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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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(More from the book of Esther).

That night King Ah-as-uer-us couldn’t sleep. One of his servants came and read to him from a history book.
Amazingly he learnt that Mor-dec-ai, the cousin of his wife Esther,
had once saved his life!
“Has anything been done to honour this man?” asked the king.
“No, nothing has ever been done,” answered the history reader.
So when the wicked Haman came to the palace the next morning the king said to him,
“Haman, I have a man in this kingdom who I want to honour.
What would you suggest that I do?”
Can you guess, Haman was so conceited that he thought the king was talking about himself! So he suggested the very best.
“Give him the king’s crown, and dress him in the king’s apparel. Put him on your horse and lead him through the streets. Saying that this is the way the king honours this fine man.”

“Great,” said the king.
“Since you are the top man in the kingdom you can lead the horse, Haman.
The man I want to honour is Mor-dec-ai.”
You can imagine how stupid and squashed Haman  felt.
The man he was going to ask the king to have killed was going to be honoured.
And he had to lead the horse!
Why he had already built the gallows for Mor-dec-ai to hang on!

That night the second banquet was given by Esther, the king and Haman went along. Esther made an announcement.
“A law has been passed that all of my people are to be killed on a certain day,” she said.
This was the first time Esther had told the king that she was a Jew-ess ( a female Jew).
“What! Who made that law?” asked the king.
Esther pointed her finger right at Haman.
“That wicked man Haman did.”
Well, the king was very angry about this - and went out in the garden to collect his thoughts. Haman threw himself down at Queen Esther’s feet and begged for his life.
But the king came back and saw him begging! He was furious, more than ever! Then some servants came in and told the king that Haman had built a gallows to hang his favourite man of the hour on - Mor-dec-ai.
The king got VERY hot under the collar,
“Hang that Haman on his own gallows then!”
So Haman was taken out straight away and was hanged on the gallows he had planned to kill Mor-dec-ai on.

But the law about killing all Jews was still operating in that land, even though Haman was dead. ALL Jews were to be killed on a certain day, which meant even Mor-dec-ai and Esther because they were Jews. Under the rather silly laws of the Medes and Persians a law made could never be changed. Well, by that time King Ah-as-uer-us had made Mor-dec-ai the prime minister.
Esther bravely went to the king and said,
“You know that Haman made a law about the Jews being killed on a certain day. Well according to the Medes and Persians that law  cannot be changed. What now?”
The king thought a bit about it.
“Here, I will give you my ring. Go and do what you think is best.”
(The ring was a sign of authority under the king himself).

So clever Esther and Mor-dec-ai made a new law which said that on that certain day, the Jews could defend themselves. They would be given the king’s weapons and could get all the help they needed! So all the other people decided to put up with the Jews rather than kill them. Hurrah, God had showed His power over the situation.
Esther was true to the Lord, and He stood with her and honoured her trust.

Today, in our modern world of the 21st century, God is just the same. If you stand bravely for Him and His truth, He will see to it that you come out victorious! It looked bad for Esther and Mor-dec-ai at times during their great trial of faith. But God gave them strength and wisdom day by day. They could have thought perhaps that God had forgotten them, so “hot” did the troubles get. But they stood firm and strong, and the Lord God brought them through all their trials. Mor-dec-ai was the prime minister in the place of Haman - in the end.

The Bible says, “He waxed [ grew ] greater and greater.”
We might have to be tested in order for God to show us His great and mighty power. BUT, keep this in your mind, God will always get the victory in the end.

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him...” (Psalm 28:7).

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