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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.


Once there was a very high mountain, it was the mountain to Heaven.
All sorts of religions tried to get up that mountain. There were Hindu people trying to climb up. They reckoned they could get up if they asked demon spirits to help them. They went with-out food, and burned smelly stuff called “incense” and they even let their minds go completely empty! It was all done so they could climb up the mountain to Heaven. They had been trying for centuries - but were still at the bottom of the mountain. Then there were the religions that thought doing good things would help them climb that mountain. They tried to be unselfish,  went to church lots, ate little pieces of bread and drank tiny cups of wine - they said these were the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus ! But still they could not climb that mountain to Heaven, It was awful! They had done those things for centuries, but were still at the bottom of the mountain.

There were witch-doctors, and those who worsh-ipped the earth trying to climb that mountain to Heaven. The witch-doctors  danced and screamed, and made magic potions which really smelt terrible! But they could never climb the mountain. The people who worsh-ipped the earth reckoned the earth is God, a god-dess even. They went out under the full moon and danced. They lit fires, they sang songs over and over, and called upon the “goddess” to bless them. But the earth could not do it, it is just a little planet made of rocks, soil - and stuff like that. So the earth worsh-ippers could not climb the mountain to Heaven. There were lots and lots of strange religions trying to climb the mountain, century after century. They all failed - and sad to say their followers all fell off the mountain to Heaven, and went to the other place instead!

But God had done a most wonderful thing, and all those religions had missed it! God didn’t want them to try to climb the mountain to Heaven! It was impossible to do! God had so loved the whole world that He had sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, down from the top of the mountain, so we wouldn’t have to try to climb any more. Jesus God’s Son, had come right down to the bottom, right to the very bottom  where we are. He will carry us up the mountain to Heaven, and we just have to rest in His arms. What a wonderful plan.

Can you see that the story of the mountain to Heaven is just a picture story? It is like a picture of what God has done. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the real WAY up to Heaven, He is the only One Who is the TRUTH, and He is the only One Who can give us LIFE that lasts forever with God. There are an awful lot of people saying today that there are other ways to get to God. They say that we don’t really need Jesus at all. Don’t believe them, lambs of God! You can see in the mountain to Heaven story that all religions fail to climb up to God. Why? Because they are trying to get to Heaven by their own efforts. Jesus Christ is not a religion. He is a Person Who loves us, and has made the Way possible because He shed His Blood on the Cross.

Here is God’s Word, and we must believe it:
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man come-th unto the Father [ or gets to Heaven ], but by me. “ ( John 14:6).

“And I [ Jesus ] give unto them eternal life [ life that lasts forever in Heaven ]; and they shall never perish [ go to hell ], neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand
[ you can’t be pulled out of Jesus’ arms on the way up the mountain, no way!].” 
(John 10:28).

Be sure that YOU are trusting only in Jesus to take you Heaven and God.

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