"Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course." by John D. Christian of NZ
 This book is a wonderful Expose of all the links & horrors associated with "ALPHA"   We do wish to add our general Despatch disclaimer to the book, which has been discussed and agreed upon with author regarding a couple of items. He has made it freely available in  PDF  and  Office XP  formats.
            Copyright does exist to protect the author against any mishandling of his work.

(Because it may be too difficult for you to download and burn to your own CD, it is offered from Despatch as a CDROM for $5 within Aust. only. Address for this is on the front of our home page. It can be printed out from an Office Works Shop in your area....  It has been priced at approx. $39.95 to be printed and bound)
 Otherwise download it from here.    

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