From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Diane and Bobby’s birthday had been great!
They were eleven now, quite grownup really.
Diane’s Aunt gave her a big fairy doll made of pottery.
It had flowing robes made of some sort of filmy material.
There were strange silver necklaces around its neck.
Tiny silver stars, dragons and a flying horse were on the doll’s dress
and in her yellow hair made of strands of silk.
It had a purple wand in its hand.
“It cost me a packet!” said Aunty Peg.
“ It is a good fairy who will watch over you at night,
and use her magic powers to keep you from harm !”

Diane said to Mum,
“That doll has a funny look in her eyes.”
They were glass, and very real looking, green as grass.
“Rot !” laughed Bobby, “it’s only an ornament.”
Still, Diane didn’t like the thing, it looked “witchy” and mean!

Every night for a week the fairy doll stood on Diane’s dressing table.
She couldn’t sleep very well at night, because the doll seemed to be watching her.
The green eyes glowed in the dark.
Diane noticed that there was a cold feeling in the air around the fairy.
It was scaring her!
She wouldn’t touch it, although she would never have told anyone it made her afraid. After all she was eleven now.

The pastor of their church came to dinner.
Pastor James went around the house chatting and seeing where they lived and slept. When he came into Diane’s room his eye caught the fairy doll.
He went straight to it and took it out to her parents.
Later, he explained to Diane that the doll was a New Age image.
Turning it over he showed her writing on the bottom, it said
“Made in honour of Isis and  goddess Sophia.
A fairy with magical powers.”

Diane was really glad,
when Mum and Dad said they were throwing the fairy doll in the furnace.
Pastor James told us that those dolls can have nasty curses put on them!
We will get you something else instead.
They didn’t hurt Aunty Peg’s feelings by telling her what had happened.
She wasn’t a Christian and wouldn’t listen anyway.
The bedroom felt normal again without that fairy.
It was warm and cosy,
and the nasty chill went after Dad prayed to the Lord God to take it away.

It is wise to be careful of New Age things.
The shops have them a lot today.
There are books on magic.
There are dolls and toys, wands and ugly witches.
Don’t buy them.
God is not pleased when we fill our houses with ungodly stuff!
We need to have things in our homes that are honouring to God, not to New Age goddesses and magic.
Magic can help no one. Only God helps us.
Have a look around your room.
Is there anything that is “witchy” or “magical” there?

“I will love thee,
O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock, ...
and my high tower.’”


Many young people today have become New Age believers!
They go to seminars and meetings about UFOs, magical powers, meditation, postive confession and all sorts of New Age things.
Not only are these no help to them, but they can be dangerous spiritually!
It is not “fun” to dabble in things which are forbidden by God, and which are “occult.”  New Agers are enchanters, charmers, wizards and not of God.

Read  Deuteronomy 18:10-14.

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