From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

We have trouble, we have too many fish!
The garden pond is filled with big fish, little fish and smaller fish.
All colours, black, spotted, red, fawn and orange.
We started with seven fish, and now have so many we can’t count them.
So, we have a plan to help our fish pop-u-lation.

Yesterday we took an old bath and put it in the ground near the fish pond.
We are going to fill it with water and get the fish out of the pond.
The fish will go in there until their home is fixed up.
Oh dear, it will be a tricky job.
What if some get caught in the water weeds?
Or we drop them on the ground?
How will we do it?
I guess with a fishing net, or a bucket to scoop them up.
I wish you were here to help us.

We are going to make the pond bigger. It has cracks in it too.
We will dig it out and put in more concrete to make it hold water.
Then we will let it dry and put back the fish.
We will sell some fish as well.
What about the bath?
Well, we are going to put fresh water crayfish in there.
Little ones that will grow, and then we will use them for food when they get big! Yum!! We will feed them on meat scraps.

Pop-u-lation problems are supposed to be happening to our world.
People everywhere are saying that we have too many humans on our earth.
But God is in charge of this earth.
He will not allow our planet to be over-run with people.
God tells us that we He has a wonderful plan for this earth,
which will make things come out right.
We must “multiply” and have new children and fill the earth.
See where He says this in Genesis chapter one and verse 28.

Do you know that God is going to make our earth new one day?
And make new heavens?
Some kids think that the end of the world is coming, and are scared.
This is not so, however.
The new earth and new heavens will be the old ones made perfect.
No more tears, no more pain and problems,
no more wars and cruel things happening.
No more earthquakes and animals and plants dying out.

Won’t it be wonderful?
But this won’t happen for a long, long time yet.
Jesus Christ will come as the king of the earth first,
and He will be king for a thousand years.
Christ’s kingdom will be a beautiful earth too.
It will be a long time before God will make our earth new and perfect forever.
[ but it will happen ]
Read about it in the book of Isaiah 65, verses 17-25.

In Isaiah 65, verse 25, it tells us a wonderful thing.
In God’s new earth wolves and lambs will love one another,
and will eat their food together.
And the lions will not eat other animals, they will eat straw like cattle do.
Nothing will hurt each other in God’s holy earth.
Just like we are making a new pond out of our old one,
so God will remake our planet.
But His work will be a paradise!

“For, behold,
I create new heavens and a new earthand
the former (the one before) shall not be remembered,
nor come into mind.” (Isaiah 2517).


There are many concerns that trouble young people today.
The end of the world is one of them ! The television has programs about Nostradamus and his prophecies; there are predictions of terrible happenings coming from ungodly people and silly comments being made from “ETs.”
But GOD is the one we must listen to, not silly New Age nonsense.
God says that bad times will happen to our earth, but we are safe when we trust in Him. God says that He will NOT destroy the earth but make it gloriously better.
I know Who I believe, and it is not the New Age.

Read more about God’s new heavens and a new earth in Revelation 21:1-7.

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