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Getting to know
God together.

I get my dog Dolly to do what I want her to by REWARD and PUNISH-MENT.
I find that reward works much better than punish-ment though. Reward can mean I give her a doggy chocolate drop when she sits down and doesn’t jump on my clothes. Punish-ment might mean that I whack her with a rolled up newspaper if she jumps on the paint work of my car. She has to be trained, you see. She is just an animal, although she is a very nice, almost human kind of dog who understands lots of words and commands. God made Dolly and all the animals, and they are wonderful gifts from the Lord.

But you are not an animal, you are a human being who was made to have friendship with God, called “fellow-ship.” You have been made to be able to make decisions about God yourself. You have what is called “ a free will.” Parents can and do “train” children, but they should never train them just as I train Dolly. Children are small people who will grow into adults. You are made for God Himself to love and to teach. You don’t need to be trained just like a dog or cat, you need to know JESUS. He is the One Who can make you pleasing to God. He is the One Who can give you new life in HImself. He is the One Who will so change you inside, that you will be able do what God wants. He wants to work inside you through the Holy Spirit. Jesus can make you into a fine person, who is a good citizen, and He alone can make you GOOD in God’s eyes. We are all sinners who need Jesus’ New Life.

We have talked before about being “saved” by Jesus so that you can go to heaven one day. I hope you have taken Jesus Christ as your own Saviour. Now even you as a child can let Jesus save you really BIG TIME. All the way, every day, not just waiting for heaven and home. Jesus wants to be your Friend so that He can save you from the sins that spoil your life. When you find yourself doing wrong things that are hard to stop doing, Jesus wants to save you from their power to pull you down.Maybe you have bad temper, and you are always losing your cool! You want to stop, but can’t no matter how hard you try. Well, Jesus is right there with you. You can say to Him, “please Jesus make me able to stop having this temper.” And when you trust Him, He will do just that. Maybe other kinds of wrong doing have power over you. Even as a child you can let Jesus save you from that power of sin.

You can belong to Jesus really BIG TIME. He can be more than just your Saviour Who will take you to heaven. He can be to you your Lord, your closest Friend, your Saviour from doing sinful things, and the One Who makes you clean and new every day in Him. That is sure more than just being trained like my dog Dolly is.

I am so glad that God made you and I as human beings. It is wonderful to have been made so that we can have a special place with God, Who created all animals, humans and all that lives. Human beings have bigger jobs on earth than animals do. They have to be leaders, who care for animals and natural things. We were made to bring everything in our lives to the Creator, and to walk with Him. We know that Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, and so they lost their closeness to the Lord.
But Jesus brings anyone back to being real close to God, if they want it. No, we cannot see God when we walk with Him. But we can sure know His Presence with us though!

Here is what God’s Word says:
“...  the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son [ Jesus Christ ] into the world, that we might live through him.” ( I John 4:9).
“Casting all your care upon him [ tell Jesus about all your problems and worries ]; for he careth for you [ He will answer your prayers and look after you ].”
 ( I Peter 5:7).

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