No. 125
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

There was once a baby who was born to parents who were Hebrew slaves in the land of Egypt. It was a terrible time for poor boy babies who were born then, because the wicked king of Egypt didn’t want the Hebrews to get too strong in the land. They were only slaves, and there was getting to be lots and lots of them. So, the king commanded that every boy baby born to the Hebrew slaves must be thrown in the river! How awful this was. But God had a special plan for one of those baby boys, he was going to be a leader of the  Hebrew people, and he was going to be used by God to take them out of bondage (being captives).

When this baby was born his mother loved him dearly, and she was certainly not going to let anyone  throw him in the river! So, she hid him until he was three months old. When it was impossible to hid the baby any longer (he would had been making too much noise) she prayed to God about what she should do to save the baby. God led her to make a little ark (a safe kind of small boat) of bulrushes. They were strong grasses or reeds which grew near the river. Then she made the ark completely water-proof with pitch (stuff like tar) and slime. When everything was dry and snug she took her dear little baby and put him in the ark-boat. Then she covered him up lightly to protect him. What a strange thing to do! But God was leading her, He knew best what to do to save the baby. Then the mother put the ark in the river, with reeds all around him, and went away and left him .

The baby boy’s sister stood watching the ark, keeping out of sight, to spy out what would happen to her brother. What a surprise she got, for the Pharoah’s  ( the mighty king’s ) daughter came down to wash herself by the river side. She had her maid servants with her. When she saw the odd looking little boat lying in the reeds she was very curious. She sent one of her maids to bring it to her. And then she slowly pulled aside the wraps. Then she saw the tiny child, what a shock she must have had. He was a lovely baby, and the princess knew straight away that this was one of the boy babies who was supposed to be killed at birth! What would she do, would she give him to the soldiers to drown? Oh no, the princess felt so sorry for the dear little fellow that she said, “go and get a nurse from amongst the Hebrew people, I will keep him for my own.”

So off went her maid, and do you know who she chose to be the nurse of the baby?
She chose the baby’s mother! Hey, that was some plan that God had. The baby was called Moses, this name means to “to draw out.” Moses was called that because the princess drew  (lifted) him out of the water. Moses was taken away by his own mother to be nursed until he was old enough to be treated just like the princess’ very own son.  The mother was even paid wages to look after Moses. When he was older he was taken to the Pharoah’s daughter and he became just like her royal son.

God is mighty and His plans are always perfect. He wanted Moses to save the Hebrew people and take them far away from Egypt. But it took a long time before Moses did that wonderful work for the Lord God. He knew he was a Hebrew, so it was upsetting for him to see the Hebrews being ill-treated when he became a young man. He could have been a mighty man in Egypt, but Moses chose to be a man of God and defend his own people - just as God knew he would. More about Moses tomorrow. You can read this story in Exodus 2:1-10.

“By faith Moses, when he was come to years (became an adult), refused to be called the son of Pharoah’s daughter; choosing rather to suffer affliction (troubles and  distress) with the people of God...” Hebrew 11:23,24.

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