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Getting to know
God together.

Nardia was going to a birthday party! She loved parties, and she had bought a great present for her friend Tahnee. It was a set for Tahnee’s computer. There was a mouse pad and a pencil holder that sticks onto the side of the computer. The pad and holder both had matching pictures of cute fluffy bears and rabbits on them. She put on her favourite T-shirt and pink sneakers, and her pink pleated skirt, and she was ready for the party. Mrs Morris, Tahnee’s mother, picked her up on time and off they went.

Tahnee was thrilled with her present. There were only seven girls there, plus Tahnee’s two little brothers, so the party was just right. Nardia didn’t really like big parties, they made her feel shy and she always seemed to get lost in the crowd. How happy they all were to be with each other, girls can have such fun together. Then Madeleine came home with a boy friend! She was Tahnee’s teenage sister, she usually stayed away from “kids” parties. But, she came in at the end of the afternoon swinging her long hair and being bossy and a smartie pants. She picked at some of the girls saying they were getting fat or something.
Then she saw Nardia and started on her:
“Nardia goes to Sunday School. Your parents must be Christians! Do you believe everything they tell you? Well I believe in reason, little girl. Not stupid opinions about God and stuff.” She grinned at her boyfriend, really showing-off.

Nardia was a bit upset when she was going home. Mrs Morris had made Madeleine apologise, but she had a smirk on her face when she did it. Nardia wasn’t very hungry at tea-time, she was filled up with party food. Later, when Dad came in to her room  to kiss her goodnight, she told him about what Madeleine had said. “I don’t understand what she meant by “stupid opinions” and about this “reason” word, Dad. What did she mean?” Dad sat down with a smile and patted her head. “Possum, she was being a smartie to show off, I think. She meant that Christian believers just believe in stuff they think is true themselves, and never think about things as free people. That is rot, of course.” They talked some more, Nardia loved these times alone with her father. He told her that Jesus Christ was TRUTH Himself. That was really thrilling!

Christians believe in the Bible because it is Truth, they don’t have “opinions” they just trust in and accept God’s Word. Christian believers have not left their thinking and “reason” behind them. They have rather found the One Who is Perfect Truth - so they don’t have to go looking anywhere else to try to find it.
You can trust Jesus to lead you into ALL TRUTH! WOW!
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth,
and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” ( John 14:6).

Nardia and Zach have had some hard times because they love Jesus. But they know that it is all worth it. Jesus is their Friend and they want to serve God all their days on earth. There are lots of fun times too, that they could never have if they weren’t born-again kids living in a Christian family. They have love and kindness from their parents, when they know other kids that have fathers who drink too much beer and get rough with them.  And  some kids have mothers who spend lots of money on the poker machines. Nardia and Zachary have prayer times, when they all feel so close as a family and close to God as well. They have the loving church people who care about them. But best of all they have their wonderful com-pan-ion - the Lord Jesus Christ, Who answers their prayers. And Jesus has given them life that lasts forever in Heaven. Wow!  Who wouldn’t want to belong to Him.

“The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation [ He saves me]: he is my God....my father's God, and I will exalt him [ I will honour Him and lift Him up in my heart ]. “  ( Exodus 15:2).

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