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....Hands.gif (2243 bytes)...DEVOTIONS FOR LAMBS.
No. 130
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Tommy and Judy were home early from school. Mrs Marsh, their teacher, had let them out before time because she had a special training class she had to attend. Tommy and Judy were in the same class, although Tommy was a year older than his sister. He had been very sick with flu last winter, and had to miss a class to catch up. But he was patient and sensible about it.

When they came into the kitchen a delicious smell greeted them!
There was a big and yummy sticky date pudding on the table, still hot from the oven.
It had oodles of shiny, golden sauce running over it, and the pudding itself looked a dream, with lots of fat dates in it! Beside the pudding dish was a bowl of double whipped cream! Mum didn’t seem to be anywhere. “Ooooh - “ moaned Judy, “What a beaut pudding! Let’s get a piece straight away. I can’t wait ‘til dinner.” “No, “said Tommy, “Mum wouldn’t like us to eat any yet, it’s for later, after meat and veges.” They went to look for Mum, to maybe talk her into giving them a piece of the sticky date pudding, but she wasn’t there. “She must be at the shops, she doesn’t expect us home yet” said Judy.

The kids went and changed their school clothes. They tried to start their home work, but the smell of that pudding was so delicious! Like hot butter toffee! They cut some bread and had peanut butter on it, but it wasn’t that pudding! Still Mum didn’t come home. “I will go crazy if I don’t have some of that sticky date pudding, “grizzled Judy after about half an hour.
“We can’t be expected to stay in the house with that yummy thing and not eat it! I going to have some! Come on, cowardy custard!” Tommy tried to argue, but he wanted that pudding as much as she did. So they both went into the kitchen and heaped up dishes with pudding, and put mountains of double whipped cream on top. And then they had another helping as well. Mum was furious when she came home, more than half her pudding was missing!

“But Mum, we just couldn’t help it, it was THERE!” complained Tommy. “It was your fault for leaving that pudding on the table, you should have put it away in the oven. And anyway, I said we wouldn’t eat any of it, and Judy talked me into it. It is all your fault and hers!” Dad wasn’t impressed when he came home either. The children didn’t get another bite of the sticky date pudding, or the cream, and missed out on going bowling that night as well. They had to go to bed at seven o’clock.

Tommy was a bit like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Adam ate some of the fruit from a tree in the garden, and God had told him not to eat any of that fruit. It was from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil ( strange name?) When he got found out, Adam blamed God, and he blamed his wife Eve, but he was not ready to blame himself for doing wrong. No matter what happens, we must not do wrong. We can choose to turn to God and ask Him to help us do RIGHT, and He always will. But, if we fail Him and ourselves, and do wrong things, then the only way is to admit it! We can never get away with sinning. There are always con-se- quences that follow. Blaming others for our own wrong is cowardly and only makes things worse. It is called, “passing the buck!”

You can read about Adam blaming Eve and God in Genesis chapter 3:12. This is what Adam said, notice he said GOD gave him the woman who gave him the fruit! He was blaming God alright!
“And the man said: The woman whom thou gavest (gave) to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.”

Read the whole story in chapter 3, it is exciting.

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