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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know
God together.


It was evening and we were having tea on the fore-shore of Happy Valley.
It is a lovely beach. We took our own food. We had chili beef and rice, and fruit salad and cream. Yum! It is easy to take our own tea when we have a wide-mouthed thermos and a car cooler with ice blocks in it.  Well, there we were feeding sea gulls and drinking apple cider [non alchoholic of course], when people in parachutes started landing on the sand in front of us. We looked up and more were coming down from a plane over our heads! The parachutes were beautiful - red, yellow, purple, green and orange colours. Then we noticed a van in the parking area with “Skydivers” written on it.  The skydivers were so skilled! They could easily have landed right on the busy road and gotten squashed by the cars, or got stuck in a tree or landed out in the ocean. But no, they just handled their parachutes and the wind so well, until they landed right on the beach where they should be. And men came and helped them get their parachutes off and packed up. It was really thrilling, we loved it. I don’t know if I, myself, would be brave enough to jump out of a plane like that, though.

When the skydivers were far away in the sky, it looked as though there was only one person to every chute. But, as they got nearer we could see that there were TWO people to every chute! They were tandem divers! The ones in the front, looking as though they were sitting on the man at the back’s knees, probably were tourists who maybe didn’t know anything about skydiving. The one who was handling everything was the diver who was experienced. The tourists only had to trust the tandem divers who knew exactly what to do.

Do you think that the tourists could have managed without the tandem divers?
I am sure that they could never have managed.
They would have possibly been killed if they had tried it on their own without proper skills. They could have drifted out to sea, or bashed into a tall building, or landed right on top of people like us having tea! No, those tourists needed the tandem divers to have the thrill of skydiving like that. And they just trusted and had faith in the person with them who was in control.
What would have happened if they got silly and wouldn’t let their tandem diver control everything?
If they started pulling at the strings and stuff themselves?
They would have come to disaster possibly, and crashed and gotten hurt.

Do you know that we Christians should be in tandem with the Lord Jesus?
He wants to be so close to us all the time that He handles all our affairs and saves us from disasters.
He wants us to take everything to Him in prayer, and to quit worrying and fussing and taking all the burdens of life on ourselves.
The Lord wants us to be in His control and care every day, even every moment. This what the life of “faith” is all about.
Believing that the Lord cares for you;
trusting Him to help you;
looking in the Bible for His promises and believing they are for yourself.
Having “faith” is depending upon God.

When Christian believers have “faith” they can fly high with the Lord Jesus, like eagles in the sky, and they will find the thrill of being held tight in God’s love. But, the Lord Jesus isn’t behind us, like the expert skydiver is when he is in tandem. The Lord Jesus is in front, ready to take all the knocks and blows of life. He is our shield too! What a wonderful Friend and Saviour He is to be sure!

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength [ get their strength back ]; they shall mount [ rise ] up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31).

“  Dear Heavenly Father:
 I am often worried and think sad things that make me afraid. I want to learn to have  “faith” and to know how to be close to the Lord Jesus all the time. I want the Holy Spirit to teach me about faith and trust. Thank You Lord for loving me so much. You love me, and I want to love You too, and trust in Your love!  Amen.”

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