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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.


We saw a doc-u-ment-ary last night. It was a record of two boys’ lives, up to the age of their early forties. The programme looked back thirty years, and we saw two boys of about the age of 12 years old. The television people had made a programme about both of them, 30 years ago, when they were having a lot of success as actors!
Yes, these boys acted in commercials, song and dance programmes and even films. One boy was very clever, his lowest mark at school was only 98% ! The smartest one talked a lot, back in those days long ago, about how awful Christianity is! He said he didn’t need to be told he was a sinner – and he sounded as if he didn’t believe in God at all. The other boy was an advertise-ment star! He was the “Milky Bar Kid.” He was dressed as a cowboy  on television doing a commercial for the white chocolate bars called “Milky Bars.” He had a cheeky, freckled face, and he looked so thrilled and excited about life. Both boys were con-fi-dent, good-looking, talented and happy with their lives. They smiled a lot and their eyes sparkled with fun.

Then the programme of today, 30 years on, showed the boys as they are now.
They are in an awful state, both of them. Their eyes now are dull and sad, they do not smile at all. The smart one is no longer intelligent, he has been a drug addict for a long time. He has lived on the streets, has no money or job, he cannot keep his thoughts together at all, and is in-cap-able of learning. He didn’t want God, but oh how he needed Him! He is now quite ugly, looks very old and is so unhappy. The Milky Bar Kid is nothing like he was as a boy, either. He is a drunk, has no job, has a face which is hanging down in folds of flesh, and clothes that are dirty and rough. Both of those men have no homes of their own and live almost as beggars.
What happened to them?
They had so much hope and belief in themselves, 30 years ago?

That programme last night was heart-breaking!
We saw those men looking at them-selves on video, seeing them-selves as they were when they were twelve years old. Their eyes were filled with tears as they saw the lovely young boys they once were. How sure they were that they would be successful, how clever and handsome they were.
What happened to them?
They made terrible decisions, and they had no God to guide and love them.
Their parents were not Christians, and both those boys did not want the Lord Jesus Christ. Then they made the terrible decision to live for themselves, and they got lost in the world of drug taking and drinking. They thought all was well at first, but their brains could not handle the drugs and drink, so they lost their intelligence. And the smart boy got involved with the New Age and their awful teachings!
What a mess they are in now, total wrecks and failures.

Today is the time to decide whom YOU will serve, God or yourself!
The only way to have success in your life is to serve God and trust in Him.
Every kid imagines that they will grow up to be rich, happy, good-looking and a success. But those things don’t just happen, people without God always end up a mess – in the long run. God is not a spoiler of fun, He is the best, the most wonderful, the kindest, the dearest of all in the whole universe! And He wants to look after you, help you make the right decisions, give you a happy successful life, and stop you from falling into horrible things like drugs and crime! Here is what the Bible says:
“My son [and my daughter], forget not my law [says God ];
but let thine [ your ] heart keep my command-ments:
For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee [ you].”
( Proverbs 3:1,2).

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge:
but fools despise wisdom and instruction.’ (Proverbs 1:7).
This verse means that you should honour God and respect His Word.
This is the only way to even begin to have real understanding of life.
But silly fools won’t take notice and turn their noses up at God’s teachings in His Word.

Be sure you live close to the Lord God NOW, lambs.
Tomorrow could be too late, like it possibly is for the Milky Bar Kid!

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