recommended to the Christian leaders. Of course, the New Age and evolutionary connections do not stop here. in Gary's book,'The Star of 2000' we find some more revealing insights. For instance, Gary tells the story of Andy Lakey who had overdosed on drugs but survived. In this condition Andy had an "angelic" visitation. He said: "As my spirit hovered between heaven and earth, angels started to swirl around my feet and one wrapped his arms around me." (44) This out of body experience, claims, Lakey, gave him a reassurance and peace that he had not had before. In return, Lakey decided that he would "paint two thousand angels by the year 2000 - one angel for each year since Jesus was born." (45) Lakey said he receives constant inspiration and added: "It's as though I am tapping into the universe, tapping into God." (46) Many of his angel drawings are owned by prominent people such as Jimmy Carter, Arnold Palmer, Mickey Mantle, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles. His first painting is displayed in the Vatican. (47)
Lakey doesn't just draw angels, however. He was also speaker for the "Life, Death & Beyond" International Conference and Tour at the Great Pyramid in Egypt from November 25 to December 2, 1995. "At this conference you will meet with experts on Near-Death Experiences who will share with you what to expect on the `other side of physical existence.' [Emphasis in the original] (48) A few of the other speakers at this conference were Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Marianne Williamson, and Betty Eadie - all well-known New Agers. Kubler-Ross has numerous spirit guides, one of whom is called Salem.

The advertisement for this conference/tour stattes:

Lakey was one of the speakers at the "Angels & Miracles" Conference from February 4-11, 1996. This conference is advertised like this: "This conference will assist you in opening your awareness to the presence of Angels, and it will help fill your consciousness with their guidance, support and love." (50) The organization offering these conferences/tours is called Power Places. One tour they offered was during the June solstice where the people were given the opportunity to meet with the native shamans (witchdoctors)! (51) Other tours involved channeling. Some of the speakers for these "transformational" tours were: Jean Houston, Gerald Jampolsky, Dalai Lama, Jean S. Bolen, Patricia Monaghan, Joan Borysenko, Kevin Ryerson, Barbara Hand Clow, and John Randolph Price - all well-known New Agers. Robert Muller.

Doesn't it seem quite strange to you that Jay Gary would recommend so many New Agers? Is he doing this unwittingly or intentionally? You will have to be the judge, but one of Gary's close friends happens to be Robert Muller (another one of the speakers for the Power Place tours). One researcher writes:

He was also the Chancellor of the University for Peace. (53)
Additionally, Muller is one of the editorial advisors for Marilyn Ferguson's 'Brain/Mind Bulletin'. The logo for this magazine happens to be the occultic yin/yang symbol. (54) He is on the advisory boards of The Center for Attitudinal Healing, a New Age organization, (56) the Institute for Educational Studies, (57) and The Temple of Understanding, where he is listed as one of the "Founding Friends." (58) He is on the Board of Trustees of the Global Education Associates. (59) Muller also is on the Board of Directors of Planetary Citizens and one of the co-founders of this group, (60) as well as a board member of the Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose, another New Age group. (61) Furthermore, "Muller has encouraged the work of Benjamin Creme, of the Tara Center, which has placed ads in leading newspapers of the world proclaiming: 'The Christ Is Now Here.' " (62)

In 1985 Mother Teresa attended a conference sponsored by the United Nations University of Peace whose featured agenda was a call to bring about the New World Order. (63)

Having founded the School of Ancient Wisdom in Fort Worth, Texas, (65) he is considered the Father of global education and "his World Core Curriculum is used in an increasing number of schools around the world and serves as the educational structure of Several (sic) Robert Muller Schools." (66) In fact, Muller, who is an ardent follower of the occultist/New Ager, Alice Bailey, claims that this World Core Curriculum was given to him by his spirit guide (actually, a demon) by the name of Djwahl Khul, also known as the Tibetan! This is the same spirit guide that directed Baily to write many of her own books. (67) Muller is quite proud of this fact for the literature received from the Robert Muller School clearly admits that the philosophy underlying this curriculum "is based on the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Khul and the teachings of M. Morya."

One booklet, 'Creativity:A School of Ageless Wisdom Workshop', was published by The Lucis Publishing Company
(originally called Lucifer Publishing Company (68)) and The Agni Yoga Society and was "intended for the use of The School of Ageless Wisdom [Robert Muller's school] Students only." (69) One page in this booklet had the New Age/Luciferian "Great Invocation" printed on it. There are favorable quotes from Alice Bailey's books 'Education in the New Age' and 'A Treatise on White Magic'.
This booklet also promotes visualization, meditation, and the Hindu/occult practice of pranayama.

Gary is aware that Muller has authored this occult curriculum, but he said that he thought there was a lot of good in it although he didn't agree with the Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl connection.
One researcher prudently asks:

Another researcher informs us: 'Volume 1 of the 'Robert Muller School World Core Curriculum Journal' (March 1989, p. 32) states:'our task at this time is to develop a Global Curriculum Guide which will serve as a guide for the 'New Age Education' MULLER'S VIEWPOINT.

Let's look at a few quotes taken from Muller's books and speeches to see what else Muller teaches and believes.
1. "The family is indeed the most highly interdependent society, perfected oveer millions of years of evolution." (72).
2. He refers to himself as a humanist. (73)
3. "I would also like to see published someday a Bible which would show how the United Nations is a modern biblical institution, bent on implementing world-wide the wise precepts and divine commandments of the Bible. I would like to see the same thing done for all great religious or sacred books, such as the Koran, the Grant Sahib, etc." (74)
4. "The world's major religions must speed up dramatically their ecumenical movement and recognize the unity of their objectives in the diversity of their cults ... `My religion, right or wrong,' and `My nation, right or wrong' must be abandoned forever in the planetary age." (75)
5. "Yes, we must join our Hindu brethren and call henceforth our planet `Brahma' or the Planet of God." (76)
6. "O God, I know that I come from You, that I am part of You, that I will return to You, and that there will be no end to my rebirth [reincarnation] in the eternal stream of Your splended creation." (77)
7. "I believe the most fundamental thing we can do today is to believe in evolution." (78)
8. "Decide to open yourself to God, to the Universe, to all your brethren and sisters, to your inner self...to the potential of the human race, to the infinity of your inner self, and you will become the universe... you will become infinity, and you will be at long last your real, divine, stupendous self." (79)
9. "The individual is therefore the alpha and omega of all our efforts." (80) (See Revelation 1:8,11; 21:6; and 22:13 and notice that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, not mankind.)
10. "My great personal dream is to get a tremendous `alliance between all major religions and the UN.' " (81)
11. "If Christ came back to earth, his first visit would be to the United Nations to see if his dream of human oneness and brotherhood had come true." (82)


Of course, Robert Muller is a big proponent ofthe United Nations. Just who helped support the UN Charter? It was the Council on Foreign Relations members. A. Ralph Epperson informs us that "forty-seven members of the CFR were members to the United States delegation..."(83) Now, all that had to be done was to have the Charter ratified by the Senate. (84) In order to get this Charter ratified, much misinformation was spread to the American people. In addition, it was kept from the public that the UN "was designed to promote the cause of the world socialism, the aim of the U.S.S.R." (85) You may wonder if it is fair to suggest that the UN is promoting the same goal as the Communists. Well, here is a list of some of the men in the United States government whose planning led to the creation of the U.N:

What is quite interesting in `all' of these men (with the exception of John Foster Dulles) "were later identified in sworn testimony as `communist' agents." (87) Dulles, it should be noted, had "been hired by Joseph Stalin to act as Russia's legal council in the United States. He was also closely associated with J.P. Morgan." (88)

Not only were many of the drafters of the UN Charter Communists, but the Constitution of the U.S.S.R. is almost identical to the Constitution of the UN! (89) "In addition, the seals of both the UN and the U.S.S.R. are very similar. Again, no coincidence: the UN Seal was designed by Carl Aldo Marzani, a well-known Leftist." (90) Are you starting to get an idea of what life in a one world government under the control of the United Nations may entail?
The UN poses as a "peacekeeping" organization. The Preamble to its Charter states that the United Nations is "determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetimes has brought untold sorrow to mankind..."(91) How has the UN measured up? Well, a quick look at the United Nations' record of the past five decades reveals that the UN is far from a peacekeeping organization. One researcher comments: "The simple truth is that never in all of recorded history has there been a similar period so filled with war, terrorism and moral corruption. Since 1945 there have been more than 50 major outbreaks of violence: Korea, Vietnam, Hungary, Tibet, Biafra and Katanga are just a few.

On second through, maybe the UN is a peacekeeping organization - it keeps peace 'from' the people!


Since Reobert Muller and Jay Gary are friends, how does Gary feel about the United Nations? Good question! Actually, he is quite pleased with it. Gary (until recently) proudly displayed a United Nations flag in his home that could be seen by those passing by. He also admitted that he was a member of the local chapter of the United Nations. (93) In September 1993 he personally invited Linda Sellers to a United Nations meeting and added a note: "Please join us. It was great to talk about 2000. Jay"

In December, 1994 Gary had done a particular radio interview. Some comments that were recorded after this interview are interesting. He stated: "God reigns over the UN...I believe we'll have global government in a hundred years, easy ..." (94) Additionally, in the book 'Countdown to AD 2000', which Gary helped edit, there is a promotion of the United Nations and many of its 32 specialized agencies.
For instance, below are some of the "AD 2000 Global Goals" presented in this book: "

21. Support FAO goal for eradication of human hunger by 2000, and then beyond....
"23. Support WHO goal of safe drinking water for every soul on Earth by 2000 and beyond ...
"28. Support UNICEF goal to halve child deaths (38,000 a day in 1988) by 1997, then continuing to decrease by 2000 and beyond.
"29. Support WHO goal to halt child diarrhoea (sic) deaths by giving all parents of children under 5 access to ORT (oral rehydration therapy) and a trained health worker, the world proportion of children so covered to increase from 3% (1980) to 50% (1988) to 100% by AD 2000.
"30. Support WHO goal of rise of worldwide immunization coverage from 9% (1980) to 50% (1987) to 100% by 1990, staying there through 2000, and beyond ...
"37. Support UNESCO goal to increase adult literacy from the present 45% to 100% by 2000." (95)


While the goals may sound good, working with the United Nations and supporting their agenda is highly dangerous. Of course, if they are supporting the United Nations' agenda, it should come as no surprise to find that this book which Gary helped to edit supports the communistic idea of the redistribution of the wealth.
One of the goals is:

Another goal is: A few other goals are: With goals like this, it should also not be a surprise when we read that another goal is:

"Inaugurate a `New Global Order' of itinerate Spirit-led ministry options." (99)

One final goal that I'll mention is

"69. Emphasize to the entire Christian world by AD 2000 that martyrdom is a major form of evangelisation,
that the world's anticipated 500,000 annual Christian martyrs are major players in God's global plan,
and that Christians suffering for their faith should realize they are playing a vital role in world evangelization.... "9. Evangelization by Martyrdom: 50 million Christians killed for their faith in 180 countries across 20 centuries." (100)

This is actually a goal to have 50 million Christians killed for their faith - but it is covered up by saying that this is just part of "God's global plan" ! Of course, the one world government advocates plan on killing the Christians so that they will be able to proceed unimpeded with their diabolical plans, but why would Jary Gary and others in the AD 2000 movement want to help the one worlders with their plans? Could it be that Jay Gary is really a New Ager in disguise who has infiltrated the church world? If he is not, why would he promote the above-mentioned New Agers and many of their plans as well?

Gary's endorsement of New Agers and the United Nations doesn't stop here, however. In his book, 'The Star of 2000', he quotes favorably from Robert Muller's novel,

Gary must be quite pleased with this book for on his "Talk 2000" forum (which can be found on the Internet and is sponsored by Humber College), he recommends a number of books. The question "What books should I read on 2000 for pleasure?" is answered by listing Robert Muller's book, `The First Lady of the World.' Another book listed in this section is by Richard D. Lamm. Lamm is the ex-governor of Colorado. When he was "a freshman Democratic legislator, he won passage of Colorado's first liberalized abortion law." (101) He also said that "terminally ill people had a `duty to die and get out of the way' "....(102)

Yet another book mentioned is Arthur C. Clarke's '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Clarke also wrote a book entitled '2010:Odyssey Two'. This book mentions that Jupiter is destroyed and a new sun appears by the name of 'Lucifer'! In fact, chapter 55 is named "Lucifer Rising." Clarke writes:

Gary not only recommends New Age books and authors on his "Talk 2000" forum but he has sold some New Age/humanistic books through his Celebration 2000 organization. In his March-April 1992 issue of `Bimillennial Research Report', some books he had for sale were by
Isaac Asimov (a well-known humanist),
New Agers John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene,
and of course, Robert Muller's book `The Birth of a Global Civilization'. (104)

He even comments on Muller's book like this: "An `inspiring' look at our emerging global systenm, including new global human rights, global networking, `global core curriculum', and global celebrations culminating in the year 2000." By the way, Muller's "global core curriculum" is the occultic, spirit guide/demon-inspired "World Core Curriculum" mentioned earlier in this article.

In fact, Gary thinks so much of Muller that he even has selected him as one of the three "Key People" for his organization BimillEnnial Global Interaction Network (BEGIN)! The other two people are Jay Gary and Paul Guest. (105) Guest serves as the secretary for the World Association for Celebrating the Year 2000 (WACY) in London. Gary brags that, as far as he knows, the "WACY 2000 was the first `Environmental' group to call for people to help create a `world fit to celebrate and be celebrated' by the year 2000." (106)


Celebration! That seems to be the reason for all of Gary's enthusiasm. He wrote his book 'The Star of 2000' with the idea of a great big celebration for the year 2000. In 1993 Gary wrote a letter to World Goodwill. World Goodwill is the mouthpiece for Lucis Trust whose original name was, as I mentioned earlier, the Lucifer Publishing Company. It was this organization that was formed to publish the writings of Alice Bailey and her spirit guide Djwhal Khul. Why did Gary write to this group?
Here's part of his letter (which appeared in the 'World Goodwill Newsletter'):

Gary claims that the "Star of 2000" should be Jesus Christ. He says: An article in the Colorado Christian News states: Although the idea of celebrating Christ's 2000th birthday may sound plausible to some, there are some problems. First of all, most Bible scholars agree that Christ was born around 4 or 5 B.C. If this is correct, then the celebration of his 2000th birthday would be off by about 3 or 4 years. Gary recognizes this problem but makes the excuse that it "is not uncommon for major anniversaries to be celebrated on `days' other than their actual dates. We don't even celebrate George Washington's birthday on the actual anniversary, but rather on the established anniversary date. So it will be with Jesus' anniversary." (110) This analogy, however, isn't even valid because Washington's birthday is still commemorated in the proper year. It's just the day that has been changed. How many people would celebrate their 50th birthday when they are 54?

Another problem is that this is to be the largest birthday party ever - yet the guest of honor will not even be present! Can you really say that this party is for Christ? Of course, it appears as though Gary thinks that "Jesus" just might show up. He states: "What better culmination to the bimillennial than to have the guest of honor, the Lord Jesus, personally arrive to usher in His kingdom?"(111) For anyone who knows the Scriptures, this view should concern you. The Bible tells us that "we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord `in the air': and so shall we ever be with the Lord" (1 Thessalonians 4:17). If any "Jesus" shows up during this celebration to set up a kingdom it certainly won't be Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It will be the Antichrist who will show himself to be God (see II Thessalonians 2:3-4). Strangely, Gary suggests: "Think of it as a dress rehearsal for the second coming." (112) There will be no "dress rehearsal" for the second coming. I Thessalonians 5:2 tells us: "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night."

Yet another problem is that Gary is calling for an International Year of Thanksgiving in 2000 (as mentioned in his letter to World Goodwill). In 'The Star of 2000' he reminds us: "Leaders at the United Nations have been talking about celebrating the year 2000 as a world Thanksgiving year since the late '70s." (113) Who has been calling for such a celebration? None other than Robert Muller! Gary admits in his book: "A former assistant secretary-general of the UN [Robert Muller] has written a novel to suggest how the UN ought to prepare for this coming International Year of Thanksgiving." (114) This novel, as mentioned earlier, is Muller's 'The First Lady of the World'. If Gary is a Christian, as he claims, why is he working closely with an occultist to plan for such a global event?

In a brochure from BEGIN, Jay Gary's organization, he reiterates his plan and asks for signatures of those who also support this:

What did Gary do with the names of those who signed this "Celebration 2000 Declaration"? Good question!
He admits: "All names will be entered into the Register of Signatories and presented to the Secretary-General of the United Nations." (116) So, those people who signed this paper thinking it was a Christian declaration, were "rewarded" by having their names sent to the United Nations! Did you comprehend that? All of these names were presented to the UN.


Gary also recommended Muller's book, 'Framework for the Preparation of the Year 2000', and gave this notation: A proposal for how the United Nations community should prepare for the advent of the third millennium. Contains Muller's 'My Dream 2000' poem and excellent documentation of the early calls to celebrate the bimillennium going back to Earth Day '77". (117) What is Muller's dream?
He writes:

I think it's quite obvious that Robert Muller's and Jay Gary's plans are one and the same!

When a few people started to write about Gary and his connections to Muller, Gary tried to distance himself from Muller. He removed his name as one of the three "Key People" for BEGIN. He said that he no longer associates with Muller, etc. Of course, this is not true at all. Since he claims to have broken off relations with Muller, he has gone on the Internet. There he once again promotes Muller's books on his "Talk 2000" forum. Also, some comments made after a particular radio interview are quite interesting. Gary bragged about his connection with Muller like this (the wording is verbatim):

He also proclaimed:

"I see Robert Muller one of the most, you know, Christian statespeople, you know, Christian values, not Christian relationships or Christian culture..." (120) He mentioned that people like Muller "have learned their lessons from the Bible...in the book of Revelations and New Jerusalem far better than we have and are bringing the kingdom of God to earth and you have to, you have to respect it, but at the same time you can't lose the Genesis of it which is Jesus." (121)
In this tape he brags that Muller said:

Of course, he's aware that Muller's "electic" because in the part of the quotation where the ellipsis occurs in the last paragraph, he admitted that Muller "has been deeply affected by, uh, U Thant, who was a Buddhist....and then some of the New Age Alice Bailey stuff." (123) What "Jesus" would Muller be referring to? Doesn't it seem strange that this celebration, which is to be the largest one ever, is in honor of Jesus when Jesus tells us that "ye shall be hated by all men for My name's sake" (Matthew 10:22)? Such a celebration doesn't match up with Bible prophecy and the fulfillment of the Scriptures.


The Bible also states: "This people honoureth Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me" (Mark 7:6; See also Matthew 15:8 and Isaiah 29:13). Of course, just mentioning the name of Jesus really means very little today. Many people admire, respect, and refer to Jesus. Even some Communists claim that Jesus was the greatest revolutionary that ever lived. Some atheists concede that Jesus was a man with great morals. Many New Agers frequently acknowledge the name of Jesus. Even some Islamic people will mention that Jesus wasa wonderful person. In one Islamic pamphlet is the question: "What Do Muslims Think of Jesus?" The answer is: "Muslims think highly of Jesus (P) and his worthy mother Mary....God's other gifts to him included healing the blind and the sick, reviving the dead, making a bird out of cla and most importantly, the message he was carrying. These miracles were given to him by God to establish him as a prophet." That doesn't sound too bad (although it is not completely Scriptural), but then adds: "According to the Quran, `he was not crucified' but was raised into Heaven." (124).

The Bible tells us in dozens of places that Jesus was crucified
Matthew 26:2; 27:22, 23, 26, 35, 38, 44; 28:5;
Mark 15:15, 24, 25, 32; 16:6;
Luke 23;23, 33; 24:7, 20;
John 19:16;, 18, 20, 23, 43;
Acts 2:23, 36; 4:10;
I Corinthians 1:23; 2:2, 8; 13:4;
Galatians 2:20; 3:1; and
Revelation 11:8),
so the Jesus the Muslims revere is a `different' Jesus - but they still name the name of Christ.

Another paper from Pious (Propagating Islam Over United States) reveals: "We muslims believe that Jesus (PBUH) was one of the mightiest messengers of God. That he was the Christ...in fact no muslim is a muslim if he does not believe in Jesus. (PBUH)" {Emphasis in the original] (125) They even believe that this Jesus is coming again. But, this Jesus is not the Christ of the Christians. This paper notes: "We believe that Jesus (PBUH) will come back to this world and proclaim himself to be a muslim and then he will die and be resurrected with all of us on the day of judgement." [Emphasis in the original] (126) It is further emphasized: "For a muslim the birth of Jesus (PBUH) is no more than one of the creation of God as told in the Quran: `The similitude of jesus before God is that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him "be" and he was.'.... "Muslims do not believe Jesus (PBUH) is God, or Son of God, or God incarnate." [Emphasis in the original] (127).

Many people believe that Jesus lived on earth as a human. The problem is not in believing in Christ's existence, but in believing that Jesus is the "only begotten Son" of God (John 3:16) and that "there is no salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). Admitting that the Scriptures teach this is where the problem comes in. In fact, there are many who name the name of Christ who are not saved. Matthew 7:21-23 forewarns us:

Furthermore, the Bible reminds us: "For many shall come `in my name,' saying, I am Christ; and `shall deceive many'" (Matthew 24:5; Mark 13:6). Luke 21:8 is even more explicit: "Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in My name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: `go ye not therefore after them.'" Occultist Alice Bailey speaks of Christ. She writes: Once again, however, Bailey's "Christ" is not the same Christ as mentioned in the Bible. Bailey's "Christ" will bring an culmination to the "heresy of separateness," but the true Christ clearly teaches: "Be ye separate" (II Corinthians 6:17). Matthew 25:32 also reveals that God will gather "all nations, and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats." Bailey, though, has her own interpretation of this event which was given to her by her demonic spirit guide, Djwhal Khul. He relates through Bailey: Elsewhere Djwhal Khul explains:

"It has been thought that the sheep went to heaven and the goats went to hell. It is the other way around. The goat in Capricorn is the initiate and from a certain esoteric angle the goats do go to heaven because they function in the spiritual kingdom...The sheep remain on earth...until they become goats. "

`Entrance into heaven,' declares Djwhal Khul, `is entrance into the Aquarian Age...and Piscean (Christian) forces will be receding rapidly.'" (130) The mention of the Piscean or Christian forces declining rapidly reminds me of the AD 2000 movement's one goal where it is stated that 50 million Christians will be killed for their faith! (131)


Another man cited in Star of 2000 is Vincent Donovan. Says Gary, `Often times we have to rediscover the Gospel in order to help another culture unlock the gifts they have for God. This was certainly true in the case of Vincent Donovan...' Vincent Donovan writes of Christian evangelism:

Earlier I mentioned that Gary claims that he is no longer associated with Muller. Even if this were true, Gary's New Age involvement and associations come up to the present time. In his "Talk 2000" forum taken from the Internet on April 16, 1996, we find several references to books published by the World Future Society (WFS). The question is asked: "What books can help me learn about future studies?" One of the recommended books is `The Study of the Future' by Edward Cornish. Cornish is the President of the WFS which is a New Age Group working towards a one world government.

Recently I received a copy of the "Preliminary Program" for The Eighth General Assembly of the World Future Society which was held from July 14-18, 1996.When I opened it up to the list of speakers, I found the name "Jay Gary"! (According to the WFS, Gary was a member of this group from 1989 to 1992.) He was scheduled to speak on July 18th with several other people on the topic "Religion and the Future." (133) Since there was no description of this person, I wanted to make sure that it was the same Jay Gary that wrote the book `The Star of 2000', so I called the WFS. The person I talked with told me that Barbara Marx Hubbard had arranged that entire segment and they were waiting for her to send them the needed information. The man suggested I call her at the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, which is her organization. I placed the call and the woman I talked with gave me the address and phone number of this Jay Gary. Of course, I immediately recognized it as the very same address and phone number of the Jay Gary I was researching!

Well, who are some of the other speakers with Gary at the WFS? The moderators for this event were Richared Kirby, director of the World Network of Religious Futurists and Barbara Marx Hubbard. The panelists were: Parker Rossman, Kenneth Bedell, Richard J. Spady, Fredric Kropp, Jay Gary, and Carol Parrish.

Why would Jay Gary agree to be on a panel with Carol Parrish?Joy Lake, a New Age organization, tells us:

She is also the dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary. (135) In the extremely occultic Samuel Weiser catalog, Parrish's book, `A New Age Handbook on Death and Dying,' is listed under the section headed "General `Occult' Books." (136)

One of the workshops that Parrish led for Joy Lake was called "Intuitive Development...Keys to Inner Self." "Afternoon sessions will consist of learning the Shustah Meditation tools (a card symbol technique) for stimulating the intuition for self and for working with others." (137) What is "Shustah Meditation"? Life Spectrums, another New Age society where Parrish gave her workshop, explains: "Shustah Meditation Symbols" - "Each symbol can be used
for meditation and/or divination." (138) Another workshop at Joy Lake with Parrish was "The Meditation Journey".

In an ad for Parrish's church, we find: To the naive or uninformed, it may appear that Parrish believes in Jesus, but for those who are aware of New Age terminology, it is quite obvious that Parrish is a New Ager by her references to the "Master Jesus" and "Christed One." You see, New Agers believe the ALL people can become "Christed Ones" because they believe Jesus is not the ONLY begotten Son of God.


Ruth Montgomery is a PSYCHIC who also channels spirit guides and does demonically-inspired automatic writing. Some of her books deal with the "Walk-ins" which are spirit guides (demons) that enter into a person and take possession over their entire lives. Montgomery herself believes in the second coming of Christ. Of course, her explanation differs from the Bible. Montgomery, one of the "heralds of the New Age," tells us that Jesus is not the Christ and that it will be a DIFFERENT Christ than in the Bible who will come to bring world peace. While in a trance, she asked her spirit guide (demon) about the second coming of Christ. She said: "I asked if Jesus of Nazareth would again reincarnate, in order to `prepare the body for the Christ Spirit,' and the Guides said that he would NOT" (141)
The Guides continue:

Earlier I mentioned that Montgomery wrote about Parrish in 'Threshold to Tomorrow'. She says this about Parrish: "The name was immediately familiar to me,because although I had not met the Reverend Carol Parrish...I recognized her as a well-known MEATPHYSICAL minister who is much sought after as a lecturer at seminars in the PSYCHIC field..... She adds: Parrish and her second husband, Charles Harra, also started a community called Sparrow Hawk Village.(146) Without going into detail, suffice it to say that Kubler-Ross also has numerous spirit guides (one of whom is named Salem) directing her and her work. Now, since Barbara Marx Hubbard arranged for these people to speak at this event, let's see who Hubbard is. "Her list of credentials and her scope of influence reads like a `Who's Who in America.' Barbara is the daughter of the late toy manufacturer Louis Marx. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College, cum laude in Political science, and in 1970, co-founded the Committee for the Future with John Whiteside. She is on the board of directors of the World Future Society, which sponsored the conference Worldview 84. (A forum composed of the top world government advocates, which served as a platform for the World Constitution and Parliament Associaton.)" (148)
Hubbard "is a founding member of the Global Futures Network, and describes herself as a visionary and a prophet of the New Age.... Hubbard was also a former director ofthe Association to Unite the Democracies, which was founded by Clarence Streit, "the former Fabian Rhodes Scholar and `New York Times' correspondent at the League of Nations..."(150)
She is President of Futures Network (151) as well as a She is also an advisor to the First Millennial Foundation (153)as well as a co-founder and director of the Global Family (154) and serves on the Inside Edge Leadership Group. (155) "One of the most dedicated of New Age leaders, she has repeatedly called for a New World Order." (156) "Marx-Hubbard is author of several books including 'The Manual for Co-Creators of the Quantum Leap'....Marx-Hubbard is Director of the Center for Soviet-American Dialogue and Chairperson of `the Soviet-American Citizens Summit.' " (157) She has also written `The Evolutionary Journey,' (158) `The Revelation.'(159) `The Apple of Eden's Eye,' (160) `Teachings from the Inner Christ,' (161) `Happy Birth Day, Planet Earth,' (162) etc. One video narrated by Hubbard is entitled "The Complete Guide to Channeling." It features Ken Carey who channels the spirit guide Raphael and others, Terry Cole-Whittaker, Jach Pursel who channels Lazaris, and Marcel Vogel. (163) You see, Hubbard also has her own spirit guide like Robert Muller, David Spangler, etc.


New Ager Charles Bensinger brags: "Writers such as Marilyn Ferguson and Barbara Marx Hubbard laid down detailed prescriptions for a `New Age' of personal consciousness." (164) `Science of Mind', a New Age magazine proudly states that she is "an ardent student of the Science of Mind." (165)
In an interview in this magazine, she states:

"Orthodox faith also maintains that only one man, Jesus, could ever be the Son of God, whereas the `Science of Mind' and other New Thought Philosophies `emphasize' Jesus' teaching `that every person is divine'. Jesus demonstrated everyone's potential to be a co-creator, not just his own." (166)

Some of Hubbard's philosophy is quite interesting. She warns in her book 'The Apple of Eden's Eye:' "People who do not accept the New Age teaching (including Bible believing Christians) are an evolutionary drag on humanity and 'must capitulate or be killed.'" (167)

"In her `commentary' on the book of Revelation (titled The Book of Co-Creation) Hubbard radically reinterprets, under the guidance of her spirit guide, the last book of the Bible. Instead, of the antichrist, the false prophet, and Satan himself being the enemies of mankind, Hubbared argues that the real enemies of the coming `quantum leap' are those sticking to a divisive worn-out theology which believes that it has the only truth:

She adds: With quotations like this, once again I'm reminded of the AD 2000's goal of killing 50 million Christians.


Briefly, let's see how Hubbard feels about Lucifer. "

I certainly can understand why Barbara Marx Hubbard has selected Parrish to be one of the speakers at the World Future Society, but why did she also select Jay Gary?! Could it be that they have similar goals, plans, and agendas? What do you think?

There is yet another connection between Hubbard and Gary. On Gary's "Talk 2000" forum (taken from the Internet on April 16, 1996), the question is asked "What groups are developing agendas for the year 2000?" and one of the groups mentioned is the First Millennial Foundation with this explanation:

She also states:

"New choices enter history. Death by choice. Life by choice. If death can be postponed, then death, like life becomes a choice. This is to be expected. Unchosen, involuntary death is surely a tyrant. Disease is a dictator. It is obscene to imagine a universal human suffering from death by cancer or heart disease, like a helpless animal. The dignity of humans requires death [euthanasia!], and life, by choice not coercion. "We see already not only the new science of gerontology, but also thanatology, the art of dying with grace, choosing no (sic) to extend one's life beyond the `natural cycle' (or what was natural for Homo Sapiens during this phase of evolution.) Thanatology and gerontology. To die with dignity..." (174)

She then writes: "Telepathy is studied as another option for communication in a universe where light travels too slowly for lively dialoges." (175)

To see Jay Gary involved with so many self-confessed New Agers is disturbing. Some of this influence must have brushed off on him for in his book, 'The Star of 2000', he states: "After God made Jesus Lord and Messiah through the resurrection, it was impossible for Paul to consider Him just a man, limited to time and space." (176) Did you catch what Gary just said? He said that Jesus became the Messiah 'through' the resurrection which implies that Jesus was not the Messiah before this time. If this would be the case, then we cannot be saved through Christ's atonement since He would have been only a man at this time. Of course, the Bible says that we were redeemed by the precious blood of Christ (1 Peter 1:18-19; See also: Ephesians 2:13; Hebrews 9:14,; I Peter 1:2; 1 John 1:7; and Revelation 1:5). Perhaps he didn't really mean what he said, but this phraseology is somewhat reminiscent of certain teaching of the New Age.

For instance, Masonic author, J.D. Buck, believes that "Jesus `became' the Christ, the Anointed, the Son of the Father." (177) He also refers to Jesus as "the `Way, the Truth, and the Light' by which Jesus `became' Christ...."(178) Another Mason, giving the definition for the word "Avatar," relates: "A descent of a Great Master, or Teacher, into physical form, such as Gautama, who became the Buddha, and Jesus who `became' the Christ." (179)

Maitreya, the demon spirit guide who speaks through Benjamin Creme (a follower of the Alice Bailey teachings (180)), claims:

He further elucidates: Ruth Montgomery (a psychic who was mentioned earlier in this article) also talks about "Jesus who `became' the Christ" in her book, `The World Before'. (183) Many cults, such as the Jehovah Witnesses, also claim that Jesus 'became' Christ. DO YOU HAVE THE WRONG JESUS?

One former New Ager wisely notes:

The Bible clearly says: Gary also holds Celebration 2000 book fairs in both secular and Christian schools. He sells the same books at both places. The brochure states that the books are "[t]he best in children's classic literature, Newbery, Caldencott, & ALA award winning books." He also sells materials from Scholastic, Smithsonian, and Troll as well as occult books by some so-called "Christian" authors. (186) His involvement with New Agers is appalling but what is even worse is that many in the so-called Christian world have endorsed Gary and his book, 'The Star of 2000'. Who are some of those who have approved this? Would you believe men like BILL BRIGHT ENDORSES GARY'S BOOK.

Do these leaders have any idea of what is presented throughout this book? Did they unwittingly and unknowingly give their endorsement or do they agree with the contents and with the people he brags up? Although I can't answer for all the above endorsers, I do know that Bill Bright was contacted and was asked to remove his endorsement. How does Bright feel now that he has been warned about some of the occultic overtones of this book? Well, I have a copy of the fax from him (dated April 26, 1995, 11:44 AM. He states: "Along with other evangelical leaders, I recently endorsed a book by Jay Gary entitled `The Star of 2000'. One or two anti-cult groups have attacked the book and have requested that I withdraw my endorsement. I have studied their complaints and prayerfully and, in love, offer the following response....

Here are my conclusions:

1. There is no question in my mind that the Christ which Jay Gary lifts high throughout his book is, indeed, the Christ of the gospels, the cross, the resurrection, the Epistles and the Revelation. 2. Jay Gary's references do not endorse New Age thinking. His own explanation and that of cult expert Dr. Bruce (sic) Petitt (sic) [Bryce Pettit] lay such charges to rest.....

What more can I say?!
Of course, Bright himself is involved with many questionable people and organizations.
For example:

-He is a speaker and promoter of Promise Keepers and a contributor to a Promise Keepers book (Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper) published by Focus on the Family in 1994. (188)

-Bright mentioned that he could feel God's presence in the Toronto Blessing ("Holy Laughter"). (189)

-He signed and publicly endorsed the unscriptural and ecumenical document called "Evangelicals and Catholics Together". (190)

-He has endorsed Hugh Ross and/or his books. Ross in a theistic evolutionist/progressive creationist. Ross states: "`Bipedal, tool-using, large-brained homonids roamed the earth at least as long ago as one million years. New evidence indicates that the hominid species may have gone extinct before, or as a result of, the appearance of man. Starting about 2 to 4 million years ago, God began creating man-like mammals.'Although some of these creatures looked completely human (e.g., Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal), `used tools, buried their dead, and painted on cave walls,' they were actually animals and `had no spirits.' He has stated that the major difference between men and hominids is that humans were `the first spirit creatures.' " (191)

-Bright was a member of the National Honorary Committee of Clement Stone's Religious Heritage of America (RHA).(192) Stone, a 33 degree Mason (193) is a promoter of the occultic theory that God is a metaphysical power that can be tapped into. (194)

-He was involved in Washington for Jesus '88. (195)

-He served on the National Advisory Board for the March for Jesus. (196)

-Roy Rogers, 33 degree Mason,
Johnny Cash,
Paul (David) Yonggi Cho,
Jay Gary,
Jesse Helms, 33 degree mason,
Bruce Larson,
Norman Vincent Peale (now deceased),
33 degree mason, Robert Schuller,
33 degree Mason,
Michael W. Smith,
Jack Van Impe,
and dozens of others are part of the Campus Crusade for Christ's International Committee of Reference.

-Bright was the 1996 recipient of the Templeton Prize. (198) "A committee made up of leaders from the world's five major religions (`Christianity,' Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam an Judaism) meet annually to choose a recipient for this prize worth over $1M." (199)

Templeton is described as a "New Age pantheist/science-of-mind Universalist/investment guru." (200) An occultist and evolutionist, Templeton believes that the Bible does not "accurately record the words of Christ." (201)
He also states:

One of Templeton's books was advertised on the back cover of the April 24, 1994 issue of `Christianity Today' and was endorsed by Robert Schuller and Billy Graham. Even though Templeton "openly rejects the Bible as the unique Word of God, he served on the Board of Managers of the American Bible Society for fifteen years...and on the Board of Princeton Theological Seminary." (203)

By accepting this prize, Bright now joins the ranks of Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu leaders, together with liberal theologians and athiests" (204) who have received this prize in the past. -Bright is a promoter of so-called "christian" rock music and has spoken at the "Fishnet `91" rock concert. (205) He was on ZTV's advisory board. ZTV is a major 24-hour music video network targeting the 12-34 year olds. (206)
Bright brags: "I can work with anyone who calls Jesus Lord." (207) When someone pointed out to Bright that many who call Jesus "Lord, Lord" were "workers of iniquity" (Matthew 7:21-23), "[h]e made no answer and walked from the room in silence." (208) Bright is very ecumenical in his outreach but he also gives a watered-down Gospel message.

"One reason why the Campus Crusade message is so popular is that Campus Crusaders are taught either by design or by default not to use `Christian jargon'like witness, repent, converted, blood, hell, sin, save, holiness, and apostasy...Granted these are not `soft', `cool' or easily received words, but the world's words and ways are always at odds with God's. II Timothy 1:13 commands us to `hold fast the form of sound words.'" (209)

The Bible also warns us: "Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully" (Jeremiah 48:10).


In addition, "The Jesus Film," which was released in 1979 by Campus Crusade for Christ, has been viewed by some 700 million people. But, "Charisma Magazine, September, 1995, reported in an article entitled `Playing God' that Brian Deacon, the actor who played Jesus in this film, is not a Christian. He calls himself a `lapsed Catholic who hasn't practiced his faith.'

Gary mentions how popular this film has become (211) and Campus Crusade claims that "41 million people have made professions of faith after watching the film." (212) If this were true, where are all the changed lives that the Bible tells us will occur when a person gets saved (see II Corinthians 5:17)? Promise Keeper's official magazine, 'New Man,' gave a positive review of Gary's book in the July/August, 1995 issue (213). Gary's book also merited a favourable book review by Rusty Wright in the March 6, 1995 issue of 'Christianity Today'. Wright happens to be an international lecturer with Campus Crusade (Bright's organization), a group where Gary had worked at one time. (214)
Wright notes:

"Motivational and practical, `The Star of 2000' offers 25 ways to `light a candle' for Christ in one's heart, home, community, and world. Ideas include personal meditation, books, speeches, liturgical calendar observances, marches for Jesus, Internet dialogues, and Jesus video parties." (215)


Wright mentions "Jesus video parties" but Gary is more specific in his book.
He remarks: "For the past 20 years, Jesus has become a pop star through productions like `Jesus Christ Superstar' or `Godspell.' Now as the bimillennial nears, more performing arts groups will take to the road in `Jesus' productions." The `Jesus Christ Superstar' production caused a great controvesy over 25 years ago when it first debuted.

One researcher gives us a little insight into this musical:

There is so much more detail and many other connections that I could have covered, but I think that this comprehensive report should prove conclusively that the "Jesus" that Jay Gary (the Millennium Doctor),as well as many other so-called "Christian" Leaders in the church world today are looking for, is not the Jesus of the Bible. The warning that Paul gave to the Galatians is still applicable to us today: Jesus Himself cautioned:


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I do not necessarily agree with all of the doctrines of some of the sources I've quoted from.
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Despatch does not agree with this author's Salvation based on works

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