No. 91
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

How to be strong without muscles.
Some boys reckon they are real tough! “I can bash up anyone, I have big muscles already” one boy said. He was always shoving others around when he stood in line, or tripping them up to make them  look like a nerd.  There was a man the Bible tells us about in Judges 14 -16. He thought he was tough, but he was not strong where it really counted. He was not strong in the Lord, inside in his heart. His name was Samson.

Samson was given special physical strength by God. He was so strong that he once killed a thousand of his enemies with just a jaw bone of an ass! They tried to bind him up and kill him. (Judges 15:9-15). He was so strong that he ripped the massive city gates off a place called Gaza, and took out the posts as well. Then Samson carted them up to the top of a hill near Hebron. Do you know that Samson was made to look a weak fool by just one woman. Her name was Delilah , Judges 16:4-22.
She got him in her clutches! She made him love her so much that he told her the secret of his strength - and then she demolished him. But she was evil.

It happened like this. Delilah said, “How can you say you love me, when your heart is not with me. You have told me three times what the secret of your strength is, but it wasn’t true. But you still haven’t really told me what the secret is. You don’t love me at all!” Well, Samson, the Bible tells us, was  “vexed unto death.” He was so upset by her that he wanted to die. So he told her that he belonged to God, and as long as his hair was not cut he would be strong. He had a special vow with God that he would not cut his hair, or drink strong drink. Delilah was on the side of Samson’s enemies, the Philistines. So when he was asleep, she sent for a man who cut off Samson’s hair.

Delilah called the Philistines and they captured Samson, because his great strength was gone. God had departed from him. The Philistines put out both of Samson’s eyes, so he was blind from then on. And they bound up his ankles like they would a mule, and put him to work in the mill pulling a grinding wheel round and around. Poor Samson was laughed at, beaten and made to suffer every day. But the story wasn’t over yet. MORE tomorrow. I will tell you how Samson won a mighty victory over the Philistines when God was back on his side.

“ Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might “
(Ephesians 6:10)


Maybe you are strong physically. Perhaps you work out and are great at sport. But the real strength is not having lots of muscles. The real strength is being brave enough to live for Jesus Christ. Do you dare to tell the kids at school that you belong to Jesus? Are you strong enough to tell your friends that Jesus is your Saviour? Samson turned his back on the One Who made him strong in his body. He became  like a stuffed toy in the hands of a wicked woman. The only real reason for his defeat at her hands was his weak faith and bad morals. He had strong muscles and a marshmallow soul.  Ask God to give you the right kind of strength, strength to stand against wrong doing, strength to stand for Jesus Christ in a wicked world.

“And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my strength is made perfect in weakness.
Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities
(problems and trials),
that the power of Christ may rest upon me. “
(II Corinthians 12:9).
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