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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
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Getting to know
God together.

The Sunday School was having a very exciting competition.
The whole school could enter if they wanted to. There were 100 Bible verses to learn off by heart. The person who could recite every one of them would get a prize.
It was a trip for two adults and two children on a pleasure boat to see the whales jumping. There was lunch on the boat as well.
Memory stuff was pretty hard to do, Zach and Nardia found. They tried hard but their brains became muddled after a while. Tahnee, Nardia’s friend, had a far better memory and she seemed a lot more patient too. They had six weeks to get the verses off pat, so everyone kept on trying as best they could. They had seen the boat, it was great little craft and the lunches were said to be delicious. You could have seafood and chips and icecreams - drinks and chocolate as well.

The night of the competition came. It was to be held in the Church hall on the Friday. Out of ninety kids in the Sunday School only sixty were trying for the prize. Zachary and Nardia didn’t try, they hadn’t got a chance. They had learned only about 20. “Those verses will help you anyway, “ Dad said. “It was worth doing as much as you have done!” Tahnee was entering the competition. She was a wizz at it, and could say out, without anyone helping her at all, the whole hundred! It was brilliant! The twins were going to cheer her on. All the way in the car they read Bible verses for her to say, and she got every one right. “You are going to win, you are so good,“ Nardia said. Then she gave her one last verse to practice with. It was Romans 12:10. Tahnee knew it perfectly.

The Pastor was at the microphone, and off the competition went. Each kid came forward and was given verses to recite. Just the name and where they were in Bible was given, and they had to say the whole verse. Finally there were six kids left, all the others had made mistakes or couldn’t remember a verse at all.Tahnee was still there, and she beat four of the others until there was only two kids left. The other girl was Louise, from a family who didn’t come to church. They just sent this girl and her brother to Sunday School. The family didn’t have a car, so the kids walked all the way from the other side of town. Tahnee and the twins had seen Louise’s house, it had no paint and the fence was broken down.

The two girls were ready to fight the competition out! They both didn’t make a mistake, then there was only one verse left the Pastor said. “Looks like it might be a tie.” Louise came up to the mick and she was given a verse. She thought a minute and then recited the whole verse word perfect. Everyone clapped loudly until she went all pink. Then Tahnee came up, and the twins just knew it would be a tie alright when she was given Roman 12:10. But she said to the Pastor, “I will have to pass on that one.” So Louise won, and everyone patted her back and she was thrilled.

At supper time Nardia and Zachary rushed up to Tahnee and demanded to know what had gone wrong. “You knew that verse! I know you did! You should have won.”
They were really puzzled. Tahnee hung her head for a bit and then she said, “Louise’s family could never afford to go on a boat trip. I just couldn’t take it away from her. I might have won the tie-breaker. It was the verse in the Bible itself that made me lose the contest.”

When they got home the twins read it out together.
This is the verse right from the Bible:
“Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.” ( Romans 12:10).

Here is the same verse with a few words added to help you understand the hard parts:
“Be kindly affectioned [ having loving care and concern ] one to another with brotherly love [ like loving your own family ]; in honour preferring one another [ let others have a go instead of yourself ]; “  ( Romans 12:10).

Bible verses are meant to be lived, not just learnt. Tahnee was living that verse and she would have pleased God very much, don’t you think?

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