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Getting to know
God together.
Zachary & Nardia
go to the country.

It was exciting! The twins’ rich uncle had invited them to spend a few days on his cattle farm up north. It was a huge place, thousands of acres. They were to go on the train and sleep in a sleeping compartment over night. It was the first time they had really been separated from their parents, so it was a bit strange. But it was all a part of growing up, so they decided to be very strong and brave about it. The day came for the trip to start, and the family came down to see them off. Even Jared and Kyle, their boy cousins, were there. And the aunts and uncles. “I feel really loved, don’t you,” whispered Nardia, looking out the window at the waving relatives. Zach was a bit ashamed to show any mushy feelings, so he just grunted and waved to them. But he had a lump in his throat. It was good to have a family like his.

It was a great trip, the twins love trains ( so do I, do you?) The night was a bit funny, trying to sleep in a rolling train. They kept a light on, and the attendants looked in often to check up on them - so it was OK. At last they arrived at the rail station where they would be met with a truck to take them to Murrum Downs property. They saw their baggage being put on the station, and climbed out. No one was getting out but them! There didn’t seem to be anyone around, which made the twins more than a bit nervous. “Where is Uncle Peter, Nardia? I thought he would be standing here waiting?” Zach was a bit worried now.  The train driver didn’t start up the train, the guards were looking around too, unsure about leaving children alone on a station.

Then a truck came rumbling up, dust whirling around it. “That’s Uncle Peter and his family at last, “ laughed the twins very relieved. But when the man got out, he was a stranger, and a rough looking fellow at that. He had tattoos on his arms, and his head was shaved. “You the kids who are coming to stay at Murrum Downs?” he asked them with a growl. “Where is Uncle Peter?” they both asked together. “Home workin’. I’m his foreman, he sent me to get you.” Zach said as they sat in the truck, “Nardia, Uncle Peter must love us a lot to send a special man to get us. To let him take off time from work.” “No, I don’t think so, “said Nardia. “If he had loved us a real lot he would have come himself."
And I think she was right. Don’t you?

Jesus Christ didn’t send a servant, or an angel or a special man to come to us on this earth. He could have said, “I am too important to go to earth just to save those people. I will send the angel Michael.” He didn’t say, “I will call up a man like Moses, and He can go to the Cross and die for those people down there. I am much too important to waste my time on that job!” No, because He loves us so, you included, He just HAD to go Himself. And anyway no one else could ever have been holy enough to die for us. Jesus had no sin of His own, so He could die for our sin.

Jesus didn’t come to meet us in our need and problems because God the Father made Him do it. He willingly offered to come here for us, to save us. It shows how great His love is, doesn’t it. He wasn’t like Uncle Peter who was too big and busy, too important and unloving to come himself. He would have come here if you were the only person on earth - just to be with you and to die for you!

“Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth [ came from Heaven ] and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.” ( John 8:14).

“Thank You Lord Jesus that you came Yourself to this earth. I am so glad that the Father in Heaven tells me of Your love in the Bible. I want to know more about You, the One Who makes me safe forever. Amen.”

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