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No. 137
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Tahnee was awfully lonely sometimes. She lived in a tiny little town in Australia, only six hundred people in the whole area! Some lived out on farms, and just a few lived right in town. Tahnee and her family had a general store called “The Black Stump” and they lived in the back of the shop - right in town. But there weren’t any kids her age near by. Sometimes kids from out-lying farms came to The Black Stump with their families, to buy food and supplies. But they didn’t stay long, so Tahnee was always lonely. She did her lessons by correspondence - they came over the Internet now, and she answered by E-mail.

How much Tahnee wanted company, a girl of her own age! Every day she asked God for a friend. But He hadn’t answered her prayer yet, and she was almost giving up. One day a little blue car pulled into the block next door. A nice looking man with curly black hair got out. He started poking around the block, looking and turning things over. There was an old scout den on the block, it had been their meeting place a few years before. Now there were no scouts, the boys had grown up, and no more had joined the troop. The nice looking man started pulling off pieces of wood from the scout hall. Dad ran over there to see what he was doing.

When he came back, Dad said that the man had bought the huge block next door, and was going to turn the scout den into a house. So, every weekend the man would come and hammer and saw, burn piles of rubbish and cut down bushes and grass. The little blue car was always there too. Tahnee watched proceedings from her window, and wondered if the man had any family. But no family came, and time went by. The scout den started to look really good after a few weeks. Another older man came sometimes and they worked until late at night, sawing and hammering and using electric tools that whirred and clattered. It kept Tahnee awake, but Mum said, “don’t complain. We will have to put up with it, they have such a lot of work to do. They have to work long hours to get it done.”

The blue car always sat there on the block, looking almost as though it was smiling. It was a bubble car, and had a shine about it like metal. Tahnee began to watch for the car every Friday afternoon after tea. The house was finished at long last, and it was quite a trans-formation! The big scout den had had all its insides torn out and burned, and new rooms had been built - with a kitchen and bathroom and everything. Tahnee knew that, because she had seen the trucks which had delivered the sink and basin and bath. One Friday the little blue car came just after lunch. Tahnee could see it coming down the road when she sweeping the front of the shop. She went and peeped through the bushes from her garden, and the car stopped right in front of the scout den house. Out jumped two girls, a big boy, a lady and the nice man with the curly black hair. The girls both looked close to her own age!

Do you know what? Those sisters became the best friends Tahnee ever had, and they shared their lovely new scout den house with her. Tahnee often slept over there in the girls’ pretty new bedroom, with its pale pink curtains and bedspreads covered in roses.
Sometimes God can take awhile to answer our prayers because there are things He must let happen first. He was planning all along for Tahnee to have two girl friends, not just one - but the house next door had to be rebuilt and ready first. He wanted Tahnee to learn to trust Him too!

“Thank You, Lord, for caring for us so much,
and answering our prayers - in Your time.

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