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Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.  and         Dr. Christopher Cagan

The subject of this book, Biblical conversion, is the most important practical topic of our time. 

D. A. Waite, said, "The underlying passion of the authors is to see revival of sound evangelistic preaching in America and Great Britain - evangelistic preaching that will end up in Holy spirit regeneration rather than merely human decisions."

"The goal of this book is to get pastors to preach the gospel strongly and then listen carefully.  Why?  Dr. Hymers and Dr. Cagan show the horrible results of not doing so."     - Rev. John S. Waldrip

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R. L. Hymers, Jr.

"Fundamentalists should read this book.  Hymers presents plenty of evidence" - The Christian News

"Every preacher ought to have this book in his library.  It is a 'must-have' book for preachers." - Rev. John S. Waldrip

You will probably read this book straight through.  It reveals the connection between the occult, the cults, and the heretical teaching of Ruckmanism on the Bible - a demonic doctrine which is shaking the very foundations of Fundamentalism at this hour.

A magazine-size book of 67 pages; it contains a bibliography of sixty-one books.

This book is recommended by Dr. Ron Comfort, Dr. J. G. Tharpe, Dr. Robert L. Sumner, and many others.  It is used as a textbook in a major Christian college.

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by John Angell James, adapted to modern English by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.

This book was originally written in the 19th Century.  It is a wonderful book for someone seeking salvation, or for a pastor seeking to leave behind the falseness of "decisionism."  Dr. Hymers has re-written it in a modern style which makes it accessible to readers in our time.  It would be helpful to give this book to every lost person who attends your church.  It would be a great help to every preacher as well.

A magazine-size book of 48 pages.

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R. L. Hymers, Jr.

Dr. Bob Ross says of this book, "Dr. Hymers' voice is like unto one of the prophets of old.  His critique of the current decay in both church and state will rattle the cages of many."  Dr. Kenneth E. Gillming says, "Few will be neutral."  Contains proof of collapse of our culture as a direct result of decisionism.  Proof that abortion is the real cause of illegal immigration.  The untold story of human depravity in Baptist churches.  No risk!  Offered with a money-back guarantee if everything we've said isn't true!  Dr. Rod Bell says, "I recommend it to every layman and it is a 'must' for every pastor."

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Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr. &  Dr. Christopher Cagan

This book is a companion to, Preaching To A Dying Nation.

Dr. Carl McIntire said, "Every Christian in American and Great Britain ought to read it."

It contains Dr. Cagan's complete manual on conversion, much more material on Decisionism, and the influence of Charles G. Finney on contemporary evangelism.

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R. L. Hymers, Jr.

Dr. Hymers was an active Southern Baptist for many years.  He graduated from a southern Baptist Seminary (M.Div.).  This book contains his personal observations, plus a wealth of documentary material, much of it gleaned from the archives of all six Southern Baptist Seminaries, which were personally visited in preparing this landmark expose of what the SBC is really like seen from the inside.

Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. said, "We have in this excellent book a discussion of the facts.  This book is needed."

Dr. James O. Combs, past editor of the Baptist Bible Tribune, said, "It reflects a high level of scholarship and a genuine concern for those suffering from the delusion that the problems are minor and can easily be corrected."

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