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Information gathered  from “The Alpha Conference”
held at
St. Matthews, Sherwood  Anglican Church
Brisbane, Q’ld.,   Australia. 1998.

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.....and Alpha together

by  Wendy B. Howard...Editor of Despatch Magazine.

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Information gathered  from "The Alpha Conference"
held at St. Matthews,Anglican Church, Sherwood, Brisbane, Q'ld.,
Australia. 1998. [June 25-26th.]

Background of Alpha.
Does Alpha really bring a sound Biblical message?
  "Experience" and the "Holy Spirit" are Alpha's platform:
The Gospel Message.
  Gospel-weakening instructions given:
SUM-UP on the Gospel message of Alpha:
WHO is running the Alpha show?
Alpha an offshoot of the Toronto "blessing."
`A WARNING', 7/6/98.E-mail.
Why do church-goers accept Alpha, without question?

APPENDIX III  - Email comment from the UK

"In July 1988 the Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops world-wide had met at Canterbury and overwhelmingly endorsed the ARCIC Agreed Statement. These statements represent compromise on all the major doctrinal   differences between Protestants and Roman Catholics. Earlier they had been steered through the Church of England Synod by George Carey, successor to Robert Runcie as Archbishop of Canterbury and an enthusiastic ecumenist, who has said that `it is entirely possible that the    Anglican church could disappear to make way for a united world church.'
(Interview BBC Radio Three: Church of England Newspaper, 3rd of May 1991)."
("All Roads Lead to Rome" by Michael de Semlyen. p19.Pub. Dorchester House).

The Lambeth Conference met again, July 1998.
Internet info URL:http://www.lambethconference.org/

It is a lovely mild winter's day in Brisbane, Queensland. I am attend
 ing an Alpha Course Conference, (originating from the Anglican
 Church in Brompton UK), at an Australian Anglican church, St Matthews Sherwood, Brisbane.
It is June, 1998, the conference is to be from the 25-26th. The  200 odd participants have gathered with great enthusiasm, happy to be together "in the Lord." The atmosphere is filled with subdued excitement as we await the events of the first day of this two day conference. I have come to seek the real Alpha in action, as I do not want to just coldly accept the findings of others  who comprise the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ in these terrible days of  apostasy. I want, as  editor of Despatch magazine,  to see and hear for myself.  I have, at this stage, read many reports on the spiritual deceptions and  errors of this Alpha Course, but I am determined to come with my mind and heart alive to these human beings who have gathered in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. A brief summary of what I found in those two days should enable readers to enter a little into the Alpha "world." This was a training program for   denominations, and a promotion for possible leaders, not a course which Alpha uses to win the unchurched.

The promotional set-up is another example of the "fun"  concept of the latter day ecumenical churches. This is  expressed with familiar words in other organisations, i.e. "celebration," "party," "holy laughter." The hall and  church have a  central colour scheme, one which marks Alpha throughout the world - red, yellow and navy blue. There are Alpha-colour balloons on sticks, flowers dyed cleverly in red, blue and      yellow, a leader has a tie in those colours, even the paper serviettes for the meals are in Alpha colours. There are tee- shirts, banners, leaflets and books all with those colours emblazoned on them - the Alpha logo is red, yellow and blue, of a man holding a plump red question mark - this logo appears everywhere at the conference. The affair is very well run, slick, to a pattern, it rather reminds me of an Amway meeting, or a meeting of a high-profile business company. The leaders are "warm and fuzzy", they emphasis "fun" and start most sessions with jokes, or comical anecdotes, the conference attendees often weep with laughter. The song leader tells us that both "traditional" hymns and contemporary songs are needed in Christendom, and we proceed to sing the one and only hymn of the whole conference - Amazing Grace. The rest of the time there are only those  songs which are accompanied by tinkling, or forceful, key-board mood music - contemporary songs. I noted that some of these ditties, sung over and again, did not even mention the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord, some gave the word "Lord," or the "One," or a few just used the word "God."  (These could fit any kind of religion in fact, what "Lord?" what "God?" what "One?" ). There is a noticeable  absence of doctrine  and light and shade in the choruses, everything is "happy," "fun" and experience orientated at Alpha! Those who are present look intelligent, kindly folk, coming from mainline churches.

These denominations were represented:
  Uniting Church;
  Salvation Army (large contingent);
  Christian Life Centre;
  Assembly of God  -

Alpha was recognised by the Roman Catholic Church in Brisbane.
(Alpha expected a large contingent en masse}

It is a charismatic promotion, not to be confused with a Pentecostal conference. The atmosphere is gentle, dignified, there is no public tongue speaking, no loud drums offend the ears. The packed church is buzzing with the friendliness of the various representatives from many denominations, a contingent of Roman Catholics seem to have been misplaced, as their church grou is not there at the beginning of the conference as expected (did they come later?). A head pastor from the Garden City Assembly of God,  Geoff Holdway, opens the  gathering. The main speaker for the conference is an  Anglican priest, Bruce Sligo, and the Australian adviser of Alpha, Mona Carter, is present, she is a Baptist pastor. These latter people are charming, great speakers. People are delighted with the whole presentation it seems. Jesus Christ is honoured in fact and the Gospel is there, (although a not quite intact Gospel message?)  What then could anyone see that could  engender criticism, or how could a committed Christian judge Alpha as being a tool of the enemy? Yet, that is what it is! A very deceptive, attractive delusion yes, but a trap perpetrated by the enemy of the Cross!

Here I make no apology to those who have fallen into the Alpha trap, leaders or followers, this booklet has been written for them, as well as those who may well fall prey to the Alpha course in the future. To NOT warn the deluded  followers of Alpha  would be unthinkable and unloving.

Alpha has become one of the most popular evangelistic programs in Britain. It originated from Brompton, Holy Trinity Church, London, (HTB). Alpha has spread across the face of the globe now, and is impacting our own land. The booklet from Britain by Elizabeth MacDonald, "Alpha: New Life or New Lifestyle?" has these comments on p.3, comments which are from persons who have encountered Alpha in its source-setting in Brompton:
"Alpha certainly starts by preaching the gospel; the first three talks on video I focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the three talks on video II which cover fundamental steps for new Christians, such as `How can I be sure of my faith?', `Why and how should I read the Bible?' and `Why and how should I pray?' are all good. However, as the course progresses, some of the talks tend to wander off into lengthy accounts of Holy Trinity Brompton's experiences of the Toronto Blessing and associated ministries; novel exegeses of various biblical passages common amongst pro-Toronto preachers; calls for unity despite truth and an over-emphasis on the Holy Spirit. All these are less than helpful to potential Christians. Clearly the aim is to bring as many into God's Kingdom as possible but by the end of the course, I cannot help feeling that the Toronto Blessing may have been the greater beneficiary." (End of quote).

 The most important questions we can ask are:
 1. What is the overall purpose of Alpha?
 2. Is the Gospel message presented intact,
              with the proper emphasis?

It is difficult to imagine for one moment that the main purpose of Alpha is to present the  Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, there is profession that this is so, there is training to do so. But, the overall impression  coming from Alpha internationally is that UNITY through the ecumenical movement is the purpose of Alpha. UNITY, with the Vatican in control is the ultimate purpose of Alpha. The UNITY achieved by just one conference in Brisbane was quite an amazing feat to behold.  In two days there were people from  7 or 8 churches  who were looking at "christianity" as one group - they were ALPHA people now, together in an organisation, Unity in Diversity. And this is the mere beginnings of Alpha Australia, we have seen nothing yet!

The Australian national leader of Alpha, Mona Carter, spoke of a            "vision" she had had, "Jesus" was standing in our midst, and a "burning" a "fire"  rushed across our country, into every church and    fellowship. ALPHA across the world, ALPHA across the whole of Australia. The false "revival fire" of the Toronto curse was very present at the quiet, dignified  conference. Toronto revival and extreme   experiences were lauded by both speakers,  Bruce Sligo  and  Mona Carter. Bruce Sligo talked of the experience he had had of an      electric shock-like jolt laid on by hands at the Brompton home of Alpha in the UK. Both  speakers had gone at various times to the UK to catch the Alpha bug. This is a huge international movement,  frighteningly deceptive, which is breaking down barriers across the globe. Sligo spoke of the changes going on in the world, of the need to move into the PARADIGM SHIFT of a global experience-seeking world, out of the "enlightenment" mentality of  stressing cognitive, doctrinal understanding.  All this is  NEW AGE oriented! Alpha is a movement of the New Age spirit of our times into the UNITY of all religions in a One World Church. You doubt that , reader? Then a quick examination of the "Alpha News" March-June, 1998,  should give understanding here:

Page one: "As an Alpha team stands in Red Square." 300 leaders, some of which had travelled hundreds of  miles from as far  afield as the Black Sea, attended the first Alpha conference in Moscow, there is now an office there.

Page one: " An invitation to the nation." 5,000  churches in Britain are running Alpha courses.

Page two: "World Bishops to London Conference." Around 800 bishops of the Anglican Church world-wide are expected to attend the Lambeth conference, and just a few days before that conference,  the founder of Alpha, Nicky Gumbel, has been invited to present an  evening seminar to the bishops.  The Lambeth conference, an   horrendous  affair, has been exposed in this  booklet, Appendix One.

Page two: Alpha Conferences are listed across the UK and internationally in many places: [list following]
Sweden; Finland; USA; Australia; Netherlands; Germany; and New Zealand - and that is just for March-July, 1998

Page three: The prisons have Alpha courses in the UK, and this is the aim in Australia as well.

Page 10,11: "I've made friends on Alpha with Catholics and Protestants - there's a bond nothing can break." "Alpha was `like the sun coming out on an otherwise dull day' - it breathed new life'"

Page 11 shows how Ireland has many course of Alpha being held in Roman Catholic Churches, just as they are in Great Britain, many, many bishops and priests of the Roman Catholic Church have embraced    Alpha in the UK, or is it that the RCs have embraced the "lost sheep" who are coming back to the Vatican, the latter I would suspect.
Says the Alpha News,
"Alpha ... is  being seen as a means of drawing together both Protestants and Catholics ..." "Alpha bids to focus on common ground."

Page  V: A London marathon is arranged for 1,000 runners, all wearing the Alpha tee-shirt.
Page 15: The beloved old stalwart, the Keswick Convention, in older times a wonderful convention, has caught the Alpha bug! It is having "Truth on Fire" for a convention week, July, 1998, in Keswick, UK.

Page 16-17: International Alpha is shown as spreading its anti-reformation message in many unbelievable places - Russia; Eastern Europe; Canada; Seychelles; India; Zambia; Zimbabwe; Nambia;   Nigeria; Hong Kong; Poland; Hungary; Czech Republic; Bosnia and Croatia; Romania; Serbia;  Albania etc. Scores of other countries are listed on the other pages in the Alpha News.

Is this part of the huge UNITY which is happening on the planet right now, which is issuing out in the forming of the One World Church, led by the Pope, and the New Age New World Order? It is most certainly is! Sad, grievous fact, not fiction.

Alpha does not bring a sound Biblical message, although many who attend the conferences would categorically defend Alpha and would declare that it DID indeed bring a sound Scripturally correct message. Without doubt the saddest  result of the great "falling away" of this present period of Church history is that the denominations have left many members with little, or no discernment about error, nor can they  adequately evaluate the false teachings which are at flood level all through the churches! Alpha is a very clever counterfeit, which could well be one of the main tools which will be used  to fit Pentecostals and  evangelicals into the One World Church of the New World Order. We will look at some of the astonishing ties which Alpha, through the   Anglican church, has to the United Nations (occultic-controlled, NWO) later on in APPENDIX FIVE.

Although Alpha leaders have been trained to present the message that Alpha has done away with the extremisms and outright heresies of the Charismatic Movement, it is simply NOT SO that Alpha has indeed cleaned its plate of these. They are merely saying that they have, and most  believe this. It is very like a Rodney Howard-Browne video I watched once. Howard-Browne said again and again, "I preach the Gospel..." Friends told us that he at least "preached the  Gospel" but when I looked and listened, there was  no real Gospel preached at all! But people believe that he does, because he says he does. Alpha has this  curious, clever  way of presenting things as well. Some of the double-speak presented at the conference in Brisbane was:

1. Alpha, it was taught, teaches  the whole counsel of God and is Scripture-based. Then the speakers went on to preach experience, feeling, emotion, fun, visions, slaying in the spirit, the "fire" of revival and so on. There was in reality very little Scriptural teaching,  and what was taught was slanted toward experience, emotion  and the "Holy Spirit."

2. Alpha, it was taught at the conference, does not teach that the      Baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs  after the born-again experience, it happens at one and the same time,  the "filling" of the Holy Spirit is what is taught. Then the conference went on in exactly the same way as any Pentecostal meeting would proceed, just quieter,  same Baptism of the Holy Spirit teaching, but called this time the "filling."

3. Alpha, the speakers said,  does not emphasis the Holy Spirit to      extreme.
"We teach the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit -
 a balanced presentation."

Then the speakers went on to teach about the Holy Spirit predominantly, Jesus Christ got a second casting, a  small position at that, and the  Heavenly Father (it appeared to me) was cut out altogether.

4. Alpha, the speakers insisted, utterly obeys God,  and nothing short of 100% commitment is enough. Now there were a number of funny twists to this. The commitment was to ALPHA, because we were told, ALPHA is the answer for the world, ALPHA is the tool in God's hands. When I pointed out to Mona Carter that Jesus Christ is the answer and He alone, she seemed nonplussed for a moment, but quickly recovered. Alpha does not obey GOD 100%, for they mix and co-operate with each and every group which is called a "Christian" denomination, they do not even consider the whole counsel of God which utterly  forbids  the people of God to collaborate with those who teach  false doctrine. Nor does Alpha teach, practice and encourage others to understand the whole Church teaching for these  Last Days in which we live. Alpha teaches revival, the BIBLE teaches a falling away; Alpha teaches that doctrine is not important, the Bible teaches that purity of doctrine is imperative; Alpha teaches the empowering of those who have never  died to self, as outlined in Romans 6-7, which means that the flesh is being empowered, but not of God. Alpha teaches revival, Kingdom Now, the Bible teaches a falling away into apostasy, and that the Kingdom will not be set up until Christ Jesus' Second Advent.

5. Most unattractive of all is the presentation of the "gospel" in the outreach  meetings of Alpha, which was shown in the training sessions of the conference. This is the main work of the outreach of Alpha, running  sessions which have the     unsaved (and others) invited to the home for a meal. The  presentation of the"gospel" is badly flawed, in a most subtle,  deceptive manner.

First, let us get a grasp of what a series of Alpha sessions is all about. The church members, any church, Catholic included, organise a series of fifteen sessions, all held in the home in the evenings. There are simple dinners served at each session, provided by the Alpha-trained group. The non-Christians, neighbours, contacts, are invited to these evenings. Each session proceeds strictly according to the Alpha plan, there are  even Alpha cook-books for the dinners - pasta, shepherds pie, lasagne, trifle. There are strict instructions about how these evenings are to be conducted, times, content, singing, prayers - all is laid out precisely. Remember, Alpha sessions are for the unsaved, (although the original Alpha courses started out as programs for new Christians, so that they could learn and grow).

At the training conference we were told a number of things which did not add up, all of these odd instructions actually made the "Gospel" message so weak in the Alpha sessions that a shocking parody of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was all that was left (hard to pick this out in the Alpha  manual).

1. We were told that being born, whether in the physical or the spiritual was a PROCESS, not a MOMENT in time. We were  told to act accordingly when dealing with the unsaved.

2. We were taught that the unsaved should not be confronted, that they should be honoured as humans made in the image of God. They should be affirmed, their opinions taken note of, they should be listened to, asked  questions like, "Who do you think Jesus is? How do you feel about Him? What do you believe about the Bible?" and so on. The leaders of the sessions are supposed to hardly talk at all, let the unbelievers talk, mostly listen because the unsaved are not used to people listening to them.

3. The sessions should be aimed, we were told, at the lowest, weakest visitor at the session! No higher, lest they be offended or left out. No hymns or choruses that brought  any deeper message than God as     Creator, or some such message - "All things bright and beautiful" was considered to be a good example.
4. Prayers by the leaders were to be of the one sentence  variety,
"Thank you Lord for the blessings of this day,
and for a this lovely food. Amen."

5. The "process" of the new birth in Christ was seen as  stretching over a long period, therefore it was not considered the right thing to "pressure" the unsaved to accept Christ as Saviour. The strange thing was that the "ministry" of the "Holy Spirit" was seen as being imperative, and it was stressed that a weekend away be held very soon in the proceedings. At this weekend away "ministry" was to be held, this being laying on of hands for "healing," "ministry" for experiences and healing of the emotional life - involving the calling of the Holy Spirit into the meetings.

Let us now examine these matters in view of Scriptural teachings, and one is able to see  quite clearly that Alpha's "Gospel" presentation is decidedly false! Why give the Gospel at all? Why would a Unity movement, which wants to bring people into a One World Church, want to have a Gospel message at all, one might ask.  Incongruous, surely? Could the answer be that in order to get the evangelical churches to accept Alpha there  must be a Gospel message, even though  watered down, for the evangelical churches value this more than anything else? The Catholics  might value Mary above all else, but evangelicals value the Gospel message, the evangel, the Good News. They would reason that if the Gospel is present, then all must be well.

1. Being born, either in the spiritual or the physical for that matter, is NOT a PROCESS, it happens in a MOMENT of time. Here I am speaking of the illustrations given at the conference. I can prove this easily in regard to physical birth. We were told by Mona Carter at the Alpha conference that the  birth of a baby is a process, just like being born-again or regenerated, or redeemed is in the spiritual sense. Is that so? No, it is not. She told us that the PROCESS goes on when the baby is in the womb, and when it is growing into a toddler. Well, consider the birth of a child. When the baby is in the womb do you say, "Oh, it is lovely that my baby is born, I am so glad." No! When the baby is becoming a toddler, do you say,  "this is wonderful, my baby is finally on the way to being born." No, you do not. The period when the baby is in the womb is NOT birth, nor is the period when a child is growing up birth. The only time when a baby is actually born is when the nurse cries, "its  a girl! or its a boy!" That is the MOMENT, a human being is born. We record that day as the child's birth-day, do we not? So it is with spiritual birth, it happens in a moment, that time is when a person accepts that Christ Jesus died for their own sin,  accepts Him as their own personal Saviour. They pass from death to life in a moment. Now there has obviously been a  work of God going on in the life before hand, just like the unborn child in the womb, and there will be a time when the baby Christian grows  and is taught, like the toddler. But the actual passing from death to life itself is NOT a process, even though some may hardly remember when that moment in time took place, such as those who grew up in Christian homes. Evangelistic  work is aimed at co-operating with God that people may pass from  death to life, by   accepting Christ, it is not leading them into a "process" and neglecting to urge them to accept Christ NOW.

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, teaches that the spiritual birth of the sinner is a process, which takes a  lifetime to complete, and is conditional on the receiving of GRACES, not once for all  GRACE as Biblical Christians believe. No wonder the Catholic Church  embraces Alpha, it is so like their own doctrine. The trouble is, with Alpha, they do not get down to making sure the unsaved accept Christ in the beginning of the session period, and so many must drop through the net The weak explaining of the actual sacrificial death of Christ was left until way down in proceedings, session ten or so, whilst the "ministry" of the "Holy Spirit" was right up near the beginning, after session two or three.

2. Should the unsaved be honoured, affirmed, listened to, not confronted, treated as those made in the image of God?. The Bible hardly gives such a picture. To evangelise a person one must show them that they are LOST IN SIN, SEPARATED FROM GOD, and that they have lost the  image of God in the Fall of man. The Bible shows us that when Adam and Eve sinned all persons after that were born in Adam's image, not God's. But we regain that image as we receive the new life of Christ Jesus (see   Genesis  5:3; II Corinthians 3:17,18). The pattern for evangelism is not "honouring" "affirming" the unsaved, and it is most certainly "confronting" for we are to confront the unsaved with the fact of their lost state. Of course this must be done with tact, humility and Godly love. How can they know that they must repent if they do not understand from whence they are coming, a lost, truly sinful state? (Romans 10:14).

"There is  none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is  none that  doeth good, no ,not one." (Rom. 3:10-12).

The message of Alpha to the unconverted is very like the Catholic mass, when we look at it. The "repentance" is watered down: forgiveness is needed because "we do things of which we are deeply ashamed. There is a self-centredness about our lives which spoils them.
Jesus said, `What comes out of you is what makes you unclean.'" (P.5, "Why Jesus? by Nicky Gumbel).

Note in the same booklet on p. 18:
"I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life (take a few moments to ask his forgiveness for anything particular that is on your conscience)..."

Now  repentance is NOT about a  human being knowing that there are certain things which spoil his/her life, about certain  wrong    actions which have  ruined our lives, and we  confess those to God. This is rather like the person who goes to Catholic confessional and tells the priest he is sorry for his various sins, and he gets absolution for  doing them. But, the real truth is that humans who are unsaved are ALL sin, are separated from God, lost, going to hell, without  any life at all, they are without any spiritual life and must be regenerated - born  anew.

Gumbel says this on p.16:
"None of us is good enough. Nor can we ever make ourselves good  enough for God."

Now this is not the message of the Bible, it is like we are "not good enough" NOT that we deserve death, we are unspeakably wicked and lost! Read more about the unsaved in Romans: "Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: their feet are swift to shed blood etc."

Look carefully at p.13 of
Nicky Gumbel's booklet, "Why Jesus?":

"People sometimes say, "You are what you are. You can't change." The good news is that with the help of the Spirit  we can change. The Holy Spirit gives us freedom to live the sort of lives that deep down, we have always wanted to live...."

Is this Scripturally correct? No, the Bible does NOT say that the  Spirit helps US to change, to live better lives, to live like we  always  wanted to live. The Gospel is a message, however, that  shows we can NEVER  change, that we need new life altogether, that Christ is willing to give us NEW LIFE which is not ruined utterly by sin. Deep down sinners have sinful natures which are lost, it is only when God convicts us of our lost state, our utter sinfulness, and we respond and receive new life which is Christ Jesus Himself, that we want righteousness and holiness. We, as the unsaved,  never wanted to be Godly at all, we were deep in sin.  This too is like a Catholic version of the "Gospel." (I John 5:11,12).

3. Can you imagine unconverted sinners straight out of the world gaining much from a group which did little talking or Bible teaching;       listened mostly to them;  who never confronted them with their lost state, but left them to enter a "process";  who gave "lessons" which were only aimed at the lowest common denominator  amongst them; who never prayed proper prayers, only child-like ones coming from the leaders; who subjected them to a "ministry" of a (admittedly mild) kind like the Toronto "revival" before they were even saved? No, Alpha is NOT a legitimate  evangelical ministry at all, it is a counterfeit.

4. The "Gospel" message in Alpha literature is very weak! It does NOT contain these vital ingredients: there is really no repentance, in Alpha it is as though a basically good person was sorry for the various bad things they do which spoil the good person's character and life;  there is no indication that the person has so offended God, that they are  under a sentence of hell unless they repent, or that God's wrath will come upon them if they do not repent.

Coming back to God is presented as though the reason was so that he/she could find a happier life and fulfilment, not that it is the only way of being saved from the wrath of God and eternal separation from God.

The whole message is designed so as to not offend the poor non-christian, and not "confront" him.

Alpha does contain comments about "repent" and "separated from God" but the messages are shallow in comparison to the "God loves you" and "you are a worthwhile person" concepts.

We were told in the Brisbane conference to make sure we were aware that the unsaved may be living in a sexual relationship which was not a married one, may have some other sinful lifestyles, but to be patient with them (words to that effect).
                               How far this is to go I cannot say.

Why would an unsaved person repent before God through Alpha when he/she is taught by the leaders:

 *... that he/she is in NOW in the image of God;
 *... that he is to be listened to, and asked his opinion about the Bible and Jesus Christ;
 *... he is to be honoured, deferred to, given meals,
 *... treated like a favoured guest.

Alpha is a not a tool in the hand of God, it is a tool in the hand of the ecumenical movement! The weak Gospel of Alpha may well inoculate sinners against the real Gospel, because they will assume that they are Christians when they have not come to God in reality at all. All efforts to really bring people to Christ as Saviour, with a Biblical Gospel, will be ceased, and all effort will be given to the Alpha trip!

Alpha trains up their home leaders to be so "encouraging" that a sugary residue is all that is left of Christian witness! These are some of the comments made by the Australian adviser, Mona Carter:

*..."sometimes" if all the people are Christian in the group (dinner group with Alpha) we do the Bible studies in the back of the manual.
*... Even if people speak real heresy, try to encourage them any way.
*... Give people the freedom to say what is on their minds, ask "what do you feel? What do you think?" (to unsaved people).

Rev.Bruce Sligo, Anglican priest, shows his New Age orientation by stating basically this premise:

*...We must leave the old ways behind (doctrine and mental understanding being paramount) and accept the NEW PARADIGM, which is experience seeking.

Being involved with Alpha will bring the church-goer into a full blown ecumenical movement which is rapidly heading down the One World Church trail, under the Vatican and the United Nations. There is no way that the Alpha organisation will avoid full inclusion into the politically-motivated One World and its government, it cannot because it is already so far advanced into the NWO. When people are moving along with Alpha, feel so much a part of it, revere such leaders as Nicky Gumbel, they will move easily and happily into the next step - UNION within Christendom and with non-Christian religious groups. The leaders church-goers will look up to and take note of will be the priests of the Anglican and Catholic churches, the ecumenical leaders of Alpha in their own countries, the Pentecostals who preach a fake "revival" fire - and all pure doctrine will be disposed of as irrelevant! The New Age experience-orientated global religiosity will be seen as merely another example of a search for God.

The reader will see that this is no little endeavour which has nice dinners and pleasant weekends of "ministry" together! It is far more than that, it is a politically-motivated, massive anti-reformation movement, a deception of these Latter Days.

  Paul Yonggi Cho;
  Billy Graham;
  John Wimber[late];
  Bill Hybels;
 all these are more are cited or embraced by Alpha.

ALL have apostate leanings and connections (see our Internet Website for more). Yet, legitimate preachers and teachers are also cited, which gives Alpha an appearance of being soundly Biblical and evangelical.

Some of the Charismatic, ecumenical and Catholic names that appear on the Alpha material are:

 Roger Forster, Icthus Christian fellowship;
 Charles Whitehead, International Catholic Charismatic Services;
 Michael Green and the Rt.Rev.d Michael Marshall,
 (Advisers in Evangelism to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York; )

 Gerald Coates, Director and Pioneer;
 The Archbishop of York and
 the Archbishop of Canterbury;
 Leighton Ford -
 and many more.

ALL of the main supporters or leaders are prime leaders also in the mass forming of the One World Church, under such groups as

 The World Council of Churches, [WCC]
 United Religions,
 The Vatican, and
 The World Parliament of Religions.

Videos on the life of the Archbishop of Canterbury were being sold at the Brisbane Alpha conference. We need to understand that Archbishop George Carey is a key person in the United Religions initiative of the New Age New World Order. A critique on this subject can be accessed on our Website:



Carey was in Australia for the World Conference on Religion and Peace held in Melbourne in July, 1997. Also present was Cardinal Francis Arinze, possibly the next Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. The Interfaith conference stressed the need for unity and diversity amongst ALL the religions of the world, not just the denominations of Christendom
                                (see Appendix Two).


Behind the scenes, behind the lovely little Alpha dinners, the warm and fuzzy feelings of unity, behind the smiling faces of deceived Alpha advisers, lurks the unity of all religions planned for the next millennium by the international elitists of the United Nations, the Committee of 300, and the emerging global government.

 (See Appendix Five for more on this).

The seriousness of what is happening through Alpha cannot be over stressed! ROMANISM is heavily to the fore in Alpha:

Session 13 White Alpha training manual pp 63-68 Video V Talk 14.    Romanism and Unity from Nicky Gumble.

What does Gumble teach the hundreds of thousands who now follow his astonishing teachings? Is it fair to say of the man that UNITY with the Vatican, UNITY under the emerging One World Church is his aim? Let us examine just a sample of his sentiments.
He says that the differences between Protestants and Catholics are:

"totally insignificant compared to the things that unite us...we need to UNITE around the death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus; the absolute essential things at the core of the Christian faith on which we are all agreed. We need to give people liberty to disagree on the things which are secondary."

Are the differences "secondary?" No, they are major, every one of the anathematizing Protestant doctrines in the Catholic Council of Trent are still there, in Catholic religious law and dogma, just as they were in the 16th century. So is the Inquisition structure, now under the name of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal in office being Joseph Ratzinger.

Hear Nicky Gumble again:
"We need to unite....there has been some comment which is not helpful to unity. Let us drop that and get on. It is wonderful that the movement of the Spirit will always bring churches together. He is doing that right across the denominations and within traditions....we are seeing the Roman Catholics coming now....nobody is suspicious of anybody else...People are no longer `labelling' themselves or others. I long for the day when we drop all these labels and just regard ourselves as Christians with a commission from Jesus Christ."  (Renewal, May 1995, p16).

This is sheer spiritual murder, in fact. The Catholic Church does not preach the Gospel of salvation by Grace through Faith (See Appendix Four). This means that multi-millions across the world who have never even heard the Gospel are trapped in the Catholic Church! Yet, Gumble wants to regard them all as Christians already, and laud and embrace the very prison they are in.
From the UK:
"`Adaptability' of the Alpha course to include Catholics, not necessarily to convert them, is referred to in Alpha's `unity', and I am concerned that Alpha is contributing...to the undoing of the Protestant Reformation through the promalgation of Ecumenism disguised as Christian Unity." (E. MacDonald, UK).

We must understand what the Catholic Church teaches and the power of this massive, political, horrifyingly wealthy organization. Two       contemporary books are recommended for investigation of the Vatican's political agenda, in our own day, and its Pope, doctrines and Cardinals:

"All Roads Lead to Rome"
[New Update Version]
by Michael de Semlyen, Pub.Dorchester House.
"A Woman Rides the Beast"
by Dave Hunt. Pub. Harvest House.

The Alpha course is not really new, it was used for 16 years at Holy Trinity Brompton, yet it was unknown. What happened to make it the giant monstrosity it is today? Eleanor Mumford of the South-West London Vineyard church went to Toronto Airport Vineyard church in Canada and came back filled with the demonic manifestations of the Toronto so-called blessing, in reality a curse! Nicky Gumbel, the main instigator of Alpha, was infected with TB, and so the roll of Alpha began, under the empowering of the false revival and the Satanic manifestations.

Gumbel explains this in video 2 talk 9:
"We went to their house....where a group of leaders of their church was meeting....Ellie Mumford told us a little bit of what she had seen in Toronto....it was obvious that Ellie was just dying to pray for all of us....then she said `Now we'll invite the Holy Spirit to come,' and the moment she said that, one of the people there was thrown, literally, across the room and was lying on the floor, just howling and laughing...making the most incredible noise...I experienced the power of the Spirit in a way I hadn't experienced for years, like massive electricity going through my body....One of the guys was prophesying. He was just lying there prophesying..."
Gumbel returned to HTB where he apologised for being late for a meeting due to what had happened. Asked to close this meeting in prayer he says,
" I prayed `Lord, thank you so much for all you are doing and we pray you'll send your Spirit' and I was just about to say `in Jesus name.Amen' and go out the door, when the Spirit came on the people who were in the room. One of them started laughing like a hyena..."

Notice here that Gumbel and the others just accepted the manifestations without question, although a devilish counterfeit had come upon them all! Note that BEFORE the name of Jesus Christ could be prayed, the "Spirit" came upon them, yet it is not sound or Scriptural to invocate the presence of the Holy Spirit in such a way. The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, and each and every true believer has the Holy Spirit indwelling them, received when we were born-again, we should never ask the "Holy Spirit" to come again, nor does God need to "send" His Spirit Who is already present with us and in us. What "spirit" then is this that causes such weird manifestations? Remember that Alpha was merely a small unknown Bible course, designed actually for the new Christians, before the enemy of men's souls empowered it for his own purposes of unity in a One World.
(Read Acts 2:1-4; I John 5:1; I Cor. 6:19; Romans 8:9-15;
Galatians 4:6; Ephesians 1:13; 4:30).

Today the key word for church growth is "UNITY!" One would imagine today that "growth" was the most important issue of the churches. Any compromise, method, collaboration or teaching is acceptable in this mind-set, as long as it brings "growth" - bottoms on pews, a prosperous, well filled church. So too is the key word for Alpha UNITY. Listen to how Alpha gets its followers hooked into accepting any and every doctrine, raging winds of evil doctrine, no matter how outrageous the teaching and teachers might be.

Says Nicky Gumbel:
"a disunited church, squabbling and criticising makes it very hard for the world to believe. "                     (Renewal, May 1995, p16).
"we make it a rule on Alpha never to criticise another denomination, another Christian church or a Christian leader."
                             (Telling Others, p114).
"Actually we must stop judging one another"
           (The Impact of Toronto, p83).

Does the Bible say this?
Of course it does not, although the leaders of Alpha claim to teach the whole counsel of God as taught in the Scriptures. Bruce Sligo in Brisbane urged his hearers to follow strictly the teaching of God's Word, he gave only lip-service to this injunction however, he said, "we must all stand before the Lord" in regard to teaching and obeying all Scripture. Yet, Bruce and other leaders of Alpha openly,     rebelliously, refuse to follow the simple instructions of God's Word in many ways. The areas of following of God's plan for the ages; the area of teaching the BIBLE'S prophecy messages in these endtimes are some instances of neglect and denial. The teaching of the Lord on refusing to co-operate with false teachers, judging false doctrine, turning away from apostates and so forth, all this is denied!

We are to judge and to test all teachings, all actions, prophecies and teachers, to see whether or not these are of God or not. Surely any sound Bible student knows this? What are we otherwise just gullible, foolish, naive sponges, who will soak up any lie or error, everything in fact we are told. We are to expose error not only for the sakes of those who may yet fall into the devil's traps, but for those who teach falsity as well, that they may recover themselves. For love of them.
Read the Scriptures for yourselves, beloved of God,
and see how dangerous Alpha is:
Acts 17:11 - to correct and rebuke; to disassociate with apostates who refuse to repent -
Romans 16:17, 18;II John 7-11; to publicly name and denounce those who are enemies of the Truth, who oppose the Truth, who lead others into the enemy's trap -
Matt.23:1-39; Gal.2:11-14; II Tim.2:14-26; Titus 1:10-14; III John 1:9,10.
(See our Website for more on this).

The Alpha training manuals seem to be Biblically sound at first glance, Bible verses appear here and there, written comments look vaguely familiar and correct, but wait a moment, are they a presentation of the Christianity of the Bible? Decidedly not! Let us investigate further.
In reality Alpha is about turning over a new leaf, changing one's own lifestyle into a "Christian" lifestyle, not about evangelism per se.     Comments by Ian Lewis, Evangelicals Now, December 1995 show the seriousness of the flawed messages of Alpha:

"Scripture tells us that salvation comes through hearing the gospel, and I would expect any course aimed at non-christians to concentrate primarily on the facts of the gospel. The Alpha course deals with basics of the gospel presentations, the remainder of the course deals essentially with what may be described as Christian living...When we used an adapted version of the course in our church, non-Christians were left behind by about the sixth week. They still had very fundamental questions about what Christians believe, which were not answered by talking about how Christians live, and for this reason the course seemed more suited to people who have already made a commitment to Christ."

Consider now that the initial, weakened "gospel" message given by   Alpha does not really contain anything which will lead to an authentic repentance on the part of the Alpha "guests", and add to this the      instruction which leads them on to simply living a "better" life, and you will understand that Alpha's teaching is not about new life in Christ, but about turning over a new leaf. This of course is impossible, for all are lost in sin, and cannot live a righteous life without totally turning from the old, and being sanctified by Christ's Life alone (Romans 3:10-12; Romans 6:6-13 etc). The result is a "gospel" which will fit very nicely thank you with the Romanistic doctrines of the Vatican.

There is much teaching about the Holy Spirit in Alpha, little sound teaching about Jesus Christ' death, resurrection, new life in Him, justification, hell and our escape through Christ from it, mankind's fall  and   total corruption in sin etc, etc. The teaching about the "Holy Spirit",  leads us to the Holy Spirit Weekend meetings. These are to be held very early in proceedings in the Alpha sessions.
What are they, and what are they about?

Mona Carter and other leaders at the Brisbane conference emphasised "experience" "feelings" "Holy Spirit ministry" "gifts" and "healing." The enthusiasm, earnest desire, to get going on "ministry" was evident,    coming from both leaders and conference attendees. At first I did not realise what "ministry" meant, "why can't we start `ministry' straight away in the Alpha sessions?" some queried. Then I understood that this meant laying on of hands, praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (?)"healing" getting messages which they saw as "a word of knowledge" about people's sicknesses and problems etc.

While I was wondering why the Gospel was not spelt out straight away in the sessions, i.e. completely explained, and a proper commitment to Christ as Saviour being sought, instead of saying that being born-again was a "process," others seemed not to care about this and were urging for the "Holy Spirit ministry."

Carter and company shared this enthusiasm, it seemed, and stressed that the "guests" should be taken on a weekend away after the second or third session (remember these are the unsaved "guests"). Perhaps we should look at the NEW AGE orientation which seems to be the result of these weekends away.

White Alpha training manual pp 26-36, Video talks 7-0:
"For a long time in the church the person and the work of the Holy Spirit has been ignored - a greater concentration on the Father and the Son." (p26).
"We live in the age of the Spirit." (p.29).
Nicky Gumbel, Bruce Sligo:
"This is the PARADIGM SHIFT, the age of experience."

The New Age has a concept of this being the Age of Aquarius (the age of the spirit, when experience in the spirit reigns supreme), and that the Age of Pisces has gone (the age of the mind-understood Bible-orientated religion). Both Nicky Gumbel and the Australian Alpha team   understood this concept quite well, and stressed that the "christian" church must move into it too! Have a look at this comment by Gumble on why the weekend away is so important:
"I have found on Alpha that those from an essentially enlightened background feel at home with the parts of the course which appeal to the mind, but often have difficulty in experiencing the Holy Spirit. Others coming from the New Age movement find that rational and historical explanations leave them cold, but at the weekend a away they are on more familiar territory in experiencing the Holy Spirit." (Telling Others, p19).

This is horrendous, for it is merely leading the unsaved New Agers into more of the same "spirit" interference from which Christian are seeking to free them from. How could an unsaved person really experience the Life of God without fully grasping the essence of the Gospel? This happens through the enlightening of the mind, as Scripture is explained and the Holy Spirit opens it to the seeking, repentant soul. No one can experience the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, or know salvation in their hearts, unless the unbelievers understand with their minds (Romans 10:13,14). The "rational and historical explanations" are the Gospel record (Acts 2:22-41; 8:26-38; 17:16-33). Only by the renewing of our minds are any changed, we are transformed in that manner, not by aping the New Age and seeking experience for its own sake (Romans 12:1,2; Psalm 19:7-11).
The MAIN EVENT seems to be the Spirit ministry, here is how Elizabeth MacDonald from the UK views this strange emphasis in Alpha:

"The Holy Spirit Weekend.
White Alpha training manual pp 26-36, Video III talks 7-9:
`For a long time in the church the person and work of the Holy Spirit has been ignored - a greater concentration on the Father and the nature of the Holy Spirit in relation to the Father and the Son, the statements effectively marginalise the first two sessions on the person and work of the Lord Jesus and serve to prepare the participant to accept unquestioningly anything that may occur during the weekend. Secondly, Christians have always referred to the period of time between the first and second advents as the age of Grace, or Church age. That has not changed. Why then encourage, in today's precarious spiritual climate, the New Age concept of the Age of Aquarius?"                                                                                  (End of quote).

Sadly for those who are deceived by Alpha, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is given to us in the Bible, which is the "rational and historical explanations", and the sinner must apprehend with his/her MIND, the truths therein, and be convicted of sin, righteousness and judgement to come by the Holy Spirit.(Acts 2:22-41; 6:9-7:60; 8:26-38; 17:16-33). The whole Christian walk for the believer is through the renewing of the MIND and thus he/she is transformed and made into the image of Christ (see Romans 12:1,2; Psalm 19:7-11).

NOTE the confusion in this testimony, redemption in Christ and the new birth are not understood, and experience and "baptism in the Holy Spirit" are stressed:
"[M]y wife encouraged me to read an article in a magazine about Alpha Course at HTB. What had stuck in my mind was how the work of the Holy Spirit was described as of paramount importance. I knew in my heart I had to have his power in my life at any cost. So I....enrolled on the course and focused on the weekend where the work of the Holy Spirit is discussed....Never mind the weeks of pre-med, I just wanted to get into the operating theatre....I looked at the order of play, saw the third session on `How can I be filled with the Spirit' (which I identified as the main one) was at 4:30pm and simply hung on like a marathon runner weaving his way up the finishing straight with nothing but the finishing tape as the focus of his attention...the prize was so near but we were getting there so slowly. I literally wanted to scream out `Do it now! Do it now! I can't hold out any longer.' I'm not exaggerating when I say I was in agony. Then Nicky Gumbel invited the Spirit to come and oh, the relief..." (Interview in Renewal, Oct, 1995, p16; Telling Others pp36-37).

Note the UNITY and acceptance of ALL in the next quote, no matter what doctrines they might have. This Alpha is smashing down the reformation entirely and bringing in a One Church by the power of an alien "Spirit!" This "Spirit" is anointing the deceived ones into a common experience of UNITY, through the counterfeit "Baptism." Note the drawing power of Alpha, which is supernatural, not of the God of the Bible:
"Pat McVeigh, a Catholic who lives in Drumcree, Portadown...said:
`I did Alpha at Rostrevor and I was in a mixed group of Catholics and Protestants. The atmosphere was wonderful because there weren't any divisions over doctrine and I was accepted as I was  - a Christian. There was a great bond between us and every week as I left my home in Drumcree, it was as if a magnet was drawing me to the course. The meal and the friendships in the small group were so marvellous. It made me aware that Jesus through His Spirit was very much alive and was bringing us as a divided community together as members of one body. I've made friends on Alpha with Catholics and Protestants and there's a bond and harmony between us which nothing can break."

Alpha Australia insisted that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and being born-again, or regenerated, happen at one and the same time. This seems rather sound until one grasps that being justified by understanding and trusting in Christ's shed Blood alone for the remission of sin, has been REPLACED by the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit!" In Bible-based churches the complaints about the Charismatic Movement have always been that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit happens at the time of the regeneration, it is not a second blessing as taught by the C.M., Alpha has another twist to it. Now the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" seems to have taken over as the main event altogether, it is no longer a second blessing, it is rebirth, it is conversion! No, not as Bible-based Christians believe at all, the `experience' has become ALL, real trust by faith in the Word of God is a secondary, non-essential matter, even a part of the outmoded Age of Pisces.

What are we left with here?
Alpha sees laying the "spirit" trip on the unsaved as being evangelism, far, far more than it does explaining the Gospel message and leading a person to simple faith in what Christ did when He died for our sin. So, when an unbeliever goes along to the Holy Spirit Weekend, the Main Event, Alpha sees him as getting born-again by receiving the Spirit. What they truly get, it certainly appears, is a demonic counterfeit which will bind them in spiritual bondage, yet they will be convinced by the "experience" that they are saved. The victim has never had the Gospel explained adequately, he has not been told to repent, he has not been led to see he is a lost soul under God's wrath going to hell unless he repents, he does not know how to accept BY FAITH that Christ shed His Blood for him, to take his punishment - he is not a regenerated believer, yet he participates in the Holy Spirit Weekend!

The depth of these counterfeits by the evil angels can only be vaguely apprehended at this point, we do know that the entire life of the victim is changed indeed, and that it is certainly possible that the `experience' will lead the deluded into the inevitable accepting of the Antichrist as the "Christ" in future days.

From Ian Cook of the UK we get this disturbing news:

Christian Friends.
Let what has happened to a leading minister here in England, be a warning to all. Tony Higton, until recently was a champion of orthodoxy at the General Synod of the Church of England and famous throughout the land for his Biblical stand on sexual issues. In his own words,"About a year ago I began to get quite uneasy about how I was reacting to things;I couldn't put my finger on why". He then relates how a Baptist minister friend who had experienced the    Toronto Blessing, prayed for him.
He says,"it was a life changing experience","I suppose my eyes were opened. I began to see that I was focusing far too much on the negative. I was not affirming what was good." Well his new insight has led him to seek what is good in the New Age Movement and to have dialogue to that end. While he does not believe crystals actually heal, he now believes they can help in prayer and meditation      towards healing. Now he has the crystals mentioned in Revelation, mounted in the south transept of his church. Clifford Hill relates a similar "change of heart" after a Toronto-ist prayed over him.

This is surely a warning to us all about the company we keep, what we let people do, and how contagious this Toronto disease is if we allow ourselves to be in vulnerable situations. I had a lady come to my church to be "cleaned up"after a similar experience. She found herself completely bound up after someone suddenly "felt led" to pray for her in a meeting. Because it was a `christian' gathering she never imagined she could come to any harm; she trusted the other person, not wanting to cause offence.

So let all this be a warning to those who think they can mix things and get away with it.We always need to be alert as the Lord Jesus said many times; and especially so when we are in mixed `christian'company. Never let anyone pray over you suddenly.     Always check out the company you are in.
Yours in the Lord, Rev.Ian Cook [UK].

The Alpha Course is an example of the gathering forces which are bringing in an anti-reformation move. The movement is global: the move is more than ecumenism in action, it is syncretising the      religions of the world into UNITY under the Pope and the United Religions of the international community. This quote from Despatch magazine, Australia, will give some idea of how breathe-takingly immense and totally alien to the God of the Bible this Unity is:

Note that the Archbishop of Canterbury hails Alpha as "immensely encouraging" in this quote from:

Alpha News, p.1, December 1996:
"The Archbishop of Canterbury has cited the growth of Alpha as part of `an immensely encouraging picture' in the church    today. He was speaking at the national conference of Anglican Renewal Ministries recently when he concluded his address by saying: `One of my privileges is to see some of the many good things that are going on in this country and overseas.' He then listed four aspects of `our own Church' which are `just a small part of an immensely encouraging picture.' One was the expansion of Alpha."

The Archbishop of Canterbury is a prime mover in the Union of all religions for the New Age! His overwhelming support for the World Conference on Religion and Peace was revealed at the Melbourne conference this writer attended in 1997. These were the words of Archbishop Carey as he summed up the union envisioned by the neo-pagans globally. The Conference Report, an official government report, from Melbourne:

"On the first day of the conference...After lunch, Mr Lindsay G.G. Moyle invited the Archbishop of Canterbury to address the gathering. Noting the importance of the conference about to begin, the Archbishop referred to the ancient legend of the three rings of identical appearance given by a king to his three sons. One of the rings held the true essence of things and was eternal, but only the king knew which one. Each son held that his was the one true ring, and with no way of testing it, in a way each was correct. The Archbishop suggested that the three rings could stand for three different world religions. Each one claims to have the `special ring', and in some ways each one is correct in its claim. Archbishop Carey used this parable to say something about equality in the face of diversity."

The Bible tells Christians clearly that there was ONE SON, not three. There is ONE WAY to God, not many, and that Way is Jesus Christ Himself, the ONLY begotten Son of God. To deny this basic Truth is blasphemous. God sent His Son into the world to die for the sin of all men, there is no other Saviour. There are no three gifts, as the parable presents, there is but one gift, Eternal Life in Jesus Christ our Lord:"And this is the record, that God has given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; He that hath not the Son of God, hath not life." I John 5:12.

The neo-paganism at the Melbourne conference of WCRP was totally unacceptable to a redeemed child of God who honours the Lord God Almighty. Yet, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who so empowers Alpha from behind the scenes, embraced that conference with delight! Present also was the man who could well be the next Pope, Cardinal Francis Arinze, who is also a prime mover for the New Age globalists United Religion for the planet. Arinze is the President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue. Both men stress the need for active interaction and co-operation with all religions, and believe that all religions have a way to God, thus denying Christ Jesus as the only Son who was sacrificed for the sin of the world. The most disturbing aspect of that conference which Carey opened was the fact that all present, every leader, agreed together that God was unknown and unknowable.
                            (See Appendix Two).
A portion of the official prayer from that conference of WCRP in Melbourne shows just how pagan, even evil, the conference and its members were. There was much enthusiasm for the `god' of the Australian aboriginals, the Rainbow Serpent (Dreamtime). Christians should       realise who this serpent is. (Genesis 3:1-6).

"For our togetherness, for our unity as sons and daughters of the earth in this vast and ancient soil of the Dreamtime; In the presence of the ineffable Other, the Only Being of infinity, the Numinous  Beyond, the One and the Ultimate, the Alpha and Omega, the     Unknown and Unknowable, Lord of the Cosmos, Centre of Creation God..."

Christians KNOW that God is certainly "knowable" in Christ Jesus our Saviour, then why would Archbishop Carey embrace with great fervour the ravings of this WCRP conference, if he was a man of God at all? He would not peddle Alpha if it was not also a tool in the hands of those who are UNITING for a world religion.

Alpha is vastly more than just a pleasant way to evangelise your neighbours. It is far more than even the spurious ecumenical movement.   Alpha is unity in diversity in a New Age One World, an integral part of the United Religions under a New Age United Nations. More details about this gigantic movement would give insight here:

1. The UR network is expanding now, which includes the Gorbachev Foundation and the WCRP. UR under the headship of Bishop William E. Swing an Episcopalian of California, USA, is a Masonic one-world church institution which partners with the Gorbachev Foundation/USA based at the Presidio, a former military base in San Francisco.
2. The UR goal is : "A U.N. for religion" that will foster peace. "We are going to end this millennium with peace among religions. There is untapped solidarity among religions." Bishop Swing said this at a syncretic service. (Scheinin, "Faith in Dialogue." and Lattin, note 28). The State of the World Forum is helping to set up the UR, which Forum's members include: Federico Mayor, Director of UNESCO; Desmond Tutu (a WCRP member); New Age leader Ted Turner; New Age "guru" John Naisbett and Steve Donovan, former president of the infamous New Age centre, the Esalen Institute - plus many powerful politicians and New World Order figures.

3. UNION is the need, as seen by these apostate religious "christian" leaders, with a New Age "peace" being the aim. Evangelicals, Pentecostals and Catholics are being successfully united through such seductive scams as Alpha, all very helpful for UR and the UN One World. Behind the facade, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the various bishops of both the Catholic and the Anglican (Episcopalian is "Anglican" in the USA) use many ways to bring union in this New Age, including the hugely successful Alpha. If you doubt that, consider the Lambeth Conference held this July in Britain, where Alpha was given a centre stage treatment!

Do we Christians need the Alpha Course at all? There is no need for any Church fellowship to promote Alpha, thinking that its merits outweigh its short-comings. Any Church or fellowship that has the true Gospel and the Bible knows very well how to witness to the Gospel message of Salvation. Most authentic Christian churches must know how to creatively present evangelical teaching on how to be saved, without Nicky Gumbel's help. We all have the instruction of the Holy Spirit in the Word, and the experience of being born-again ourselves, surely we know how to tell others, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Do we need instruction in planning a meal for the unsaved? Hardly, this is a simple enough matter. Why be involved with Alpha at all, if we are aware that teaching within it is unbalanced, experience and feeling orientated and it is pushing a false revival. A re-definition of the Gospel message is happening in many ways in the 1990s, Alpha is another version which does not meet the standards of the New Testament. Alpha is sinister in its intentions, and I offer no apology for making this statement!
"Apostate Christendom is unifying world religion, which under the surface is as bloodthirsty as it ever was. Once religions of the world combine with the New Age to form one great ecumenical and multi-faith monopoly, God's `little flock' will yet again be as to the slaughter. `Wake up' is the cry of the watchman. Regardless of the cost, our responsibility is to speak out the truth to all whom we might reach, and redouble our prayers that Christ's words in Matthew will not apply to them:
"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy Name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name dome many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."  ("All Roads Lead to Rome? The Ecumenical Movement."
p.213. by Michael de Semlyen. Pub. Dorchester House.)

The following article appeared in The Times, UK, 11 May, 1996:
"Woman Leads Church Boycott in Row over Evangelical Pig Snorting. A woman has walked out of her church and is holding services in her living room, because she says she cannot bring herself to `snort like a pig and bark like a dog' on a Church of England course. Angie Golding, 50, claims she was denied confirmation unless she signed up for the ALPHA COURSE, which she says is a `brain-washing' exercise where participants speak in tongues, make animals noises and then fall over. She has left the evangelical St Marks in Broadwater Down, Kent, with 14 members of the congregation and founded a church at home in Turnbridge Wells. She said: "I'll be a fool for the Lord any day, but I won't be a fool for man.' However, the church last night denied that she had been refused confirmation, and course organisers said she had misunderstood the nature of the event...."
Robert Muller, a Catholic and a former Assistant to the Secretary General of the UN, and Chancellor of the University for Peace, has said:
"We need a world or cosmic spirituality...I hope that religious leaders will get together and define...the cosmic laws which are common to all their faiths....
We must also hope that the Pope will come before the year 2000 to the United Nations, speak for all the religions and spiritualities on this planet and give the world the religious view of how the third millennium should be a spiritual millennium...."
(World Goodwill Newsletter, 1989, no.4,pp 1,3)

ALMIGHTY GOD has shown His redeemed people:
" For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,)
But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in Him: and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by Him."   Praise His Name!


Note the political involvement with the NWO World Bank in this next article. The Anglican Church, UK, and the Archbishop of Canterbury are leading the way, with the Vatican, in establishing a new world under the occult internationalist. Note the Interfaith interaction, in preparation for the One World Church:

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 18th February, 1998.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is today hosting unprecedented talks between religious leaders and the WORLD BANK on improving society. More than 20 world religious figures have been flown to London at the expense of the World Bank for a two-day conference in Lambeth Palace.It is the first time the World Bank has formally acknowledged the role of religion in helping countries to develop. Until now, it has relied principally on its relationships with governments in planning development programmes. James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, andthe Archbishop Dr. George Carey, said in an opening statement:
"We shall be exploring questions about what constitutes successful development, bearing in mind the importance of religious, cultural, social and environmental aspects of society's well-   being."
The principle faiths will be represented, including Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs and Taoists.

Among the participants will be the Crown Prince of Jordan and the Aga Khan, representing Islam, and Swami Vibudhesha Teertha, the first monk to travel outside India.
The conference hopes to discover what different faiths understand by poverty, prosperity and development. Prince Philip last night  invited all religious leaders to a reception at Buckingham Palace. (by Victoria Combs. Churches Correspondent).

Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS)
# 1520 & 1533, February 23-24.
"World Bank to meet world faith leaders at Lambeth Palace.
The dialogue - named "World Faiths and Development" - will be
so-chaired by James Wolfensohn and George Carey..."

ALPHA NEWS- March,June, 1998:
"Anglican bishops from all over the world are being invited to     attend the London Alpha Conference in July (1998), which is to take place a few days before the Lambeth Conference.

Around 800 bishops are expected to attend the Lambeth Conference, which takes place every 10 years and it is hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

At the Conference itself, Nicky Gumble has been invited to present an evening seminar to the bishops...."

NOTE the paganism of the Image in a great Dome being prepared in the UK, instrumental in this Interfaith Dome construction is the Anglican Church, UK, and the Lambeth Conference. The Dome is to be a peace meeting place for all faiths, an Interfaith worship centre. From the UK we read:
 "The news just broke ... that part of the plans for the Millennium Dome at Greenwich ...now include a "colossus" standing astride the meridian line on the Dome site.

Earlier reports had sought to play down the sex of the seated statue inside the Dome, though reports had this as a woman.
This new statue (standing 60feet high) is definitely a woman, though I'd really like to see some more graphics and photos before making up my mind, because from the picture in the Daily Telegraph today it does     appear to me to have somewhat pendulous genitalia, and thus could be androgenous....About the statue itself; it looks aboriginal, the hips and pelvis are exaggerated as if the focus is there. Above the head there is a star, sun or comet being caught in her outstretched hand. This appears to be leaving a trail in an arc above her head.
However, the symbol can be interpreted in many ways. One often sees new-age artefacts with a design of sun and moon, and little wooden suns and moons are on sale in new-age shops. Also, the sun and moon are often used in Masonic/Kabbalistic and Rosicrucian illustrations.
This is because they represent the twin eyes, the twin gods of the heavens, male and female, yin and yang, light and dark - the opposites. Obviously, the two together represent harmony and balance.
       Since this statue is going to be striding the meridian, it seems to me a perfect metaphor for world unity - the uniting of east and west. Thus, the arc above her head could be seen as the moon, and the "star" shaped object as the sun.
Nonetheless, even the symbol of the "star-catcher" is intriguing in itself, and the picture of a comet is prophetic in light of Revelation!
No doubt if we could see the illustrations that inspired this statue we would see much more clearly what it means."
Tricia Tillin Banner Ministries


NOTE: the World Conference on Religion and Peace here in Australia was opened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey,(who is no doubt a prime mover of Alpha). Carey is cited by Alpha as a religious figure-head. A snippet of Report I, there were three reports in all,      follows:

by W.B. Howard.
     "And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written,       MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:" (Revelation 17:4-6).
The three day conference which I attended in Melbourne, as a     delegate, this July, 28-30, (1997) was an experience of a life-time for me! The sheer shock of that gathering is with me day and night - it will take time to come back to "normal". In our own country, political and religious leaders from across the globe, and Australia, gathered to confer on the global intentions of the New Age - the dignitaries in Australia this July were truly       remarkable.
MAURICE STRONG, New Age leader who headed the NWO Earth Summit, was in Australia;
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey was in        Melbourne to open the Multicultural Conference;
Cardinal Francis Arinze, tipped by many to be the next Pope of the Catholic Church, was at the Religious Conference in      Melbourne.
The Governor General of Australia, Sir William Deane, was in attendance at The Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference in Melbourne.
Many other political big names gathered there also.

A profusion of religious leaders came together,
Anglican and Catholic Archbishops in purple and scarlet,
Buddhists in saffron robes, Islamic leaders, Greek Orthodox priests, Jewish Rabbis, Quaker leaders, World Vision representatives, Salvation Army officers, Uniting Church ministers, the Church of Christ was represented - many others.

The Australian Multicultural Foundation, executive director, Mr Hass Dellal, the President/Moderator of the World Council on Religion and Peace, took a lead role in the three day and two night conference. We were given a glamorous cocktail reception at Parliament House on the Monday night.

The actual program planning committee comprised:
The Hon.Sir James Gobbo AC, the Governor of Victoria
(Then Chairman of the Australian Multicultural Foundation 1988 - April 1997);
Mr B.(Hass) Dellal OAM, Australian Multicultural Foundation;
Dr. John Bodycomb OAM, World Conference on Religion and Peace Australia;
Professor Desmond Cahill, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology;
Dr Fiona Hill, World Conference on Religion and Peace Australia;
Rev. John Baldock (1996), World Conference on Religion and Peace.

Supporting sponsors were:
Victorian Multicultural Commission, the National Australian Bank, The University of Melbourne and the State Government of Victoria.
Members and Signatories of the
Australian Multicultural Foundation include:
The Hon. Mr John Howard MP (Prime Minister of Australia) and
the Hon. Mr Kim Beazley MP (leader of the Opposition).

The New Age international organizations "Conflict Resolution Network" and "Unity and Diversity Council" took centre stage during proceedings. The conference finished on the recommendation that we should all listen to one another, those in other religions, and we should all listen to the NEW AGE! Perhaps the strange spiritual darkness of that conference can be grasped in the "Prayer of Togetherness" at the Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference Dinner. The lights were dimmed, there was only the illumination of one candle at each table, approximately 250 dignitaries and delegates bowed together, to the words of this "prayer":
     "Let us focus on the candle, the small quivering fire the light in the darkness, the call to evening prayer, the call to thanksgiving.....for our togetherness for our  unity, as sons and daughters of the earth in this vast and ancient land, this sacred soil of the Dreamtime.

     In the presence of the ineffable Other, the Holy Being of Infinity, the Numinous Beyond, the One and the Ultimate,the Alpha and the Omega, the Unknown and the Unknowable, Lord of the Cosmos, Centre of Creation God, the God of power and righteousness. We pray to you in the immensity and grandeur  of the world (et al)."

As the above prayer shows, the conference speakers were in total agreement that no religion knows God, that God is unknowable! These religious "holy men" agreed that God was the "unknown" and "unknowable", and these were presented as the Godly leaders of the new global spirituality which will unite the planet in the next Millennium. How remarkable this is! Yet a simple believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, regenerated, washed in the Blood of the Lamb, sitting in their midst, can cry from a heart filled with gratitude - I KNOW GOD, through my relationship with the Precious Saviour Jesus Christ, God's Son.

The prayer above shows how far away Australia is, in the 1990s, to the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Only Son of God, who came to die for the sin of the world on Calvary's Cross. God
is now no longer even knowable, He is just the impersonal energy of the earth, Lord of the Cosmos, Cosmic "Christ", the       Rainbow Serpent of the aboriginal Dreamtime.

The conference's saw the one cardinal sin of any religion as being ABSOLUTISM. There was general consensus that all religions tended to believe that they held absolute Truth, and that all
others were relative to them. This was decried as pride, refusal to embrace others, separatism which tended towards war-like aggression, bigotry and spiritual blindness. The religious leaders of Islam, Baha'i, the Quakers, Catholic and Anglican priests, Buddhists and all the rest of the eclectic crew sat passively, showing veneer      accord at any rate. The atmosphere was "loving", "harmonious", people mixed together with overt graciousness and intention to sink their differences. Sadly, the New Age globalists have sinister plans for them all, just over the horizon.

The predominate recommendation was that Interfaith training and dialogue ( or indoctrination?) must be embraced by all religions. No exemptions. This is mandatory, political, religious syncretism as international law!" (End of quote).

(Archbishop Carey of Canterbury was in full agreement with the      conference and its beliefs and aims, he was infact the head notary).

[Q'ld. Archbishop Hollingworth was in the same Conference workshop as the Despatch Editor above.
This Alpha Course is held in his Diocese of Brisbane.]

The Three Reports on the Melbourne,
Religion & Cultural Diversity Conference,
can be obtained ~

From our website for free:


St. Bartholemew's Church, Cambridge comments.
Ian Lewis from St Bartholemew's Church Bath, UK,
made these  remarks on the Alpha Course:

"One of the clearly-stated principles of the course is that; `Evangelism is integrally related to the supernatural display of the power of the Holy Spirit.' The explanation of this makes it clear that is does NOT refer to the work of the Holy Spirit in convincing of sin and regeneration, but rather to the expectation of visible and audible manifestations of the Spirit at work primarily in healing and speaking in tongues.

Indeed the (Alpha)Training Manual describes `a model for ministry' which includes the following instructions: `Encourage the person to start to speak in another language - tell him/her you will do so yourself.' This seems to be in accord with the teaching given in the talk `How can I be filled with the Spirit?' which concentrates on the gift of tongues and includes practical instructions on how to pray for that particular gift."

Ian Lewis goes on:
"...Scripture tells us that salvation comes through hearing the gospel, and I would expect any course aimed at non-Christians to concentrate primarily on the facts of the gospel. The Alpha Course deals with the basics of the gospel in two sessions: `Who is Jesus?' and "Why did Jesus die?' While these are unequivocal gospel presentations, the remainder of the course deals essentially with what might be described as Christian living.
One of the problems of proclaiming the gospel in a post-modern world is that the culture itself warms much more readily to lifestyle than to doctrine. But the Christian lifestyle is not Christian faith.

When we used an adapted version of the course in our church, non-Christians were left behind by about the sixth week. They still had very fundamental questions about what Christians believe which were not answered by talking about how Christians live, and for this    reason the course seemed more suited to people who have already made a commitment to Christ. I am sure that many people are being converted to a Christian lifestyle rather than to Christ."
                                                                              (End of quote).
The need for a One World "Spirit" or "Holy Spirit" is vital to the forming of a world religion. Jesus Christ our Lord is a restricting figure to interfaith leaders. His "image" is confining, in that the various faiths of the globe cannot absorb the Name of all Names into their religions. But the " Holy Spirit" can fit each and every faith, in a sense. It could mean the great white spirit of the    Australian aboriginals, or the Red Indian pantheistic creation spirit, or the Green Man spirit of the environmentalists - the sky is the limit.
When Alpha stresses the "Holy Spirit" and down-plays Jesus Christ they are being very politically correct in a way, although the deceived leaders in different countries may not realise this. Soon all religions will be unified under the "Spirit" of this Aquarian Age, in a "paradigm shift", and Alpha is right there going along rapidly into the One World of the New Age New World Order.


By Cecil Andrews "Take Heed" Ministries.

Th[e above] booklet launched formally in July 1998 to coincide with a visit to Ireland by Mr J.I.Packer (one of the supporters of similar documents issued in America in 1994 and 1997) will pose a major problem for good Roman Catholics (an expression used by Mr Packer to denote which Roman Catholics are brothers and sisters in Christ of Evangelical Protestants when he defended his endorsement of the first American ECT document) and for Bible believing (Protestant) Christians. The major problem is this - WHO DO PEOPLE BELIEVE? Do they believe the      people who drew up this Irish ECT document or do they believe the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church for they are not one and the same even though the Irish ECT document had Roman Catholic   participants on what the booklet refers to as the Group Participants (ie. those who drafted the document) and list of those who endorsed the content of Irish ECT document including leading Roman Catholic clergy as well as laity.

On page 3 of this document we read -
`Salvation is by grace, received by faith, with no help needed from good works or religious observances done to improve our chances of being saved. Introducing works of any kind would only serve to detract from the glory that rightly belongs to God alone, by affording us grounds for boasting and claiming merit.'

That is a fine biblically-correct statement but THE PROBLEM is that the Roman Catholic Church denies such teaching and places a curse (`anathema') upon those who do not believe in the absolute necessity of `good works' for their salvation. The Council of Trent (the teachings of which were fully re-affirmed by the Vatican II council in the 1960's - On page 412 of Vatican II Volume 1 we read - `This sacred council accepts    loyally the venerable faith of our ancestors in the living communion which exists between us and our brothers who are in glory of heaven or who are yet being purified after their death [ie in purgatory]; and IT PROPOSES AGAIN THE DECREES of the Second Council of Nicea, of the Council of Florence and OF THE COUNCIL OF TRENT') made the following decree under Session 6 Canon 24 -

`If anyone says that the justice received is not preserved and also not increased before God THROUGH GOOD WORKS but that those works are merely the fruits and signs of justification obtained but not the cause of its increase [and the grounds of acceptance by God] let him be anathema.' (or ACCURSED).

The contradiction is emphasised again on page 4
of the Irish ECT document:
`We agree that justification is not earned by any good works or  merits of our own'

The statement quoted from Trent teaches that justification is        `preserved' and `increased before God THROUGH GOOD WORKS.


J.I. PACKER is cited and his books recommended by Alpha.
(Example, "Alpha Manual" p.36).


WEBSITE FOR ANGLICAN/UNITED NATIONS PRESENCE: http://www.aco.org/united-nations/

The Anglican Church, from which the ecumenical Alpha Course has arisen, is integrated into the NWO United Nations, it is a political/religious organisation aligned in every way with the agenda and aims of the globalists. To prove this is a simple matter, one only has to access the Anglican Church's website on Internet. The United Nations has a One World agenda, with a One World Religion of worship of Mother Earth, the pantheistic Spirit, as the new religion. All unity endeavours in the ecumenical movement are now merging into the Interfaith global movement of the UN, under the New World Order. The Anglican course, Alpha, and its ties to such endeavours are plain to see - from the Anglican website:
This July, 1998, the global Anglican Church met at Lambeth in London, for the conference which will take the Anglicans world-wide into the next millennium. In every possible way the Anglican Lambeth Conference has shown it has fitted right in with every UN/NWO plan or enterprise.
 The Lambeth conference has supported:
  The merger with the Roman Catholics;
  The agenda for Interfaith as proposed by the global community;
  The New Age environmental "Save Mother Earth" propaganda;
  The New International Economic Order, with World Bank;
......every part of the New Age NWO agenda.

Some snippets from the Lambeth Conference documents follow.
Bear in mind that what the Lambeth Conference stands for, so  does     Alpha Course. Nicky Gumble was there at that scandalous conference, under the headship of the Archbishop of Canterbury as an Anglican. So attuned to these New Age NWO plans was Gumble that he actually lectured to the delegates. Can the reader see that Alpha is about Unity in the United Nations occult One World? That INTERFAITH with other religions is behind the curtains, not just the ecumenical movement?

lAMBETH WEBSITE: http://www.lambethconference.org/


 25 JUL 98 . LC052
Plenary will probe the varied nature of Muslim-Christian relation

26 JUL 98 . LC051
World Bank president criticizes International debt video

26 JUL 98 . LC050
Lambeth Plenary focuses on issue of international debt

25 JUL 98 . LC049
Remarks of Jim Wolfensohn, World Bank President to the Lambeth    Plenary on International Debt

25 JUL 98 . LC048
Remarks of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane to the Lambeth Plenary on International Debt

24 JUL 98 . LC047
Parishes help pay Lambeth bills Activities

The following activities and projects were inaugurated, implemented and supported, in some way, by the Lambeth Conference, the Primates Meeting and the Anglican Consultative Council:
 Partners in Mission
 Companion Dioceses Programmes
 Inter-Church Ecumenical Conversations
 (with the Lutheran, Oriental Orthodox, Orthodox
 Reformed and Roman Catholic Churches)
 Anglican Cycle of Prayer & Anglican World
 Inter-Anglican Theological And Doctrinal Commission
 The Anglican Centre in Rome
 The Liturgical Consultation
 Inter-Anglican Publishing
 Inter-Anglican Information Network
 United Nations Observer
 Inter-Anglican Networks

"Redeeming Creation" The Right Reverend James H . Ottley

Anglican Observer at the United Nations -
United Nations, N.Y. 27 June 1997

        Mr. Chairman, committee members, honored quests, I am honored to be in the company of so many distinguished persons who are committed to the protection of earth and all the gifts that it continues to share with us all.  As one who looks views creation from a holistic and biblical context, I commend you to a passage in the creation story from Genesis 9:8-17. This passage concludes with God's commission to all living creatures to go out into the world to be fruitful and multiply. These passages also speak to us about a few different things. We are invited to consider the virtues of freedom and responsibility, enjoyment and obligation, sacrifice and our interconnectedness, interdependence and inter-relationships.
         As human beings we are part of the natural world that has been created for individual and collective betterment. It is important that we underline that human beings can neither claim ownership or complete authority over all things. We are not caretakers nor custodians of the world that     sustain our lives and the well-being of all God's creation. What makes us different is love, compassion, self-less love that makes us one with God and in so doing, we become one with all of God's creation.  Despite the best of our intentions, however, we have not treated this world with the love, care, and respect, with which God treats all of us. Where respect was due, we have been negligent. Where honor and reverence was due, we have       exposed our sinful desires of greed and self-gain at the expense of others in our world. And perhaps most significantly, we have broken a sense of community, a sense of unity of being, which exists, moves, and thrives among all living things.
         The noted Brazilian theologian, Leonardo Boff, in his book, Ecology and Liberation, once noted: "Everything that co-exists, pre-exists. And    everything that co-exists and pre-exists subsists by means of an infinite web of all-inclusive relations. Nothing exists outside relationships (p.7). As    human beings relationships are central to our physical and emotional well-being. We enter and sustain relationships with other human beings but we are also deeply committed to sustaining a healthy relationship with the   environment and with the earth that sustains all life. All the relationships we enter into are sustained in an intricate mosaic. All of creation is inter-connected.


The Dilemma of the International Debt Crisis.

                     by The Right Reverend James H. Ottley
Anglican Observer at the United Nations

Executive Council Meeting,
Episcopal Church Seattle,
                                                              Washington. June 14, 1995

May I first express my thanks to the Presiding Bishop, Edmond Browning, for inviting me to come and to share with you some ideas about   the International Debt Crisis. Thanks also to Mrs. Pam Chinnis,         President of the House of Deputies for her reception here this morning. Bishop Browning and Mrs. Chinnis have been friends and supporters of my ministry as the Bishop of Panama, as President of Province IX and now as Anglican Observer AT the United Nations.

During recent years, in addition to local ecumenical negotiations and projects, the Anglican Communion has been engaged in international dialogues with a number of major churches, including the ~

 Roman Catholic Church,
 the Lutheran World Federation,
 the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and
 the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

Through the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches, it has also been engaged in a multi-lateraldialogue process which has resulted in the publication of the Faith and Order document, Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry.

Anglican Churches are now in the process of studying and preparing official responses to all of these dialogues, and the 1988 Lambeth    Conference noted substantial convergence in some areas of faith and practice among many world communions.

     The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia
     The Anglican Church of Australia
     The Episcopal Church of Brazil
     The Church of the Province of Burundi, Rwanda, & Zaire
     The Anglican Church of Canada
     The Church of the Province of Central Africa
     The Church of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
     The Council of Churches of East Asia
     The Church of England
     The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
     The Church of Ireland
     The Holy Catholic Church in Japan
     The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East
     The Church of the Province of Kenya
     The Church of the Province of Melanesia
     The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)
     The Church of the Province of Nigeria
     The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
     The Philippine Episcopal Church
     The Scottish Episcopal Church
     The Church of the Province of Southern Africa
     The Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America
     The Spanish Reformed and Portugese Episcopal Churches
     The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
     The Church of the Province of Tanzania
     The Church of the Province of Uganda
     The Episcopal Church in the United States of America
     The Church in Wales
     The Church of the Province of West Africa
     The Church in the Province of the West Indies


Lambeth Conference 1998.

A Conference with Prayer, Bible Study, Eucharist, listening and sharing with one another at its heart.

The GLOBAL family
of Anglican/Episcopal Churches,
   70 million strong.

Section/Theme Four:
                  "Called to be ONE".


[NOTE the Interfaith section, this means syncretism with other religions in a One World faith for the next millennium]:
*The Bursary Document
*The Virginia Report
*The Report of the Inter-Anglican
Theological and Doctrinal Commission
*The Agros Report
*A Report of the Ecumenical Advisory *Group of the Anglican Communion
*The Eames Report
Report of the Eames
Monitoring Group
*Embassy, Hospitality and Dialogue
*Christians and people of other faiths
*Sections and Interfaith Work
*Interfaith issues for consideration
*International Anglican Youth
Network Gathering 1997
*Lambeth Conference themes:
reflection and comment
*International Anglican Liturgical Consultations: a 14-year review

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