Dr. Dennis Spackman, M.D., graduated from Open Bible College International in the 1980s. He lived in New Zealand where he practiced medicine for many years. He and his wife, Rowan, as well as his brother, Neil, who handles all his books, study materials, including over 6000 taped Bible studies. Dr. Spackman started a church in NZ.

Dr. Spackman went to be with the Lord in 2007.

        He has published a book series of Bible Studies... 
No. 1...Called "Gethsemane to Golgotha", it has been typed up for us with permission
                                                                                                by Zelie Hayhurst our Seminar Soloist.

   "Gethsemane to Golgotha" Access the pdf for viewing online
      "Gethsemane to Golgotha"
Access the pdf  for printing

                                                            Rightly Dividing the Word ... Article

Access some of his Bible College Units links here, which we have permission to use & edit: 

                                        Living in the Days of Noah
                                        Commandos for Christ
                                        The Wonders of Christ

                                                            Access whole our Bible College Units & Resources here


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