"Change Agents No.4...Dr. James Dobson Expose"
by W.B. Howard...Editor of Despatch Magazine

The famous Dr. James Dobson, PhD., author of the book "Dare to Discipline", a licensed psychologist, is the subject of this booklet. He is the president of Focus on the Family, a Colorado Springs based organisation; he is heard daily on more than 1800 radio stations in Western nations and is heard on nearly 2400 stations in what was formerly the Soviet Union. Dobson has served three presidents of the United States in a number of responsibilities. These include appointments to the National Advisory Commission to the Office of Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention, the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, Health and Human Services' Teen Pregnancy Prevention Panel, the Attorney General's Board on Missing and Exploited Children. Dobson is well-known in Australia and New Zealand, his books, videos and audio tapes are sold in countless bookshops across our nations. His methods fill our churches and homes. It is more than time we has a closer look at James Dobson, PhD.


What follows is a Critique
by W.B. Howard, Editor/`Despatch', Australia,
...of the following...
"Dare to Discipline" book, 1970;
"The New Dare to Discipline" book, 1992,
"Knowing God's Will" Audio Tape
authored by Dr. James Dobson.


The book "Dare to Discipline", has brought into Christian homes since 1970 the Godless and cold instructions of reinforcement psychology. How this must grieve the heart of a loving Father God. There have been few voices amongst the people of God who have even raised a protest, some have entered into a "dare to disagree", but their laments have largely gone on deaf ears. Everyone loves Dobson it seems. This is difficult to understand, as the Dr. Dobson behaviouristic methods introduce a godless system into Bible - reading homes, Christians should have realised that this was anti-biblical material. They did not, they do not!

A new book has been foisted upon the new parents of the 1900s. Dobson has issued "The New Dare to Discipline" book, 1992, which is an update of the 1970 edition. Interestingly enough, Dr. Dobson has attempted to justify his original methods, as taught in the first book. He now insists that he is not a Skinnerian psychologist! He now denounces the psychologist, B.F. Skinner, who he lauded in the 1970 book. Ah, but then Dobson goes on and even enlarges the same old Skinnerian psychology which he presented in 1970. Astonishing double-speak. To add fuel to the fire, Dobson includes in the 1992 version reference to the chilling brain-washer, William Glasser, "the father of Reality Therapy", on page 36 of his new "Dare to Discipline".

What can we make of this?

1. In the old version of "D to D", Dobson declares on p. 63: "The most magnificent theory ever devised for the control of behaviour is called the 'Law of Reinforcement', formulated many years ago by the first educational psychologist, E. L. Thorndike. It is magnificent because it works! Thorndike's original law has been honed to a sharp edge of effectiveness by the work of B.F. Skinner, who described the conditions under which the principles work most effectively. Stated simply, the Law of Reinforcement reads, 'Behaviour which achieves desirable consequences will recur,'" (End of quote).

2. In the New version of "D to D", Dobson tries to justify his earlier statements on p. 75: "The first educational psychologist, E.L. Thorndike, developed an understanding of behaviour in the 1920s that can be very useful for parents, He called it the "law of reinforcement." Later the concept became the basis for a branch of psychology known as behaviourism, which I resoundingly reject. Behaviourism was described by B.F. Skinner and J.B. Watson (mentioned earlier) and includes the unbelievable notion that the mind does not exist. One of my college textbooks referred to behaviourism as 'psychology out of its mind.' Well said! It perceives the human brain as a simple switchboard, connecting stimuli coming in with responses going out. Despite my disagreement with the extrapolation of Thorndike's writings, there is no question that the original concept can be helpful to parents. Stated simply, the law of reinforcement reads, 'Behaviour which achieves desirable consequences will recur.'"

Dobson goes on then to give the same Skinnerian statements, methods and catch-phrases as he did before in 1970. NO CHANGES at all. In fact, he uses the words, "behaviour", or "reinforcement" or "reinforce" et al., at least thirty times in the following two chapters alone. These chapters are again titled "The Miracle Tools", meaning reward and punishment by Skinnerian reinforcement methods. This is unspeakable hypocrisy.

3. The inclusion of the name, "William Glasser", in the 1992 version of "D to D", makes the manipulation of reinforcement seem even more sinister than before in Dobson's newer book. Who is this man, and what does he teach? William Glasser is a humanistic psychiatrist with a political agenda. Note these following quotes from Dr. Dennis Cuddy's book, "Now is The Dawning of a New Age New World Order": "Among the organizations affiliated with I.C.C. were the National Training Laboratories (begun by the N.E.A.) and WILLIAM GLASSER'S Institute of Reality Therapy, and the physician's council pointed out that 'new consciousness' type programs were already causing serious problems of chaos and dissension in homes, schools, and communities."

"As psychiatrist WILLIAM GLASSER said in his 1969 book, 'Schools Without Failures.' 'We have to let students know there are no right answers, and we have to let them see that there are many alternatives to certainty and right answers." (End [Emphasis added] quotes).

The removal of ABSOLUTES, that is "right", "wrong" and "truth" or "error" are part of the New Age agenda of William Glasser, yet Dobson says, "I agree with Glasser's basis premise" when writing of punishment versus discipline. Why cite Glasser?

William Glasser also uses weapons of manipulation against the young and vulnerable, the weak and helpless, just as Dobson does. Glasser is "the father of" THIRD FORCE PSYCHOLOGY! What is this? It is reinforcement gone to psychopathic lengths, the "art" of "sensitising" and "re-programming": "The process of sensitising a child involves three steps. UNFREEZING his values and standards. CHANGING the child by giving him different standards and a different conception of who he is, and thirdly, REFREEZING, to lock the child into the new self. He is then supposed to be a self-actualising person." (Quote from "Assault on Childhood" by Alan Gourley, p. 59).

4. Three matters must give any responsible parent terrible doubts about Dr. James Dobson's methods, as shown in the "Dare to Discipline" books, before we even delve deeper.

Is this man squaring off? Trying to defeat opponents who have criticised him over his original book? It would seem so, see p. 119 of, "The New Dare to Discipline": " Question: If rewards and punishment should be given very quickly, why does God not interact that way with us, His children? People seem to 'get away' with bad behaviour for years, and the ultimate reward for those who live a Christian life will come only after death. Surely the Lord knows about 'immediate reinforcement.'"


Dobson answers in part, "So why does He not reinforce the behaviour He desires more quickly? I don't know..." Strange Dr. Dobson, I know, because God is not a behavioural psychologist, He instructs His children in responsibility and dignity before Him!


From the book, "The Christian Counselor's Manual", p. 82:

"When Dobson, for instance, recommends strictly behaviouristic methods for child raising IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY, he badly confuses important distinctions and erases lines that forever must be drawn clearly. His near total capitulation to behaviourism is couched in Christian terms but really introduces an equally godless system into the Christian home while purporting to be a Christian reaction to permissiveness, In Dobson's methods there is no place for nouthetic* confrontation. Reward and punishment are prominent (particularly the former), and the need for structure is emphasised... It centers upon manipulation but says nothing of biblical confrontation." *(Nouthetic, meaning, putting sense into the "nous" or mind by using confrontation from the Word of God.)

The need for every reader to grasp the implications of the above quote are most important. Let us then proceed, repeating some points, going deeper and reminding ourselves of what GOD wants for your children, as we examine carefully what is the worthless, non-Christian, destructive teachings of Dr. James Dobson. If you, the reader, have not been able to uncover the wrong pre-suppositions and anti-biblical concepts in Dobson's material by yourself, and you have perhaps enthusiastically used his methods, do not despair. God is greater than the enemy of souls, pray now for the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit of the Lord, and for the grace, wisdom and patience to overcome any damage done.




The average Christian parent today knows the name "Dr. James Dobson" very well. He has become one of the most respected teachers in the area of parenting in Christendom in this generation. Sincere, concerned parents and Pastors imagine they can confidently trust in the instruction of this "Christian expert", that their precious children need parents who have the expertise that Dr. James Dobson can give through his many writings and lectures. The truth is that Dobson has brought into the homes of Christians false instruction which does not honour God, and actually fits Christian families into the global move of the New Age.

The suggestion that Dobson is a teacher of anti-biblically falsity may shock the reader. In these days of terrible apostasy many shocks await us all, but the reader must investigate the documented facts courageously. The spiritual, emotional and mental security of your family members depends upon the heads of the family being Godly parents who can easily be entreated. Let God reason with you if you have been following the subversive teachings of Dr. James Dobson. Although Dobson's beliefs about parenting contain a certain amount of Biblical instruction, the basis upon which he works is humanistic psychology.



1. Dobson freely admitted to being a Skinnerian psychologist in his earlier book, he still is. His teaching mixes Bible verses with Behaviourism, which leads to a totally alien view of training children which is not of God.

2. Dobson's psychology is the very basis of the global education of the New World Order, N.W.O. education is also Skinnerian primarily. Skinnerian psychologists treat human beings as though they are mere animals, and choose to program man as though he DOES NOT HAVE A SOUL

3. Dr. Dobson has many New Age, pagan and ecumenical connections. These are not just coincidental. It will become obvious to the reader that Dr. James Dobson is not what he seems to be at a casual inspection.

4. The "reward and punishment" concepts that permeate Dobson's instructions to parents are humanistic beliefs, actually animal -behaviourism psychology.

Dr. Dobson's Skinnerian psychology reinterprets what man's problem is and what the solution to that problem is. Let us then look briefly at two approaches to these important issues - what is wrong with human beings, and what is their solution.


The approach is based on "expert knowledge". Man's problem is seen as environmental conditioning. The solution is seen as re-conditioning by the "expert". Or the parent instructed by the "expert".


The approach is divine knowledge found in the Bible. Man's problem is sin against God. The solution is the Lord Jesus with the Holy Spirit's resources in the Word of God.



The main missing ingredient is found in Ephesians 6:4. Here we see that God wants not just discipline, but "nurture and admonition of the Lord." A child must be taught to have faith in Christ and to "interiorize" the Word of God as the only Standard of life. Those who control by manipulative ways do not recognize the immense place that Biblical thought plays in character transformation in Christ. Romans 12:1-2 shows this transformation. Another very important missing factor in Dobson is that children have been given free-will by God, and this should never be over-turned. Children need personal conviction from the Holy Spirit about what is right and wrong. Prayer that God will convict of sin and disobedience, so that they can CHOOSE to obey parents and the Lord. Children are not machines or beasts which can be reinforced to respond automatically. We Christians are not aiming only to instil well-controlled behaviour patterns, we are aiming at God-consciousness and willing obedience to a Living, Personal Saviour.

The physical means of discipline, or the pleasurable acceptance of rewards, can never be all that is necessary for a human being to become a Godly person. Skinnerian psychology, as taught by Dobson, is not merely a good system which needs some more Biblical admonition and nurturing added to it! Dobson methods are based upon WRONG PRE-SUPPOSITIONS, and these are a unit in the whole evolutionary teaching which is so destructive to mankind. It is imagined that if an animal can be trained by reinforcement to act in higher and more sensible ways, then that animal and others who are their offspring, will also grow in higher ways, the evolutionary process of selection. Now, if a human being is trained like animal, he will live like an animal! Your child, if he is taught in the Dobson method, will potentially, grow up seeking to AVOID suffering, and seeking to GAIN pleasure, as mere animals do. This is an AMORAL view of living on planet earth, and it is contrary to the Christian teachings of decision making based on obedience to God. Read Hebrews 11:24-26 as just an example of this.

Even if animal behaviour is avoided, your child will have a good chance of growing up with a criminal mentality, if Dobson is followed. Why? The criminal mind wants to avoid all trouble for self, and to get immediate satisfaction from rewards and pleasures for self - if he cannot get these in a legitimate way, then a lawlessness develops! He will take what he wants! The real way of training up a moral, law-abiding, unselfish, loving human being is by only One Way. Redemption in Christ Jesus, and conformity to the Word of God, freely chosen by a person who is not an animal, but a human who was made to bear the very image of God Himself!



There is an element of truth in Dobson's methods which entices the Christian into acceptance of his books, videos and tapes. Haven't we been taught by Scripture about reward and punishment?

It is vital that the difference between a Godly understanding of these matters, and a reinforcement program, be grasped firmly. The Skinnerian structural behaviourism is a foggy, distorted image of the true Biblical presentation of reward and punishment. The sad truth about this is that now that society in general is crying for corporal punishment to be outlawed in home and school, and the Christians realise that the Bible declares, "The ROD and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame", many are looking to Dobson as a solid, old-fashioned disciplinarian. He will never lead the homes back to the Biblical position however!

Biblical reward and punishment are simply that! If a child does something well, the parent could choose to give him something nice as a reward. If he is naughty, the parent could well decide that punishment is in order. But, there is nothing more here! No method to create a pattern that will transform, no psycho-babble which thinks to make "reinforcement" a "miracle tool". No imagining that reward and punishment will overthrow the very sin nature of a child, by the instant use of a miracle tool. What foolishness this is!

The pre-supposition of Dobson is that man is merely an animal to be trained. The Bible views man as a totally different creation to the animals, man was made in the image of God, man is NOT a product of the environmental selection process. Therefore, man cannot manipulate others with rewards or punishment as Skinner and Dobson do. Man is to be held in dignity before God, even the child is within a context of responsibility towards God. The Bible shows God's eternal reward and punishment structure. Children must learn that people are held responsible and are treated with dignity, because they are destined to reflect the image of the divine as the New Creation in Christ Jesus.

The most important dissimilarity between animals and humans is their relationship to God. Man has a conscience, can talk and pray, there is a vast chasm between children and their environment and animals and their environment. Dobson's teaching does not differentiate between them! Neither does the New Age!



Reward and punishment experiments with the "reinforcement" principle behind them are used by behaviourists to seek to cure the depressed and emotionally disturbed. Compare the experiments which were performed on dogs in the quotes which follow, with the glorious changes which occur when children or adults live with and obey the Heavenly Father in order to be transformed by Him.



Although this is digressing slightly, an item of interest could be included here. The experiments on animals which led to these "reinforcing" concepts have often centered on the frontal lobe of the brain, the very area which has been seen by occultists as the area where the "third eye" is located. Mid-way between the hair-line and the eyebrows, this "third eye" is believed to be a spiritual eye which has become atrophied because of modern man's ignorance of and disuse of the "eye". The New Age seeks to open this eye again, this is sometimes regarded to be a "Luciferian initiation". The opening of this frontal lobe of the brain, in its more mystical side, is now in schools, hidden under different names.

From a education text book from New South Wales, offered by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation: "I am holding my Dad's POSITIVE POINTS. We hold these points for ourselves or for each other whenever we feel nervous or afraid. We know we can achieve our goals when we stop worrying about things and start working on them. In less than a minute, we feel peaceful about planning for the future. The positive points are held lightly, with just enough pressure to pull the forehead skin taut. The points are just above the eyeballs, halfway between the hairline and the eyebrow."

The picture in this book is of a child putting pressure on the third eye area. The book teaches on "energies" and "space buttons", other names for the occult "Force" and "chakras". Occult breathing techniques are also taught in the book.



In the book, "Masks of Melancholy", by John White, p. 119 has this interesting mention of the third eye area being used for reinforcement by "reward" and "punishment" methods:

" Elsewhere I described experiments carried out in rats by James Olds. While brain physiology is far more complex than Olds' work suggests and while we must be cautious about applying the results of animal experiments to humans, he does provide a model for understanding behaviour. Olds discovered what initially was called a REWARD CENTER in the brain of rats. He had inserted electrodes into a rat's brain and discovered by chance that when the electrode was stimulated (that is, when a tiny electrical current was released from the tip of the electrode), the rat seemed to experience great pleasure. By pressing a lever in its cage the rat could stimulate itself and would continue to do so until it fell down exhausted.

Olds killed the rat and discovered that the tip of the electrode was located in a region of the brain immediately in front of the hypothalamus, the septal or prefrontal area... If the prefrontal (septal) area was a reward center, delighting the rat with the exquisite pleasure afforded by pressing the lever to stimulate itself, stimulation of electrodes placed further back produced a very different effect... so unpleasant it would avoid the lever."



"Reward" and "Punishment" methods of reinforcing have been tested on animals to stimulate the third eye area. The amoral idea that good equals reward and bad equals punishment has a decidedly "Big Brother" or "1984" feel about it! Could there come a time when these methods are enlarged and used by global child trainers, with electrodes or drugs? Perhaps so. Already "education" is stimulating this third eye area. Remember the warnings of Scripture in Revelation 13:16. That "the mark" is far more that a mere tattoo or even an injected micro-chip would seem to be obvious to those who investigate thoroughly. Some New Age books show pictures of light pouring out through the third eye and the right hand, as the chakras are opening by a spiritual illumination! No, reinforcement is not a "nice" method!!!



The New World of Order of the New Age has global plans for the Future Child. The children of our world are seen as the very building blocks which will be the foundation of the New World Order. A One World of One Mind should contain citizens who are easily programmed into the politically correct ethic, thus speak the elitists. We would do well to examine a portion of the history of behaviourism and the social reconstruction which is being implemented through the education of the young. Note that Dobson is a psychologist of the same ilk as the N.W.O. educators. The only difference being that Dr. Dobson peppers his writings and lectures with Bible verses.

From L.J. Klass :2

"Wundt's thesis ( 1875 Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt, rector of Uni. Leipzig Germany) laid the philosophical basis for the principles of CONDITIONING later developed by Pavlov (who studied physiology in Leipzig in 1884, five years after Wundt had inaugurated his laboratory there) and American behavioural psychologists such as Watson and SKINNER; for lobotomies and electro-convulsive therapy; for schools oriented more toward the SOCIALISATION OF THE CHILD than toward the development of the intellect; and for the emergence of a society more and more blatantly devoted to the gratification of sensory desires at the expense of responsibility and achievement."


"Wundt was the founder of experimental psychology and the force behind its dissemination throughout the western world.

To Wundt, a thing made sense and was worth pursuing if it could be measured, quantified, and scientifically demonstrated. Seeing no way to do this with the human soul, he proposed that psychology concern itself solely with experience...

Wundt asserted that man is devoid of spirit and self-determinatism. He set out to prove that man is the summation of his experiences, of the stimuli which intrude upon his consciousness and unconsciousness... From Wundt's work, it was only a short step to later redefining the meaning of education... To the experimental psychologist... education became the process of exposing the student to 'meaningful' experiences so as to ensure desire reactions."


"Many notable educators and psychologists fell under the influence of Wundt. Among them were Pavlov, Skinner, Dewey, and educators from Australia."


(Written as an evaluation of Macos in the school curriculums).

"...The Teacher's Seminar book contains much written by John Dewey, first President of the American Humanist Society and signatory to the first Humanist Manifesto; by B.F. Skinner, the behavioural psychologist who says (Time, Sept. 9th, 1971) that we can't afford freedom, and Jerome Bruner... Bruner is an expert on brainwashing and ex-chief of staff in the U.S. Department of Psychological Warfare during World War 11. Skinner and Bruner typify the behavioural psychologists who have taken over the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare."



Dobson is a behaviourist, he is a licensed psychologist who specialises in child psychology. Let him speak for himself:6

""The most magnificent theory ever devised for the control of behaviour is called the "Law of Reinforcement," formulated many years ago by the first educational psychologist, E.L. Thorndike. It is magnificent because it works! Thorndike's original law has been honed to a sharp edge of effectiveness by the work of B.F. Skinner... (After describing his experiments on a family animal, Dobson goes on): "Rewards are not only useful in shaping animal behaviour, they succeed even better with humans. However, it is not sufficient to dole out gifts and prizes in an unplanned manner. There are specific principles which must be followed if the Law of Reinforcement is to achieve its full potential. Let's consider the elements of this technique in detailed application to children."



From his 1992 book Dobson writes this on pages 105-106: "Almost any behaviour that is learned through reinforcement can be eliminated if the reward is withheld long enough. It is an established fact that un-reinforced behaviour will eventually disappear. This process, called extinction by psychologists, can be very useful to parents and teachers who want to alter the behaviour of children.

Again, the animal world provides many interesting examples of extinction. For example, the walleyed pike is a large fish with a big appetite for minnows. If placed in a tank of water with its small prey, the pike will soon be in the tank alone. However, and interesting thing occurs when a plate of glass is slipped into the tank, separating the pike from the minnows. The pike cannot see the glass and hits it solidly in pursuit of its dinner. Again and again it will swim into the glass, bumping what ever one calls the front end of a walleyed. Clearly, behaviour is not reinforced and extinguished gradually... Extinction is also utilized to restrain elephants in a circus... To eliminate an undesirable behaviour in a child, one must identify and then withhold the critical reinforcement."

There is so much more which could be quoted from Dobson's newer book. Frankly the material is becoming sickening to me, as a writer. I feel disgust as a Christian that children should be subjected to "reinforcement" programs in a thinly disguised way in a "Christian" manual. We do not "alter" behaviour by these loathsome methods, the sin nature cannot be altered in this degrading way.


Let the humanist psychologists train up children like animals, Christians can only warn and pray. Our schools are full of Godless techniques and teachings, but Christian parents must obey GOD, and train up the children given into their care as GOD commands in His Word.



The Bible shows clearly that man is not just another animal, humans are a separate creation entirely from the animal kingdom. Genesis 1:24-27 states the order in which both animals and humans were created. First came the animals, after them God created a higher creation, man made in God's image. There is an enormous gap between even the highest beast and the lowest human.


 Writes Dobson:

"For animals, a reward should be offered approximately two seconds after the behaviour has occurred. A mouse will learn the turns in a maze much faster if the cheese is waiting at the end than he will when a five-second delay is imposed. Although children can tolerate longer delays than animals, the power of reward is weakened with time....

Immediate reinforcement is the most useful technique available to parents teaching responsibility to their children. Parents often complain about irresponsibility of their youngsters, yet they fail to realise that this lack of industriousness has been learned. ALL human behaviour is learned - the desirable and the undesirable responses. Children learn to laugh, play, run, and jump; they also learn to whine, bully, pout, fight, throw temper tantrums, or be tomboys. The UNIVERSAL TEACHER IS REINFORCEMENT. The child repeats the behaviour which he considers to be successful. A youngster may be cooperative and helpful because he enjoys the effect that behaviour has on his parents; another will sulk and pout for the same reason. When parents recognise characteristics which they dislike in their children, they should set about TEACHING more admirable traits by allowing good behaviour to succeed and bad behaviour to fail."


 God makes it clear in His word that we are fallen from birth, that there is no way that we can create "admirable traits" by allowing "good behaviour to succeed and bad behaviour to fail." All that training forever and anon could not alter the sinful nature in one iota! A child needs the new birth, and to be transformed into the new man by the Lord Jesus Christ. This is supernatural regeneration, not "teaching". Dobson knows nothing of the soul or spirit!


 "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God." (Mark 10-13) Here Jesus Christ shows that HE is the Living One who longs to personally teach them through the Word and through His own dear presence. "And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them." (Mark 10-16) Jesus Christ is alive today, not dead in the grave! The Risen Christ Jesus can be your children's Lord as well as their Saviour. HE is the Way, not the training techniques of reinforcement. CHRIST JESUS is the universal teacher! Note again the statement by the psychologist, James Dobson. "Reinforcement is the universal teacher." Your child is not an animal, he/she has a soul, has a God-consciousness, has a God shaped vacuum in their little hearts that can only be filled by walking in a vital way with God .

Although these words were primarily addressed to Israel, they can certainly be applied to the New Testament Church families:
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently UNTO THY CHILDREN, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." (Deuteronomy 6:5-7).

Here we see a Godly family walking with the Living God, loving Him, believing His instructions, being obedient to HIM, entering into the glorious relationship of all relationships - learning to please God and enjoy Him and His joyous life. Man is not to be programmed by reinforcement, even little "man"! Children are humans, God loves them and longs to show them His way of peace in knowing Him.

I do believe that many parents do not know the precious presence of the Lord in their own lives, and so they come to depend on psychologists like Dobson as a substitute for God in a sincere effort to do the right thing for their children. To such I would say, the Bible and the Living presence of the Lord are what your children need. He alone can give them the righteousness that will fit them to be Christian adults.

The Almighty God says, "I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children." (Isaiah 49:25b). Yes, God will save them to the uttermost if you teach them to turn to Him in everything they do.

The rewards of living in a vital relationship with God, trusting in and obeying His Word, (without dabbling in Godless psychology to reinforce and program the children I could add), are immense. God will save your children to the uttermost, and cause them to be partakers of the divine nature. "Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises, that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust." (11 Peter 1:4).

"And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children." (Isaiah 54:13).



"Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. Honour thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise."( Ephesians 6:1-2.)

"The rod and reproof give wisdom; but a child left to himself bringeth his mother shame." (Proverbs 29:15). (Notice the reasoning process here, not just "punishment". It is the "rod and REPROOF" that is needed, putting sense into little heads with the wisdom of God's Word.)

"Correct thy son and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul." (Proverbs 29:17 ).


There is a global move towards Skinnerism, which is virtually a technique which dehumanises children! The New World Order views children as mere animals who can be programmed, or "reinforced" into behaviour acceptable to the New Age master controllers.

Note the reference to education which "restrains behaviour" in the global education plans of the N.W.O. as shown from the following quotes. Charlotte T. Iserbyt has written of the plan of the One-World government to move into "a computerised , values-changing international curriculum, using Skinnerian Mastery Learning and Teaching, which is essential for... participation in the socialist one-world government planned for the early Twenty-first Century."

"Hidden: a system of supervision and control which restrains behaviour of kids; the outcome of the hidden agenda should be the fostering of social responsibility or compliance."

"So if Johnny or Mary do not fit the international social engineer's definition of "socially responsible," they will be forced to "comply" through the use of Behaviour modification techniques. Of course, to the educationalists, social engineers, and behavioural scientists, this is perfectly ethical since your children are nothing but human animals with no free will, souls, intellects or consciences. To the social engineers, they are the property of society, not the responsibility of the family. They are to be conditioned and trained like PAVLOV'S DOGS, as was pointed out by Professor Allen Cohen, at a Mastery Learning conference he led in Maine, when he referred to our children at least four times as "human animals."9 Compare now a quote from Dobson:10

"I utilised these techniques (reinforcement) in teaching my little dachshund Sigmund Freud (Siggy), to sit up. ...A pigeon has been taught to examine radio tubes moving by on a conveyor belt... Other animals have been made to perform virtually human feats by the careful application of rewards... Let's consider the elements of this technique in detailed application to children."


p. 83: "For animals, a reward should be offered approximately two seconds after the behaviour has occurred. A mouse will learn the turns in a maze much faster if the cheese is waiting at the end than he will when a five-second delay is imposed. Although children can tolerate longer delays than animals, the power of reward is weakened with time."


"..materials on adaption of birds, monitoring forms before and after instruction ...HOW TO TEACH ANIMALS by Skinner, HOW TO TEACH : A RAT, A PIGEON, A DOG, by Kathleen and Shauna Reid, etc., are listed as teacher and source material by ECRI."

Can the reader see that what the above Christian educator is exposing as being a manipulation of children in state education, is the same psychological system that James Dobson introduces into Christian homes through his books and videos?

( Iserbyt was a former school board member and official in the U.S. Department of Education).

"In SCIENCE AND HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, Skinner says, "Operand conditioning shapes behaviour as a sculptor shapes a lump of clay."12


"If the present situation continues unchecked, by the year 1998 children now in kindergarten will have been through thirteen years of Skinnerian world government brainwashing , under the deceptive guise of the "New Basics"..." 13 cf.. (H.R.E. in Australia).

The horrifying thing to this writer is that not only are children being subjected to conditioning techniques in the schools, but they are also being subjected to them by parents in their own homes, Christian parents who have been taught to do so by Dr. James Dobson.

"Freedom is an intolerable burden... The ideologist for this development is B.F. Skinner. The goal is 'predictable' man - a person who conceives of freedom in Hegelian terms. Americans are moving into a Skinnerian world, one in which they 'will no longer know, or care, whether they are being served or controlled, treated or punished, or whether they are volunteers or conscripts. The distinctions will have vanished' (Peter Schrag, "Mind Control", 1978)."

"Behaviour' (1980), one reads: "In a book entitled "Walden II" first published in 1948, B.F. Skinner proposed a drastic formula for attaining Utopia - the perfect society. In his new and more perfect order ... children would be reared by the state rather than by their parents, and they would be trained from birth to demonstrate only desirable characteristics and behaviour...

Skinner (1972 Humanist of the Year) followed "Walden II" with 'Beyond Freedom and Dignity' (1971), which was paid for by the American taxpayer (via a two hundred eighty-three thousand dollar grant from the National Institute of Mental Health). In this latter book, Skinner argued that man could no longer afford freedom and dignity, and he must therefore be controlled. About the time 'Walden II' was published, realising the importance of education and social engineering in shaping the "New World Order", Fabian Sir Julian Huxley became the first director general of the newly formed UNESCO (among its founders were Reinhold Niebuhr and Jacques Martin, and the final editor of its constitution was Archibald MacLeish who was a member of `Skull and Bones' in 1915). "14



Audio Tape..."Knowing the Will of God"

In a tape by James Dobson which presents teaching on how to know the will of God, some alarming inconsistencies appear. The central means by which one is supposed to discover the will of God, Dobson presents as "circumstance". Not knowing and loving and depending upon the Father in Heaven, no, "circumstance" is the main way one discovers God's will, according to Dobson. Now this is quite remarkable, as the New Agers lean heavily upon what they call "Serendipity", that is, that circumstances or happenings will clearly lead you into the path you should choose.

James Dobson tells a tale on the tape about how he gained the knowledge of the "will of God" through circumstance, when he wanted to know whether to move his Focus on the Family headquarters. Dobson says on the tape that "circumstances" arose which indicated quite clearly what God wanted him to do. So he and his huge organisation moved to Colorado. What were those "circumstances"? Dobson was given four million dollars by the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH to build, a secretive organisation funded him, called "El Pomar...see note" (spelling unclear, from an video by Texe Marrs). No wonder James Dobson goes to the Franciscan University with his friend Chuck Colson and gets awards there from the Catholics. If you doubt that, look at the paper cover of the book, "The New Dare to Discipline", inside, at the back. There you will see listed five honorary doctorates, the Franciscan University awarded one!

Was it really the will of God for Dobson to take money from the secretive Catholic society, and move to Colorado? How could it be? The Roman Catholic Church is an evil counterfeit church, with a false salvation message which sends millions to hell every decade. Did Dobson know the will of God? NO! He wasn't even seeking it. If he was seeking the will of God for his life, Dobson wouldn't embrace psycho-babble, he wouldn't accept Godless psychology at all - God would have shown him how wrong and distorted it is! No, reader, do not follow Dr. James Dobson's ideas if you want to know the will of God for your life. Who is providing for Dobson and answering his prayers? The cosmic "Christ" of the New Age? He is real you know.



 I can almost hear someone saying, "But I brought my children up on Dr. Dobson's book, and they have turned out wonderfully!"

A Christian friend, mother of three adults, said the same thing. We talked about this, and we realised three things:

1. Back in the 1970s she did not understand what the `reinforcement' methods were really all about, the concept eluded her, thank God. So she never tried to seriously enforce them on her children.

2. What she did grasp was not diligently put into practice either. She was too tired as a mother to get up enough energy to do the Dobson program, and anyway, something within her (the Holy Spirit?) made her treat her little ones like humans, not animals. The methods did not fit the children!

3. She, as a young Christian mother, did not know Christ Jesus as a living reality in her own life. Now that her children are adults, they are very weak Christians, who do not know Christ Jesus as an ever-present friend and Lord either, just as she did not! My friend now knows Jesus Christ in that way, but cannot get through to her children. They are born-again, but not radiantly alive in Christ!

4. We reasoned that Dobson could not bring children into a living relationship with Christ, he is not even starting from the Biblical pre-supposition. But Dobson presents a counterfeit which makes the parents think they are coping, doing their duty!

So much for the protest, "Dobson works"!

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Note of Correction from Dr. C. Burns......
"...on page 28 of your Dobson Booklet (online form above) you state (from Texe Marrs' video) that he Catholic Church founded El Pomar. This is incorrect. i know where Texe gor his information from but there was a misunderstanding. The founder of El Pomar (I've been told) was Catholic - at least he had a Catholic burial. His name was Spencer Penose, but El Pomar is not a Catholic organization - as far as being founded by the Catholic Church I do have the documentation where El Pamav gave $4 million to Dobson to relocate to Colorado Springs. El Pomar also gave money when the Pope went to Denver, Colorado. (They only fund orgaizations in Colorado.) They have , however, given lots of money to Protestant groups as well as educational groups, etc. I think it's the El Pomar group that owns the Broadmoor Hotel - a very elite place wherer Gorbachev and other heads of state stay when they're in the area. The Council for the National Policy alos held one of their meetings
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