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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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There is a lovely story of a real girl in the Old Testament, Esther was her name. She was very brave and good, beautiful as well. Even though she was young she stood for the Lord God and defended His special people, the Jews. We can learn a lot from Esther. She has a whole book of the Bible written about her in the Old Testament - called of course, “ESTHER.”

The Jews were under Persian rule long ago.  Now let me introduce you to the characters in the story of Esther. There was a king called King Ah-as-ue-rus, an un-believer. He had a helper called Haman, who was a wicked man. He wanted every-thing for himself. He was proud and powerful in the kingdom. Then there was another character, Mor-dec-ai. He was a Jew, an Israel-ite and a believer in the Lord God, a good man. The most important character in the story was Esther herself. She was an older teenage girl who lived with Mor-dec-ai, her cousin. He may even have adopted her, since he was a lot older than Esther. OK, let’s get on with the story.

King Ah-as-ue-us was looking for a new queen. So he decided to have a beauty contest. All the best looking teenage girls in his kingdom went in for the contest. The king was looking for a girl that was not only beautiful but well mannered, who had personality and who was virtuous. Esther was chosen for the contest. She was the sweetest, kindest, nicest girl anyone could ever meet. When the king saw her he immediately fell in love. So Esther was crowned as queen and became the bride of the mighty king.

Haman, the king’s wicked top man, insisted that all the people bow down to him. Because Mor-dec-ai the Jew would not bow to him Haman become furious. He decided to get revenge, not only on Mor-dec-ai but on all the Jews in that kingdom.  He decided to destroy them altogether! It was a nasty situation. So Mor-dec-ai went to his cousin, now living in the king’s palace. He told her about Haman’s awful plans against their people, the Jews. “You will have to do something about it, Esther. Go to the king and tell him what that evil Haman is doing!

Now that wasn’t so easy to do in those days.
“No, I can’t do that, “ said Esther.
“Because of the special rules of the Persians and Medes. I can’t go into the presence of the king unless he calls me to come. If I went into his presence without being called - I would be killed!”
But Mor-dec-ai knew that many Jews’ lives depended on Esther, so he insisted.
“I believe the Lord God has put you in your position as queen just so you can save your people, Esther. You must go to the king!”

What would Esther do?

She finally agreed to risk her life and go to the king.
How brave and good she was.
“I will go even if I have to die for it.”
So she got herself ready, in the way beautiful and smart women have always done. She put on her loveliest gown, made herself really pretty, and went to the king without being summoned by him! Well, the king was deeply in love with Esther, so that mighty man dropped all his important duties and asked Esther to come and present her request.
“ Oh King," said Esther,
“I am giving a special ban-quet, and I want you and Haman to be my guests.”
When awful Haman heard that he was very pleased and proud. He was delighted to be invited to a private banquet given by Queen Esther. He thought, I am important to the king, now I am important to the queen as well. So they both went.

At the special dinner the king said to Esther,
“you seem to have something on your mind.”
“Yes, I have, “ answered Esther.
“I will tell you about it tomorrow, come back again for another big dinner.”
So they both agreed to come back the next day. In the mean time Haman got really annoyed with Mor-dec-ai because he still would not bow down to him.
So Haman’s wife said,
"Why don’t you build a gallows and have him hanged by the neck? You can go to that dinner the queen is giving tomorrow, and get the king’s permission to do it!”

It will surprise you so much.
I can hardly wait until tomorrow for the next episode -

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