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Getting to know
God together.

 Part 2

Jarad and Kyle had heard at church the story of the serpent on the pole.
It was about Moses and the people of Israel.
The pastor had said,
“The serpent on the pole is a picture of Jesus Christ, hanging on the Cross for our sins.”
Now Jarad and Kyle could not quite believe that!
Kyle whispered in the car on the way home,
“Jarad, Jesus could never be like a snake hanging on a pole.
Pastor Connors must be wrong.”
Dad heard what he said, and thought he would explain when they got home.

This is what the boys’ Dad told them.

The Jews were, long ago, in the wil-der-ness of the desert. They were in the land of Edom.
Well, they began to really moan and complain. Everything was wrong. And they never stopped bothering Moses with their complaints! He was the leader God had given them. God was so displeased with the Jews that He sent judgment on them. The camp of the Israel-ites ( Jews ) had an awful plaque of serpents come into it!
Many people died of snake-bite, for they were deadly poisonous serpents.

Moses was instructed by the Lord God to do something which showed His mercy. Moses was told to get a pole and put a brass serpent on it - and raise it up for all to see. Brass is a metal, shiny and a deep golden colour. Brass stands for judge-ment. Do you know that something miraculous  happened. When a serpent had bitten any person, and that person looked at the brass serpent - he lived! No death happened to that person! Just by looking up at the snake on the pole.

In the New Testament, 1,532 years later, the Bible tells us these amazing things:
“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilder-ness, even so must the Son of man [Jesus Christ ] be lifted up:  That who-so-ever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life [ life that lasts forever with God in Heaven ]. ( John 3:14,15).

Jarad listened in amazement!
“But Dad, how could Jesus be like a brass serpent!
Snakes are horrible and kill people, don’t they?”
“That’s right, but it means something far different than that, “ replied his Dad.

Then he explained carefully what the wonderful picture in John chapter three means:

The real brass serpent on the pole was like the SIN of the Jewish people being judged.
When they looked at that snake up there the sin was forgiven - and they didn’t die in their bodies.
When Jesus hung on the Cross of Calvary, He took our place and was judged for our wrong doing - our sin, yours and mine. When anyone “looks” at Christ’s Cross, and trusts in Him, that person will not die in their spirits - ever! Jesus took the place of every-one on the earth - and SIN was dealt with. How wonderful! Jesus was judged for OUR sin - yet He was a Perfect Divine Person.

The story of Moses and the serpent on the pole is found in Numbers 21:7-9.

That story, although it happened in a real way, was a sort of “prophecy” about what would happen to Jesus on the Cross. How important it is that we look at what He did for us all, and make sure that we ourselves are trusting in only Him to be saved.
“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” ( Romans 6:23).

Have a good day, lambs!
What a God full of mercy we serve.
He loves us all so very much that He gave us His Son to die for us. Praise His Name!

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