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Getting to know
God together.



Home is where we spend the most of spend our time. Some people have to be away from home more than they want, but most sleep, eat, relax, wash and keep their things at home - even if home is a caravan or a flat. A family often lives together in a home. A “family” might be only two people, or lots of them. The one person you have to be responsible for in the home is YOU! You might think in your heart, “if other members of my family were nicer, I could be happy at home!”
Well, maybe they think that about you too! If YOU make home a place to love people in, then your home will be much more likely to be a place you love. How about letting Jesus fill you with His kind of love - in your own home? This is what that love is like:

“Love suffer-eth long [ it is patient ] and is kind;
 Love  envi-eth not [ it is not jealous ];
Love vaunt-eth not itself [ doesn’t “show off” or boast ];
Love is not puffed up [ it is not conceited ];
Love does not behave itself un-seemly [ it is not rude or cheeky];
Love seek-eth not her own [ it is not selfish ];
Love is not easily prov-oked [ it doesn’t get irritated ];
Love think-eth no evil [ love does not think and fill its mind with unkind thoughts of another person ].”   ( I Corinthians 13:4,5).

Often our homes can be spoiled by un-loving members of the family!
Even a child can spoil the home!

Are you impatient, do you answer back in an un-kind way?
Are you jealous of others in your home?
Do you reckon your brother or your sister gets a better go than you, and you are jealous?
Are you polite and thoughtful towards others at home?
All of us can be be “nice” when we are at church, but are we “nice” at home? You and I may think we can just “let it all hang out” at home. There is a saying that goes like this, “ he is a street angel and a home devil!”
Are you a street and church angel, and a home devil?
I hope not.

How “puffed up” we can get at home. This can come out in all sorts of ways. We want our way, we nag and boss, we think we always know best. We imagine we are better than the others in the home. That is not being loving, is it.

Are you selfish?
People can spoil their own homes by always putting their own wishes and interests first. How about putting other people’s first.
Are you often irritated?
Do you have a chip on your shoulder?
That means to always be taking offence, any little thing can upset you.
Then do you allow un-kind thoughts to fill your mind about what others have done or left undone? All those things are not the Jesus kind of love at all.
Do you want your home to be a place to love?
Then you must start, even as a child, with yourself. You must let Jesus fill YOU with His love. Then you,  yes even a little kid, will be able to help others in your home grow in love. You can be an example to others!

If we want to be close to God, then we will want to be un-selfish and loving towards others. We can’t fill ourselves with God’s love, but He will fill us with His love if we let Him. Don’t live for yourself, being filled with self-ish-ness and pride. Let the Lord change all that and be filled with love. Here is a prayer for you. Don’t pray it unless you really mean it:

“Heavenly Father, I need to be cleaned up inside. I have been selfish often in my home. I want You to make me into a loving, kind, patient, humble member of my family. I don’t want to point my finger at other family members, I want You to help ME. Please fill me with the Jesus kind of love, so that I can be a truly un-selfish, loving person in my own home. Amen.”

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