No. 114
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

For July 14-17th.   [Next Bible Devotion Monday 19th.]


Ask an adult to help if you need them to.
I will begin your regular devotions again soon.
A Christian on the Gold Coast in Australia wrote this study for you.

Is it O.K. for me to believe in myself ?  To trust in my own abilities and know-how?

NO.  Let’s search the scriptures for reasons.
Proverbs     28: 26;
     “  “        11: 2; Do not trust your heart but seek after God’s
     “  “        13: 10; wisdom.
Isaiah         47: 8;
Matthew    26: 33; These scriptures speak of pride, indifference,
Luke  18: 9-14; self-confidence and conceit.
Hosea 10: 12,13;
Proverbs 28: 25;   on unrighteousness.
Proverbs 20: 7;
    “   “ 12: 13; on righteousness.
Obadiah 1: 3,4; Pride, self-confidence, can set you up so “high” that your heart deceives you and gives you carnal security.
(What  does ‘carnal mean’?) Very worldly. Luke 12: 19-21
Philippians 2: 3. Never proudly  think you are any better than anyone else

Proverbs 16: 18 The common saying is “pride cometh before a fall.”
   “    “ 21: 4; Haughtiness and pride sows wickedness which is sin.

1 John2:  15,16; Not what God wants for His  children.  Warning against  worldliness.
1 Cor.   10: 12; Failure --- not to be self-confident but seek  wisdom from
       God lest you fall.   Life in the wilderness is typical of the Christian life.

So often we believe we know it all, when in fact we do not --- we become over-confident and the sin of ‘pride’ sets in. Always, before stepping out in self-confidence, go before God in prayer, seeking His advice about what you intend doing.
The verses we have studied show us how much we/everyone needs God, instead of allowing our heart to deceive us into thinking that we are quite capable of caring for ourselves.   Remember also, if you do things in “prideful confidence” your efforts can fail and you would have let yourself down, (embarrassing).   God knows best and is always there for you to depend on to direct you, whether through His Word, through your parents or someone He leads you to.   By the by, there is nothing wrong in feeling humbly confident. You can be pleased with what you have accomplished as long as when you do achieve your goal, you give thanks to God for giving you the abilities and opportunities.

Memory verse:-  John 15: 5

For the ‘little ones.’
Never let yourself think you can do everything on your own like grown-ups.
We all have to learn and must be willing to listen and enjoy being taught.
If you are not willing to listen and learn, you will soon find out that you cannot do certain things and perhaps hurt yourself in a number of ways. For example:- carrying hot things and burning yourself or touching something you shouldn’t and breaking it, perhaps cutting yourself, also racing ahead of Mum and Dad when you are told not to, because you may get lost or run-over.

These mistakes are caused by being disobedient, yes, but mainly because you thought you knew best and could care for yourself ---- self-confidence is pride and pride is sinning against God.

 What should you do when you know you have sinned and been naughty???

You need to go to God in prayer and tell Him that you are truly sorry and ask God’s forgiveness, and anyone else’s forgiveness whom you may have hurt because you did wrong.  And you know, if you really mean it God will forgive you and so will those who you hurt, I’m sure.

Always ask Mummy or Daddy first, if you may do something you are not sure about and if they say ‘yes’, then be confident and take care and pleasure in doing it ------ on the other hand, if they say ‘no’, then it will be because they know it would not be a good idea or wise to do it.

Draw a picture about what you think you have learnt in this Bible study, with lots of colour.

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