No. 123
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Ever since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden our world has not been perfect.
We have weeds growing in our gardens, men have to work hard to survive here.
There is sickness and wars and suffering. The environment has bad problems.
This is because sin has entered our world, and the earth has “fallen!’”
The Bible tells us that even nature is waiting for Jesus Christ to make things perfect again. It says in Romans 8:22:
“For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain (Nature is waiting to be made new, to be reborn).”

Because Jesus Christ our Lord died to set men and nature free from the awful effects of sin - one day He will make a paradise again on earth. Even better than the Garden of Eden. Jesus will take His Church to heaven, when He comes again. But He will also defeat all evil, and make a Kingdom on earth which will last for one thousand years. He will be king on earth. First He must bring an end to all rebellion from cruel and wicked humans. This will be only a short time, seven years, and God will never allow His own people to be judged along with the wicked. What a glorious time lies ahead for our earth. Let’s look at just a few things that will happen when Jesus comes again.

The devil will be chained up and put in a pit. (Rev.20:10).
There will be wonderful changes in nature, no more animals fighting and dying. No more problems with the environment. Jesus will make everything perfect. (Isaiah 55:13; Isaiah 65:25).
The earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord. Everyone will know about God then. (Isaiah 11:9).
There will be peace, no wars, and people will do good things then. (Psalm 72;7,16).
At the coming again of Jesus Christ, believers in Him will be changed. They will be transformed to have glorious heavenly bodies, like Jesus Christ’s own Body. (Philippians 3:20,21).
Even the dead believers will rise to have new bodies. (I Thessalonians 4:16).

Well, those are thrilling things to think about all right.
But for now we all must live our lives where we are. Doing what is right, and obeying God’s Word. We are so blessed to know about God’s plan for our world. We can be a servant of the Lord’s in this present situation. Being a part of the Lord’s body of believers, who want to see justice and truth in our own little part of the world. Even a child can make our world a better place to live in, until Jesus Christ comes again.

Mark was ten. He was growing into a fine Christian young man. One day he saw two boys who were bigger than himself teasing an old Asian lady. They were calling her names, and made her drop her handbag on the ground. Her stick fell down as well. Mark wanted to go away quickly, so that he didn’t get into trouble with the older boys. But the Holy Spirit inside him was talking to his heart. Mark knew he must be brave and do right. So he walked up to those boys and said, “Leave her alone! I will get the police if you try to hurt her!” He was shaking a bit. The boys were real cowards (bullies often are cowards) and they ran off. Mark helped the old lady to sit down on a street bench, and gave her bag and stick back to her. Then he walked her home to her house. Mark was living  to make a difference in this world, he didn’t just sit and wait for Jesus to come back. You too can be good, kind, generous, helpful, loving to God and those around you. Then you will not ashamed when Jesus Comes Again!
MARANATHA! This means “our Lord comes.” Hurrah!

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