No. 258
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Our cat, Fluffy Dax, is top cat in the house. She has more purrrson -ality than any other animal in the place. Even Dolly the dog gets pushed out by Fluffy Dax. She bosses everyone around, and makes sure she always gets the best food for herself. We feed the cats dry food at night. There is always a dish or two for them near the washing machine. Fluff sleeps on the mat in the laundry, just so she can be near the food dishes all night. She does this to guard the dishes. She only lets the other cats feed if she feels like it. What a bossy britches.

Fluff talks a lot. The other cats, Ebony and Ginger Tom, don’t talk like Fluffy Dax does. She looks right into your eyes and miaows loudly and long. She seems to talk and talk about everything that is going on. When we go to the toilet she puts her little black and pink feet under the door, and we have to touch her toes with our toes! It is quite a game, seeing who can move the fastest under the crack of the door. Yes, she is a fun cat - but what a boss she is! Even poor Dolly gets bossed around all the time. And Dolly is at least four times as big as Fluffy. Fluffy spits and gives Dolly a scratch if she doesn’t do exactly what that cat wants.

Pussies can be fun, even when they are bossy. They haven’t got what we would call a “conscience.” God doesn’t expect a lot from them - like being responsible to read the Bible, doing right-eous acts, learning to be un-selfish, praying and other stuff like that. When old Fluff was a mother to six kittens she was un-selfish though. She put herself last, just to be there for those kittens. She let them take first place in her life, and they bossed her around I can tell you. But that is mother “instinct.” God has made mother animals have special feelings when they have babies to care for. So that the babies can survive. Even father birds and animals often have special feelings when babies must be cared for. They will work and slave to keep the babies alive, and risk their own lives to protect them. What love God puts in their hearts for their off-spring.

You are the “off-spring” of your parents. But they don’t care for their own children just because of instinct. They are not animals, they are people who can know God in their lives. They can pray, let God made them right-eous, they have consciences - they are higher beings than animals. So when your parents care for you, they love you in a different way than animals love their babies. Fluffy Dax got sick of caring for our big fat Ginger Tom - he was just a few months old when she told him to get lost! He wanted to suck her milk still, but she spat at him and scratched him too. When you grow up your parents won’t care for you in the same way that they do now, either. You won’t want them to then. You will want to move into being an adult. But they will never stop loving you, and will be so interested in what you are doing.

Some kids have bad parents.
Yes, it must be said, this is true.
This can cause the kids a lot of trouble and upset.
I am not talking about parents who tell kids what to do for their own good, and get a bit cross at times.
I am talking about parents who get drunk, waste all the family money and do really bad things.
Do you know that there are special promises in the Bible
to kids who have parents like that?
Here is one:
“When my father and my mother forsake me,
then the LORD will take me up.” (Psalm 27:10).
It means really that those poor kids will get special attention from the Heavenly Father.

Thank the Lord for the care of your parents. It is not easy to obey them sometimes, and to be a child who must be cared for and sub-mit to parents. But God arranges it that way for the child’s protection. When you grow up you will probably have kids yourself, and have to be really un-selfish in caring for them as well.

A PRAYER ( don’t pray it unless you really mean it ):
“Thank You Heavenly Father for your care of me. You show Your care best by giving me parents who love me, and who will put my wants and needs first - even before their own needs! I am so glad they are there for me. Help me fit in with Your plans for my family. I need to be obedient often when I don’t really want to be. Help me to be. Help me to make my parents’ job easier by being pleasant and good around the house. Amen.”

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