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 Laurie Addison
- "This Could be our last Chance" (active links from leaflet article)
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Mitsuo Fuchida's book "Pearl Harbour to Golgotha" ... pdf format
         My Comments
re the Banking Fraud to be brought down upon NZ & Aust. pp 102-4 Despatch 23-1
          with comments by J D Christian, also extra leaflet comments by JDC with Despatch 23-1

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Water The Coming Big Issue

      WATER Update (See Page 11)

                  Part I  ...Gold to Green..
                  Joan Veon &
Laurie Addison


Prophetic Importance of the
Jewish Wedding Betrothal


Laurie draws attention to  Despatch's Files on
Global Education 

with this link, espescially the

occult ESCEF speaker-
Dorothy Maver ...

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