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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
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Getting to know
God together.


Nardia loves Mum’s home made bread. Mum has a special bread maker. All Mum does is put in the bread mix and some warm water, and the machine does the rest. Maybe your mother has a bread maker like that. Mum usually puts the mix and water in the machine just before she and Dad go to bed, and then the family can have nice fresh bread for breakfast and school lunches. Nardia loves the gorgeous smell of baking bread when she wakes up sometimes in the dark night - the whole house feels warm and cosy and filled with delicious aroma.  She said one day, “Mum, does that bread have yeast in it?” Mum said, “It sure does. If there was no yeast it would be a loaf about as flat as a pancake. The yeast makes the dough rise up high, like you see it when it comes out of the bread machine.”

On Saturday they all went to visit Uncle Bob and Aunt Peggy. They live on a farm. Aunty Peggy is Mum’s aunt, so she is getting quite old now. She still does all the things that make farm life so lovely. She milks a house cow, she grows vegetables and herbs in the garden, she bakes biscuits and cakes herself, she makes jam and chutney - and she bakes her own bread. Well, it was quite a difference to see Aunty Peggy make bread. She got the flour, the butter, an egg, some fresh farm milk, salt and sugar, and then she added a big spoonful of powdered yeast. The next step was to mix the whole lot together with warm water. “It has to go in a warm place to let the yeast rise now, “ said Aunt Peg.  She put the large bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water, covered it with a tea towel and they went outside to feed the chooks. Later, Aunt Peg took off  the tea towel for Nardia to see what had happened. The yeast had made the dough about twice as big as it was before! Then the dough was rolled about and punched and roughed up by Aunty Peg for about ten minutes. It was ready now to go in the tin.  Aunty Peg put the covered tin beside the warm stove to rise again.

Much later, Nardia saw the dough in the tin had come right up over the top, it was much, much bigger. Then it went into the hot oven and baked into a beautifully high, golden brown loaf. Yum, the smell was great, and the taste was even better. They ate slices with honey from the farm and Myrtle the cow’s fresh cream. Nardia had seen the yeast really working to make bread. It made all the in-gred-ients swell and change.

The Bible says SIN is like yeast! What can that mean, you might ask. I Corinthians 5:6,7 says this:
“Your glorying [ showing off with pride ] is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven  [ yeast ] leaveneth [ makes the yeast rise up ] the whole lump [ of dough ]?  Purge out  [ get rid of ] therefore the old leaven [ old wrong doing or sin ], that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened [ without the sin that makes everything change ]. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us: “

“A little leaven [ yeast ] leaveneth the whole lump.”  ( Galatians 5:9).

Hey, you might say, that is hard stuff to understand! But it isn’t really. God is showing us in His Word that if we let wrong doing take over our lives, in the end the whole person will “rise up” or will be completely changed. Every part of that person will be made different by the yeast of sin. But, if we let Jesus save us, He will take away our sin and give us a new life that has no yeast of sin to muck it up!  The best time to become a “lump without leaven” is when you are a child - then your whole life can be lived for God. Put it off until you are older, and wrong doing may “leaven the whole lump”  and you may never be able to let Jesus save you. I hope that won’t be you!

See you again next time, lambs of God.

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