No. 94
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

How old are you? If you are older than four you will be thinking lots of thoughts about the world we live in. You will be seeing so much more than I would have when I was your age. Your television can bring you right into all the troubled countries of the world. Places at war look scary on video, right in your own living room. The tele can make you aware of a lot of nasty events. Some people on the “box” will be telling you that famines are coming, and that the computers might all go crazy in the year 2000. Do you hear some of those things? Others will say that all our freedom is going to be taken away. And others say that killer flu is coming. All sorts of bad news comes our way from the television. Other will say that the ETs are coming to take our world over! My goodness, who can tell any more what is going on!

If you are a bit older than eight or nine you might have worries about the future for yourself, personally. It might seem like a dark path ahead. You might not be sure what job you want to do when you grow up. And if you do decide, will there be jobs if you do your study? You might think too, “Will I want to get married? If I want to, will anyone want to marry me? Perhaps I will not be good-looking enough!?”
Or you might even think, “Will there be a world to grow up in anyway? Maybe a bomb will blow us all up!”

Beth was worried about Dad. He had a lump on his neck. She was sure it would be cancer, and that Dad would die. She worried about the family having to cope alone, without a father. She imagined all sorts of awful things about Dad’s sickness from cancer. When he went to the doctor to get the lump checked out it was only a boil, not a cancer. And that boil was better in a few days. Beth felt silly that she had wasted time and energy worrying about something that never ever happened. We are all silly if we worry about things that haven’t happened, and may never happen
at all. None of us know about the good things just around the corner. God blesses those who love, trust and obey Him. He has good things planned for His children.

It is wonderful to know that the future is not dark at all. It is not what we know about the future that counts, it is the God we know that matters. We don’t need a crystal ball to know the future so we can be prepared for it. The Lord already knows the future, as He does the past. No matter what happens in the coming days, God will care for you, show you His plan and never leave you. Things can never look black and gloomy when God is on your side.
“When I don’t know  where to turn, you are there, dear God.
Thank You so much Lord Jesus. Amen”

“[Nothing in all the future]...
shall be able to separate us from  the love of God,
which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39).


The Bible has a wonderful passage which is one of my own favourites. It is Romans 8:31-39. It tells believers in Christ Jesus that if God is on our side, who can really be against us? If God has all power, and He does, then who can really do us  everlasting harm? God may allow some things to come our way that are not pleasant, but He will give us peace and strength to go through. This world is a place where we learn faith, and are made like Jesus Himself through our trials. GOD will not allow you or I to go through anything that is not to our benefit in eternity. God is on His throne ruling this earth - it will come out OK, and pretty soon I reckon!
Have a look at those verses in Romans, they are delightful to read when you think about the future. PRAISE GOD, He holds our future in His hands. And that is the Truth.

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