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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
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Getting to know
God together.

Mrs Smithers was an old lady
who lived down the street from Jared and Kyle’s house.
They were riding their bikes past her place one day, when she called out to them, “Hey, boys, can you help me?” They had been taught to help others and respect older people, so they stopped and went over. Mrs Smithers couldn’t get her little cat out of a tree. He was not much more than a kitten, and had climbed up and got stuck in a fork of a branch. Jared, as the eldest, took on the job and climbed up after the orange puss, who was glad to be rescued. He meowed loudly all the way down to the ground, “saying thank you” maybe. The old lady invited them in for a lemonade. When they were inside, she told them about how she got messages from spirits, and how she wrote these in a book. Then she went and got the book to show them. “I shut my eyes and my mind goes blank, “she told the boys, “then the messages come when I am in a trance.” The boys were a bit afraid of the strange old lady, so they excused themselves and left as quick as they could without being rude.

Kyle talked to his Sunday School teacher, Jenny, about the old lady on Sunday. The teacher had been talking about the Bible being “in-spir-ed” by God. “The Bible was given to its 40 authors by the Holy Spirit of God, and it makes up one miraculous book, “ she told them. “Did the men who wrote the Bible let their minds go blank, and have a trance, then the spirits spoke to them?” Kyle asked.  Jenny seemed very surprised that he should know about such things! And so the visit with Mrs Smithers came out, and all about these messages she got from spirits. “ No Kyle, that is not right! And everyone else listen too, “ Jenny said. “God directed men to write His Word when they had all their senses about them. He chose them to write His laws, history, facts, messages and very special truths called ‘prophecies.’ He told holy men of old just what to write, so we would all understand. God never uses spells or trances where people go blank in their minds. That is what the devil does!”

Later, Jenny talked to Kyle and Jared alone. “You should talk to your parents about Mrs Smithers, and I would advise you not to go to her house again. She is a person who is dealing with evil spirits, not God’s Holy Spirit.”  Jenny said it was not a good idea to ever go into a person’s house when you didn’t know them well. “Never get into their cars either, unless of course your parents say it is O.K.” So the boys took Jenny’s advice, and talked it all over with Mum and Dad. They were a bit upset that they hadn’t been told about the visit to Mrs Smithers, and agreed that Jenny was quite right in all that she said.

The Bible isn’t a book which is just a natural, ordinary book at all. It is not  a magic book though, it is not a book given by spirits. It is a collection of writings which GOD wrote, using men in many ways to do it. Men could not have written this book without God’s "in-spir-a-tion" and guidance. Is all the Bible given by God, is it all "In-spir-ed"? Yes, every page and every word has been given by the Lord God Almighty, our Creator.

The Bible has many, many verses that tell us that it is God’s own book, the most important book that has ever been written. Here are just a few of those verses:

“ALL Scripture [ the words of the Bible ] is given by in-spir-a-tion of God.”
( II Timothy 3:16).

“...but holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost
[ or Spirit of God. ]” ( II Peter 1:21).

“...And the Lord said unto me [ Jeremiah ]. behold, I have put my words in thy [ your ] mouth.” (Jeremiah 1:6-9).

Well, it shows you how important it is to read God’s Word, and to get to know it well. The Bible is like a light that shows us how to get along in the dark. Read it and obey it, and you will make a success of your life with God.
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and light unto my path.”  (Psalm 119:105).

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