No. 90
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Do you like motorbikes! Fun things arenít they, but they can be dangerous as well.
There is a bridge here in Queensland that has caused a lot of accidents for motor bike riders! They keep going over this bridge and crashing into the rails. Or wobbling around till they go down into the creek when they get over the bridge. Lots of riders have been sent to hospital! They end up all bashed up and bleeding!
Hey, what is wrong with that bridge? Has it got a demon troll in the water? No, it is not magic or demonic. It is the tracks that go nowhere!

That bridge is  in the sugar-cane growing area, in Bli Bli. There is sugar-cane growing here. You ought to see the cane when it is on fire! It burns red and glowing at night. Some farmers still burn sugar cane. The cane is burned so it is easier to harvest by cutting it down with big machines. Well, back to that strange bridge. Once the bridge was used for the cane train. It would be loaded with sugar-cane and would chuff across the bridge to take the cane to the mill! But now the train goes another way, so the bridge has become the ordinary road for cars and bikes and trucks. Do you know what?
The cost of taking the train tracks off the bridge was too high, the council would have had to rip up the bridge to do it. So the tracks are still there, just on the bridge itself, not anywhere else.

The poor bike riders come along and donít know about the tracks that go nowhere.
When the bike wheels hit the tracks when it has been raining (which is most of the time), they get stuck in them or slip! And the bike starts to wobble over. The tracks that go nowhere are dangerous things. But it will take it a long time for the council to do something about getting a new bridge - it costs too much.

We can have tracks that go nowhere in our lives. Young people can have fantastic abilities. They can have great blessings from God. He has blessed them with talents, and clever brains and opportunities. They might have great parents and good schools and churches, yet they donít seem to be going anywhere! They are like the tracks that go nowhere, they are just a disaster waiting to happen!
They donít know what they want, they have no goals, so they could end up going nowhere. Just like those train tracks.

Donít be on a track that goes nowhere. Put your trust in God, ask Him to guide you always. Read His Word and learn about life with Him, and you will be on the Way of the Lord. You will never wobble over on Godís Way that leads to life eternal.

ď Because strait [is] the gate,
and narrow [is] the way,
which leadeth unto life,
and few there be that find it.Ē (Matthew 7:14).


The older you get the more important it is that you have a plan for your life in action.
God has given you many talents and abilities. He wants you to be useful for Him in this world. Jesus told a parable about the unfaithful servant who was of no use to his master. It is found in Matthew 25:14-30. He just hid his talents away, and wasted them. Have a look at it, it shows how important it is to be using all your talents and opportunities wisely before the Lord. Donít think you are not an important enough person for God to want to use. You have been created by God to be His own useful human being, and He loves you so much.
He wants to say to you one day:

ď Well done, good and faithful servant;
thou hast been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things;
enter though into the joy of the Lord.Ē
(Matthew 25:23).
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