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1B....Reclaiming our Country  
  Printing A5 size-Flyer 2010 
1B....Reclaiming our Country 
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     3... Redcliffe Herald ...Laurie's Comments  20-08-10

          Major concerns of many citizens are:


        In the event of a hung Parliament the Greens could have power to determine who forms government,
    and major parties would be under pressure to accommodate their demands for:

                        • Removal of prayers from Australian Parliaments.

                        • Same Sex Marriage.

                        • Removal of Scripture classes from State Schools.

                        • Euthanasia and anti-life policies.

                        • No Chaplains in State Schools.

                        • Same sex adoption and surrogacy.

               • No exemptions for religious organisations in Equal Opportunity and Employment Legislation.

          For the Power Brokers in the major parties, these are NOT CORE ISSUES and thus could be sacrificed to gain government.

         The Democratic Labour Party stands for Pro-life, Pro-Family, Pro-Nation, Pro-Christian philosophies.
         The DLP has policies to cover water supply, the environment, industrial relations, welfare, defence,
      higher education, health, scientific advancement of Australia, supporting Australian enterprises.