No. 88
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Jesus’ special friends and followers were called His “disciples.”
There were twelve disciples.
One day seven of them went fishing,
with great hopes of catching a nice haul of fish.
They went out in a boat at night into the sea.
Well, it was hard work, and they tried and tried.
All night they worked away, but their nets were empty in the morning.
How disappointing! Have you ever been fishing and caught nothing?
I reckon it is more likely you will catch nothing than that you will catch a fish,
it you are like me! I have hardly ever caught a fish when I go fishing.

I wonder what it would be like if someone helped me catch something?
If someone could just tell those fish to hop on my line?
It would be a miracle, wouldn’t it?
Anyway, back to the disciples.
They had a very, very important friend who helped them.
They were in that boat feeling pretty sorry for themselves,
when they saw Jesus standing on the shore.
He called out to them ,” Children, haven’t you caught any fish?”
They answered Him, “No! We haven’t, not any!”

Jesus called out, “Throw your net on the right hand side of the boat,
and you will get some fish.” Would you have believed Him if you were there?
If you had tried all night and hadn’t got one fish at all?
The disciples believed Him, and and they threw their net in the sea
right where Jesus had told them to.
What happened? There was so many fish in the net
that it almost broke with the weight of them.
The disciples dragged and pulled and got all those fish into the shore.
What a sight it must have been! Hundreds of fish jumping in the net!

Then the other disciples came along in another boat,
and helped them with the fish.
Later they made a fire on the beach and bar-b-qued some of the fish for tea.
They ate them with chunks of crusty bread.
Jesus was there with them as they ate.
Now that is an awfully exciting thing to happen,
you would agree. But there was something more exciting than that!
Jesus had been KILLED, He had died on the Cross of Calvary days before!
Yet, here He was ALIVE down at the sea, helping them to catch fish!
You see Jesus Christ came alive again, He was res-urr-ected.
He wasn’t a ghost,either.
He talked to them, ate fish with them and was truly risen from the dead.
Praise God, even death did not defeat Jesus our Lord.
You can read about it in John 21:1-14.

“ Jesus saith (said) unto them, Come and dine (eat).
And none of the disciples durst (dared) ask him,
Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord.” (verse 12).
When we encounter the LorEd Jesus Christ we are dealing with GOD Himself! Jesus Christ defeated death because of His Divine, Perfect Life which could not be overcome by physical death. He is still the Risen Christ, and will always be. This same Lord Jesus is now your own Friend, Saviour and Master. He will care for you through all your life, if you trust and obey Him.  Jesus was showing the disciples by the sea that if they did what He told them to, and depended utterly on Him, then they would see His wonderful work on their behalf. I’m sure they remembered that fishing trip for the rest of their lives!  The old hymn says:

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way.
  To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.’

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