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Getting to know
God together.

Here is another exciting fable from the “Jungle Doctor” series.

“It is not fair, “ said the little donkey. “ Lion has beautiful skin, like tawny, dry grass. And Twiga the giraffe has golden mottled skin...but me.... I am just ordinary BLACK!” Monkey said, "What's wrong with that? It doesn’t show the dirt.”  “Very useful, very useful, “ agreed Hippo. “But black is so dull! I wish I could change my colour, “ moaned the little donkey. “But on dark nights the lions and leopards can’t see you, “ said Hippo. The donkey started to cry, “I want to be WHITE!” Hippo said to comfort him,  “But...ere... one of my aunts told me about a place in the jungle where wishes come true.“  “Where? Where? What place!” yelled the donkey. “Don’t tell him, Boo Boo the Hippo, “ warned the monkey,“ that place is so SPOOKY!!!” “But wishes come true there, “ insisted the donkey. “Where is it? Tell me! Tell me! Or I will KICK you, Hippo!”

Hippo was pretty dumb, so he said, “Well...it’s a magic cave an hour’s walk from here.”  “Imagine, let’s go NOW!” said the donkey. “The animals will be amazed if I turn up as a dazzling white donkey!” Off they set. The going was difficult, but the donkey kept saying, “Faster! Come on! Come on!” At last they reached the cave, but monkey was cross by now. “Let’s get on with this rot,” he grumbled. “It looks ddd-ark inside, “ said the poor donkey, shaking. “Do you want to be white or not?” snapped the monkey. “Yes, I do, “ said the donkey, “will you come with me?”  “ME! not me, I haven’t any wishes to make,” said the monkey. “Haw, haw, if you went into the cave and there was a noise you would turn white with fright before he did!” laughed Boo Boo the Hippo.

“I’ll go by myself, “ said the donkey. And off he went. When he came out - and he was as white as snow on the mountains! “Oh, you look mag-nif-icent!” said Boo Boo. Monkey said scornfully, “ It will show the dirt! You will never keep it clean!” “But I will be careful, “said the donkey. “But it won’t STAY clean, and all the animals will laugh at you with dirt spots on you. They will call you SPOTTY! Hah, hah.”  “Cheer up, “said Boo Boo, "There is a way of getting rid of every single spot.”   “ NO! monkey is right, for awhile I would be admired, then when I got grubby again they would all laugh. Oh...I wish I was black again.” The donkey was very upset, and he said, “I am going back into the magic cave to become black again. I should have known it wouldn’t work for me.”

Soon he came out again, and he was black once more! The cheeky monkey giggled, “You look so common! All donkeys are black, it is so dull and boring.”  “Oh, I don’t know, “ cried the donkey, “I’ll go back and go white again then.” So the others decided to go into the cave with him.  The cave was spooky all right, but the donkey wouldn’t make up his mind and come out of that cave!  The donkey went black, then white, then black, then white! He kept on saying, “I wish I was white! I wish I was black, I wish I was white, I wish I was black” until something AWFUL happened. There was a mighty CRASH - and an earthquake made the cave smash up altogether. When they rushed out, shaking themselves from the dust and muck, the monkey started to laugh and laugh! “Look at you, donkey. You are black and white, in stripes!”  “IT CAN’T BE! I’ll have to wish again!” But it was too late, the cave had collapsed.

NOW, when ever you see a ZEBRA think of the donkey who couldn’t make up his mind. Some kids have trouble making up their mind about the Lord Jesus. They haven’t decided to believe in Him and to obey Him. Jesus is the Son of God. He died on the Cross so that we can be forgiven. Three days later He came back to life to prove that He is GOD.
Jesus said,
“I am the way to God. The only Way. I alone forgive your sins.”
The Bible says:
“...NOW is the accepted time; behold, NOW is the day of salvation “
( 11 Corinthians 6:2).

Choose NOW to be made white and new in Christ Jesus! You can’t be black and white at the same time. with out being a stripy mess!  When you ask Jesus to take charge of your life, and really mean it,  He does it FOREVER.

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