No. 117
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

You know, Jesus Christ coming into our world has made all the difference to everything - for ever! If He hadn’t come, no one could ever have gone to heaven; no one could ever be happy forever; our earth would have just gotten worse and worse and no one could have done a thing about it! But He did come, and He is coming again! I am glad that one day I will see Him standing on our earth, in the land of Israel. That is where Jesus is coming to the Second time - He will come from heaven, and land on the Mount of Olives. Read about it in Zechariah 14:4.
It is a very exciting description indeed!

Jesus is shown in our Bible in so many beautiful ways. He is the answer for everyone’s life. Here are some of the ways the Bible describes our Lord Jesus:

If you are an artistic kind of person, you will be very thrilled to know that the Lord Jesus Christ is “altogether lovely.’ It says so in the Song of Solomon 5:16.

If your Dad is an architect, and you want to be one too, then you and Dad would understand how important Jesus is because He is the “chief Cornerstone.”
He is the One Who holds all the Church of God upright. Like a Stone that bears the weight of the entire building. It talks about this in I Peter 2:6.

Maybe you want to be an astronomer one day, to study the stars and heavenly bodies. Well, Jesus is the Sun of righteousness. Have a look at Malachi 4:2.

Perhaps you might like to bake bread when you grow up. Jesus is the Bread of Life. See this in John 6:35.

Do you live on a farm, and your parents grow crops? Well, Jesus is the great Sower of seed, and the Lord of the Harvest. It says so in Luke 10:2.

Being a banker would be interesting, handling a lot of money responsibly. Jesus Christ is the hidden treasure in Matthew 13:44.

To the doctor and nurse Jesus is the great Physician, the healer of men’s hearts and spirits. Jeremiah 8:22 tells us that.

Jesus was a carpenter when He was a man in Nazareth. Carpenters know all about doors, and Jesus Himself is the “door” to life with God. John 10:7.

Yes, Jesus Christ is surely the greatest Person by far to ever live on this earth. You know, none of us existed at all until we were born as babies. Not even the greatest king that ever was existed before he was born. Jesus existed before He came as a baby to Bethlehem! Jesus Christ has always been in the universe - for billions of years? No, longer than that. He has been Himself forever. John 1:1 tells us that Jesus Christ was the Living Word, and He was with God in the beginning - and He was God Himself!
Dear Lord God in Heaven. Thank You for giving me this wonderful Saviour to be my friend forever and ever. I am weak but He is strong, and He loves me. How can anything ever hurt me again, because Jesus is with me, and He is my protector and Shepherd. Praise the Lord! Amen.”

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