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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
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Getting to know
God together.


The twins, Zachary and Nardia, were back at school after the Christmas and New Year holidays. It made them a bit tired having to do studies after just doing their own thing for weeks on end. “ I wish I could go to the beach today instead of dressing up in a uniform. I feel like a sleep in, not running for the school bus, “ Nardia groaned on Friday morning. But they were both pleased to be with school friends again. They had to admit they were a bit bored during holidays at times.

Zach liked his science teacher, Mr Arnold,  very much. He wanted to impress him, and he hoped Mr Arnold thought he was a clever boy. When Mr Arnold asked for someone to take a cage of mice home for a week, Zach was the first one to volunteer. He was very careful with them on the bus, and managed to get them to his room without any mishap. (Mum said they had a bad smell, but let him take them to his room after a lot of begging.)  Oh, he intended to feed those mice, and give them water. But he threw one of his shirts over them by mistake, and forgot the mice. Mr Arnold reminded him to bring them back on Friday afternoon.  When he got home Zach rushed up to his room in a fit to see how the mice were. They were dead! Starved to death!  Their poor little bodies were all curled up in a pile. Dad took them away. Now Zach had to take back an empty cage. He was so sorry for those mice. He didn’t mean to kill them. What would Mr Arnold say?

In science class Mr Arnold asked Zachary where the mice were, and Zach got to his feet and said, “I’m sorry, I looked after them very carefully but some bigger boys in the street opened the cage - and they escaped!”  Mr Arnold was angry about those boys, and told Zach not to worry, and thanked him for his care. Well, Zach felt pretty awful inside. He tried to talk to the Lord Jesus about it, but He didn’t feel right with God either. He didn’t tell anyone about The Lie and tried to forget it had ever happened. Zach felt very sad at night. He tried to listen to Mum’s prayers, but he felt hot and miserable when she prayed about God forgiving sin. He knew, you see, that he had to make things right with Mr Arnold about The Lie - but he was determined not to.

What a horrible week Zach had. He was cross with everyone, and couldn’t sleep well. One day Mum read from the Bible this verse:
“ If we confess [ tell God about ] our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all un-right-eous-ness [ wrong doing ].”  (I John 1:9.)
Zachary suddenly began to cry, he just couldn’t help himself. He felt such a booby! Then he told Mum and Nardia about The Lie. Mum said he should tell God too, get it off his chest. Zach felt so much better when he had done that. But he knew He still had to make things right with Mr Arnold. “Give me the strength and courage to do it, dear Heavenly Father,” he prayed.

Next day at school Zachary went straight away to Mr Arnold’s office. He knocked at the door, hoping in a way that he wasn’t there, but Mr Arnold said, “come in.” Zach asked the Lord quietly to make him strong, and then he blurted out all in a rush, “I lied to you, sir, I forgot to feed those mice and they died. There were no boys who opened the cage!”
Mr Arnold was very nice about it, really. He said that Zachary was brave to come and own up. But, he should get some sort of punishment for the whole mess. So he said he had to help him clean up animal cages in the lunch break for a fortnight.

Zach went to bed that night and his heart was filled with peace. He was right again with God, and his conscience didn’t keep him tossing and turning all night now. How about you, are there things you have to make right with God and other people? If there are, it is best to do it, and your heart will be filled with peace too.

“And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God ...” ( Ephesians 5:2.)

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