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Getting to know
God together.

Giddaye, lambs of God.
Here is an African story from the “Jungle Doctor’s Fables.”

In an African hospital the story is told of THE GREAT WALL. All the animals were very upset for suddenly this great wall had appeared right through the middle of the jungle. Elephant said, “what can we do?”  All the rest of the animals chattered, “We MUST do something about this wall. It is very serious. How can we get to the other side?” Giraffe said, “The Great Wall is very high and as far as I can see it is very thick.” Lion roared, “And the best parts of the jungle are on the other side!” Monkey jumped up and down, “We must get through. This side of the wall is desert. It’s dry and dusty and dull.” “Stop the talk, “ snorted Rhino, “Stand back! I will charge through it.” And he thundered away towards the wall with the animals cheering him on. BANG!!! The awful wall nearly knocked poor Rhino out and made his face and head bleed! Then Elephant had a go. He tried to push through the Great Wall. He pushed and pushed, and heaved and heaved. But had to admit at the end, “there is no way THROUGH that Wall.”

Hyena laughed his spooky giggle.
“For animals of great strength and small cunning there is no way through that Great Wall, But... we hyenas are smart and crafty. I will find a way AROUND that Wall.” So he walked and walked, all day, all night. Another day and another night. And then the waiting animals saw Hyena coming back at last. They yelled, “tell us quickly what you found.”  Hyena gasped, “It is no use at all. There is no way around, the Great Wall goes on and on and on! There is no way AROUND!”

Then Snake hissed, “Enough of this!  Sssssso you think you are clever and strong, but I am a ssslitherer. I will slither and ssssslide UNDER the Great Wall.”  Off Snake went, he twisted, wiggled, and squirmed. He disappeared for a  long while, and then he came back up. “At last I have found a way under the Wall, “ he said. “Pardon me, “ said Giraffe, “you are still on the same side, snake!” “What, “ hissed snake, “I have travelled many dark ways underground. No animal could have done as much. If there was a way UNDER the Wall I would have found it.
There is no way under!"
No way AROUND.
No way UNDER.Then monkey yelled, “Look at me, look at me. I can climb anything. I will find a way OVER the Great Wall. Stand back  - here I come!” And monkey yelled a giant “WOOOOP!!” and ran toward that wall. He leap on it and climbed and climbed and climbed. Down he fell at last with a crash. Then he got Giraffe to stand close to the wall. And monkey got a good start by climbing first up Giraffe’s long, long neck. Monkey climbed and climbed, he tried so hard. Then he fell, and tumbled down with an awful “bump!” Elephant found him at the bottom of the wall knocked right out! He had to blow air into Monkeys’ mouth with his trunk to get him to “come to” again. All the animals agreed, “there is no way OVER the Great Wall.”

NO way THROUGH. No way AROUND. No way UNDER. No way OVER.
The Great Wall has a name which can be seen by those who understand. The wall is called SIN.  People try all sorts of ways to get past the Wall made by their own sin. They try to get THROUGH, and AROUND, and UNDER and OVER Sin. But there is no way we can get past Sin by ourselves.  Listen to what God’s book, the Bible, says, “You sin has come between you and your God.” But Jesus has broken down that Wall. There is a Doorway in the Wall, and it is in the shape of a Mighty Cross! So that anyone who wants to have nothing to do with sin, who wants to come to God, can. When they come to the Great Wall they just walk through the Cross -Door. Why? Because of what Jesus has done. He shed His Blood for the Sin of the world.  Here is what the Lord Jesus says to you and me:
“I am the Way ... come to Me.”

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth,
and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  ( John 14:6).

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