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          Australia to-day is losing the battle between two WORLD-VIEWS.  Historically Australia has been the land of plenty and anybody coming to this country could achieve as much as they were prepared to put in.  We remember the immigrants after World War 2 -  the English, the Italians, the Greeks and in more recent times the Vietnamese and the Muslims who have built successful businesses and enjoyed a standard of living they could never have obtained in their original countries.  Based on the Biblical concept of Love, Life, Liberty and Prosperity everybody once had the right to conduct their own affairs as they saw fit with the Governments as  servants to facilitate their progress. I'm sure most people who are old enough to remember the 1960's remember the happy, carefree lifestyle with cheap housing, cheap cost of Utilities and minimal Governmental interferance and  associated red tape.  In the fourth largest continent with a miniscule twenty-three million people with virtually unlimited resources, Australians are now finding it hard to make ends meet. Rather than an increase in prosperity we should now enjoy, the ever increasing trend is one of great debt. The Australian dream of owning your own home is now sliding beyond the grasp of the average family and the enormous increase of Government red tape, politically correct laws etc. are turning the Australian dream into the Australian nightmare. Worse than this is the concerted attack upon the Australian people whereby the National assets we ALL owned have been or are being privatised.  These assets are, or were as the case may be, the property of the Australian people, paid for by our taxes and the blood of those who fought and died for our freedom.  They are not the property of any Government and should never be sold off'.  The promises of cheaper power etc. were, as usual, lies and along with WATER and electricity, most other Government  fees, charges, licences, stamp duties etc. are sky-rocketing while we are being told we must consume less.


           If this isn't bad enough, the implementation of United Nation's Globalist plans e.g. "Agenda 21" which Australia is leading the world in,  particularly in South - East Qld, is being  implemented by the Bligh Gov't.  This is going to totally  overthrow the way we live and work whether we like it or not. Our ability to direct our own affairs will cease and we will become the new serfs in the new feudal society. The world-view we are being dragged into is based again on  United Nations policies.  Australia to-day faces an unholy alliance between the GREENS and the Fabian-Socialist  AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY.  Fabian Socialism is not a political philosophy, it is a Religion for people who are politically minded and who want to "reconstruct society".


            Apart from the Corporate Socialism of the Gillard Gov't., the terrifying implications of the GREENS policies, when properly understood, will erase any hope that anybody could possibly have in some type of meaningful future.  Far from being a Political Philosophy, the environment they WORSHIP is a Religious Spiritual movement - the GAIA Hypothesis.  Largely based on the writings of James Lovelock who regards the earth as the Mother Earth "GODDESS", the movement they espouse is in reality a MECHANISM which intends to strip every last vestige of our INALIENABLE Rights, freedoms and posessions that we once enjoyed back in "the sixties" under the Judeo-Christian world - view.  Even worse is their agenda of depopulating the planet!   When questioned as to what he considered a sustainable figure for the worlds population, Lovelock said a figure of about one billion maximum!  Also consider carefully this statement in the  Opening speech by the mega - billionaire Maurice Strong at the "1992 RIO EARTH SUMMIT" -

"If the earth is to survive then the Western World must be de-industrialised.  Surely then it is our duty to bring this about". 

What  Maurice Strong was really saying was - We are going to use the Environmental Movement to destroy the Western World and the standard of living that goes with it. 


             Take a good look at your spouse and your children and consider carefully whether you are prepared to risk their futures on politcal parties that tend toward totalitarian objectives. Please make your vote count in this election.  The DEMOCRATIC LABOR PARTY  is committed to upholding the values that we once enjoyed and was our inalienable right under the Judeo - Christian  World - View.


Your DLP candidate for Petrie,

In His service,

Lawrence Addison.


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