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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
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Getting to know
God together.



“God bless you, my dear!” said Jared’s grandmother on his birthday.  “Thanks very much, Nan, “ said Jared, but he couldn’t get what she said out of his mind. At church the pastor often said, “May God bless you and keep you in His peace, until we meet again. Amen.”  So Jared thought he would ask his father what “God bless you” really means.  He wasn’t sure if it was a wish or a sort of magical saying or what! Jared didn’t want to admit he didn’t know, but he felt that “God bless you” was really powerful, so he swallowed his pride and asked Dad about it. “It is hard to explain in some ways, “ Dad answered. “When people say ‘God bless you’  they are almost praying and asking God Himself to give you His special kindness and favour. They are wanting the Lord to make His wonderful promises about blessing you come into your life.”  “What kind of things does God bless us with? “ Jared asked.  “Lots of things, “Dad replied. “But none of the ways God blesses us have anything to do with wishes or magic.”  “God blesses us with the best things that we can ever have. I’ll show you some from the Bible.” And he did.

You can look up some of these blessings
from the Lord in your own Bible:

God promises to bless us with PEACE in Psalm 29:11;

God blesses His people with COMFORT in their hearts, see Matthew 5:4;

God has special blessings to people which are RICHES, see Proverbs 10:22.
Riches from God can be a “rich” life with a happy family,
good health and a nice place to live.
Riches also can be to have plenty of money to help other people,
and be a blessing to them too!

God blesses with “showers of blessing.”
Godly farmers have found that God sends rain in a drought and saves their farms, have a look at Ezekiel 34:26.
We can have showers of blessing from God even if it doesn’t mean rain.
He can send us lots of blessing like lovely, refreshing showers, when we are hot and worn-out in our troubles. Troubles can be like a drought inside ourselves.

Who can have the blessings of God?
God’s Word tells us that too.
We will be blessed by God when we:
 Walk with God in His way, see  Psalm 128:1-4;
Obey His Word, look at James 1:25;
If we are people who pray and have faith in God, James 5:16;
If we truly love and enjoy God’s Word, that is “delighting” in God’s Word, Joshua 1:8;
God will bless us if we are not selfish and we are generous to others. If we give to God’s work so that He can help other people. See Proverbs 11:26.

I hope you will look those verses up for yourself, or get someone else to help you find them and read them.
If you are a faithful Christian believer, and you let God give you a pure heart, God will bless you too. Have a look at Psalm 24: 4,5 and Proverbs 28:20.

You could do a lot of reading from the Bible if you look those verses up. Believe them, for God means every word He says, and will surely bless you too if you do what pleases Him.

Bye now, see you again.

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