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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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The Bible is sure a mysterious book!
There are things in it that are so astounding.
Do you know that every time a word is “FIRST MENTIONED”
in the Bible it is very important?
Maybe that word could be “faith” or “sacrifice”
or all sorts of words other than those two.
When we find out a “first mention” word we should take great notice of it.

There is a very important “first mention” word which is “believed.”
It is found in the Old Testament, Genesis 15:6.

Here is the “first mention” of  “believed”:
The very first time it occurs in the whole Bible:

“And he (Abram or Abra-ham) believed in the Lord;
and he counted it to him for right-eous-ness.”

This wonderful verse appears again in three books of the New Testament:

Romans 4:3;
Galatians 3:6 and
James 2:23.

Every time it appears in the New Testament God keeps on saying that Abraham is a “type” of all who will ever be saved! That means he is a picture of everyone who will ever get to go to Heaven and be safe. Well, there must be something extra special God wants us to know about the verse Genesis 15:6.
So you, as lambs of God, should understand.
Let’s have a go.

This verse is showing all the world for the first time about God’s special
“faith” - this is what "believe" really means!
Abraham was the first man of “faith.”
Because he “believed” ( had faith) the Bible says God “counted” it to him for right-eous-ness. Hey, you might be saying, I am just a kid, can I understand this?
Yes, I will explain.
That word “counted” means a funny word “im-puted.”
It is like a bank account word.
If you put money in the bank your bank book shows it!
It is shown on your own account.
God is saying that we should all look at Abraham, because God Himself was doing some-thing special:

1. God says Abraham was the first man who had “faith” in God’s Word
 and God said that he was GOOD because of that faith;
2. God says because Abraham had "faith", it went on his account as being GOODNESS, or “right-eous-ness.”
3. Abraham was the first sinful man that God counts as GOOD because he had “faith.”

Lots of people in churches think that if they try very hard to be good, God will take them to heaven and save them. But that is not true. Like Abraham we must come by God’s way - by “faith.” We must believe and trust in Jesus Christ to be “saved” and go to Heaven. Then God counts us as being GOOD in Him.

Here is a verse from the New Testament which shows us God’s way:

“By grace are ye saved through faith...” (Ephesians 2:8).

There are three things you should remember from  today’s devotion:

1. Look for the words which are the “first mention” words in the Bible.
They are important. I hope you will do lots of Bible study in the years ahead of you. You can find “first mention” words with a Bible con-cor-dance on your computers. I have a Nelson’s Bible con-cor-dance. I can just go and find verses very quickly. It is easy to find “first mention” words that way.

2. Remember that we come God’s way to Heaven by “faith.”
Not by working hard to get right with the Lord.
God says:

“Not of works [ trying very hard to be saved ],
lest any man should boast [ show off to God ]. “ ( Ephesians 2:9 ).

3. Abraham was the first man of “faith” who pleased God because he “believed.”

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